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Your Best Friend?

KillTheCan BFFWhat if your best friend routinely punched you in the lip and made your gums hurt, stole $3-4 bucks out of your wallet every day, convinced you to hide away from your wife and kids for hours at a time, talked you into staying up late every night in a zombie-like state, left disgusting stains on your clothes and around your house, and slowly – day by day – dripped poison into your body… what would you do?

We all made the can our “best friend” for years, even decades like me. Now it’s time to wake the fuck up, look that “friend” in the eye and punch him square in the fucking mouth then kick his ass all the way to the gutter.

I’m pissed I ever let myself have a “friend” like that – never again! My hands are taped and I’m throwing haymakers today.

Get pissed and stay quit today brothers and sisters!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member JDM

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5 years ago

I have been quit for 2 months next week and it hasn’t been to bad but now deer season has started and all I can think about is putting a big ole plug in and sitting in the stand… I can’t shake the feeling of need… I am getting emotionally and physically tired I feel like I have been fighting and fighting and fighting and haven’t been able to completely win yet… I need help

6 years ago

Wow, damn What a funny friends that I have new friendship Everyday !!!!!
Well, I really don’t have picture myself !!!!
Plus, I’m lady
I will need very good friendship that will help me to forget those shitty cigarettes start today and I’m serious !!!!
Sometimes I get bad fuck up moody Everyday !
Because this people are not respect to sharing in my mom’s household
The roommates stealing my mom’s money that spend food !!!!
They eating til gone empty that is fucking pissed me off completed !!!!
The reason I go back to smoking again huh
Gggrrrrrrrr aaaaahhhhhhh fkfkfk keep fking cigarettes away from me help help huh !!

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