Symptoms of Quitting Dip and Chew

Symptoms When Quitting NicotineQuitting dipping is not an easy thing… if you’re like most of us, when you quit you’ll go through some withdrawal symptoms… These are completely normal. That being said… if you are concerned about a particular symptom, by all means go to a doctor and get checked!!! This will help both your peace of mind and may catch something before it gets serious.

Dip Dreams – you’ve been dipping for years sometimes decades. Your brain is used to thinking a certain way with a certain amount of nic in it… once that’s taken away many people have “dip dreams”. These dreams range from mild to incredibly intense. Many times people will wake up after a dip dream and feel terrible because they really think that they caved. Many have reported that they can taste and smell the dip. Never fear… it’s only a dream.

Sores In Your Mouth (lip, tongue, cheek, etc.) – you’re done dipping… why does your mouth hurt so damn bad? You’ve got more sores in your mouth now than when you were dipping. What’s going on?!? There are a couple of explanations for this one. First, if you’re like most of us, you’ve found something to replace your dip to get you past the oral fixation (See Smokeless Alternatives). If you’re chewing seeds then there’s a TON of salt in your mouth that wasn’t there before. Also once you get dip out of your system the PH balance in your mouth is changing. Bottom line is this – get to a dentist and get checked out. But unless something stays around for more than two weeks you should be good to go.

Can’t Sleep – you’ve quit dipping and now you can’t sleep at all. Never fear, this is completely normal experience. It’ll take a while, but your sleep patterns will return to normal.

The Fog – you’re dizzy… you can’t think straight… your head hurts… you find yourself staring at your computer screen for hours on end not reading anything. Welcome to the dip fog. Your brain can’t handle the fact that you’re no longer feeding it dip. It might last just a couple of days and it might last a couple of weeks. Do not fret… once the fog lifts you’re well on your way to being dip free. Check out this article that Chewie has written about The Fog Of Quitting Dip

Headaches – you might have one that brings you to your knees, or you might just have that dull thud feeling all day long — this too shall pass.

Sore Throat – If you’re a dipper and you quit you’re scared of anything that’s “off”. Why when you quit dipping do you suddenly get a sore throat? We’re not sure why but it happens more often than you’d think. Drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. This will help flush the nicotine and will help with your sore throat.

Anxiety – for years you’ve been dealing with life while medicating yourself with nicotine — it’s gone now and your body isn’t used to dealing with life without it. This condition will pass though you may want to talk to a doctor about some medication to take the edge off.

Problems “Going” – whether you know it or not, nicotine is a laxative. It’s helped keep you “regular” through all of your years of dipping. It takes some people a while to get their body adjusted to going without their natural dip laxative. Drink plenty of water and eventually this one will be “behind you”.

Hot Flashes – This one has been reported as a real doozey. Face, arms, legs, etc. can be very “warm” with some intense sweats. While this is a “symptom” it’s also been quite the trigger for some folks. Drink some water, get to the site and talk.

Depression – Many people have dipped for years or decades. Removing such an integral (though deadly) part of your life can lead to some pretty serious behavioral issues including depression. Talk to the folks on the boards as this is pretty common. As with any health issue please don’t hesitate to see a doctor as well. For more details about depression as a quitter click here.

There are a variety of other symptoms that have been attributed to quitting dip. If you don’t see yours listed, contact us and let us know about it!

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  1. I’m on day 50 and for about the last week I’ve had a pain that felt like it was in the muscles in my ear. The pain varies, but I can bite down as hard as I want but if I bite down and move my jaw to the left while applying pressure that’s the only time it hurts. Does anyone know anything about this?

    • I didn’t experience this one in particular, but I had quite a bit of ear / jaw pain during my quit. I read somewhere (I’ll see if I can find the reference) that much of this jaw pain has to do with night time teeth grinding / clenching after we quit.

  2. Only 1 week into quitting and fighting the constant dull headaches and dip fog. I have noticed the past few days I wake up pretty dehydrated and my diet/water intake hasn’t changed.

    • Day 6. Had a few nicotine “mints” now and then to help a bit. Feel ok but this is my second time to quit. Dipped for 20 years, quit for 2 years then dipped again for a year for some reason. This time commuted to quit for good

      • These nicotine mints you’re referring to… they contain nicotine? Sad to say but every time you take one of those, while they do “take the edge off”, they also reintroduce nicotine into your system. You’re prolonging your agony.

        • I know. I am a public school teacher so trying to hang on for a few weeks. I will have the summer to deal with the bad nicotine withdrawals. I am a 2mg nicotine in the morning last few days. Then hold out rest of day

    • Hi fellow quitters, I am in day 3 of attempting to quit and have had 3 Grizzly pouches in the last 72 hours (finished last tin) The first 36 hours I felt like I had a bad hangover. I have been dipping most of my adult life started in the military. The last 5 years I have been using Grizzly pouches which helped a lot with dip lip. Anyway I have been reading all the post and it sounds like I am having withdrawal systems similar to most of you. To old to continue this nasty habit so day 1 starts tomorrow with zero dip forward. Wish me luck.

  3. Just quit dipping, and I feel like something is stuck in my upper chest, is that one of the symptoms? Im just curious

    • Yeah, I get that too. Might be acid reflux since the lack of nicotine can throw off your stomach or cause stress

  4. Used this crap for over 10 years. On day 16 of my quit. Went to the dentist yesterday and no cancer or cavities found thank gd.

  5. Dipper for 8 years. After many “attempts” at quitting I’m finally fully committed. 6 days free now and counting. It’s a hard road to come for sure but my family and my health mean more to me than that shit.

    Good luck everyone.


    • Scott,
      I’m glad to hear you’ve decided to buckle down and fully commit to end this awful habit; moreover, congratulations on making it 6 days in. The first week into your quit can feel like an eternity without the stuff…I know mine did! But trust me, the farther you get from your quit date the easier and easier it’ll become. I hope you continue to stay strong in this endeavor and I wish you the best.

    • Great Job! Day 5 here! I actually have a cough? Has anyone heard of this happening? No pain, just an annoyance cough.

      • Yea man, flu like symptoms for sure. I missed 2 days of work on my first week quitting

      • Alex F. – Dude, you absolutely get an annoying cough. It happens for a few reasons: your body is healing itself (creates inflammation in the back of the throat); there is an abnormal build up of mucus in the deep part of the throat; there is a lack of consistent swallowing on dip and/or gutting it – your throat becomes very dry.

        Recommendations: 1+ gallon of water, chill on any drinks outside of it.

  6. Today is my first day and i am determined to quit.

  7. Day 82 for me. It been a long road. I thought I would feel better then I do. The anxiety seems like its getting worse. It has given me insomnia over the last month. Anyone else experience symptoms this strong this far into your quit? Some days I feel like its all to much. I keep telling myself one day at a time and that it will pass but there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

    • Colin,

      Lots of us have a very similar journey…..I actually had anxiety into my 140s….and it still pops up every once in a while and I’m at Day #182.

      Hang in there man….I know it sucks…..but trust me, it gets much better.

      You can do it….there are thousands of us here to help you….and ourselves.

      Stay strong man!

    • I had it pretty bad around day 60. I decided to give it 2 weeks to go to the Dr. and get some medication if it didn’t subside. After about 10 days it started t osubside for me.

    • Yeah bud I have been dealing with large amounts of anxiety I’m 16 days in and just really have been struggling. The anxiety has gotten progressively worse and in constantly worrying and mind racing. Don’t really want to try medication but I have had anxiety in the past so maybe it’s flaring up over a imbalance idk. But hang in there bro we fight through this all together!

      • Congrats on your quit dwils777! What I am starting to realize is that it come and goes. We just have to accept it as normal and that seems to help for me. I still have resisted getting any meds for anxiety, although I did go get some meds to help me sleep.

      • The anxiety is really tough for me. Used to have a dip to calm myself down, but recently it would just add to it, with the fear of long term damage it was doing to me. I’m only on day 1, but after finding this site I’m feeling pretty confident I’ll at least get to day 2. Thanks to everyone who posts here. It’s been supset helpful.

    • On Day 12 , just found this website. I have a constant headache pretty much since I quit !! Is this normal?

    • Colin, anxiety 82 days in not a withdrawal symptom. It is likely a separate psychological issue that you were dealing with by dipping, whether you realized it or not. Millions of people self-medicate with nicotine for various mental health issues including anxiety rather than seeking medical help or even realizing they have a problem.

      If you want to stay off of dip, you will need to find other healthier ways to deal with the anxiety. Talk to your doctor. There are medications for severe anxiety and other methods for dealing with it that don’t involve medication, but almost any of them are healthier than dipping or smoking.

      If you can’t bring yourself to go the doctor route, exercise is the next best route. Anything that gets your heart rate up for an extended period and gets the endorphins kicking in will help. Just walking for 30 minutes can be a huge help for many people. Make it a nightly habit and you will probably sleep better.

      • Dear virginia gunner
        Its my 76th day. I am going for exercising daily and do yoga also. Problem which exist are
        Feel something is moving inside my skin
        Dont get taste of anything while eating
        Feel drawsy and week all time
        Anxiety is always there.

    • You really should see a doctor for blood test to see if you have something like thyroid problems.

  8. Hey guys, I’ve been quit since March 11th at 8:30pm. I can tell you this is probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I’ve tried to quit so many times before and just never put that much effort into it. I always thought I’ll quit tomorrow or the next day or the next week. I told myself if I don’t quit I could possibly not have that choice to quit again. I quit cold turkey after dipping since 2012. I not only quit for the ones I love but I quit for myself as well. I’m feeling a lot better but every now and then I get this huge craving for my favorite grizzly wintergreen pouches. I got rid of everything that I had and replaced it with Smokey Mountain herbal snuff. I use it but its only for emergencies when I absolutely need a dip. I haven’t touched a dip since the 11th and that the last time I’ll ever dip. I’ll stay strong!

    • Kane,
      I just quit yesterday morning at 8am. Grizzly wintergreen pouches were my dip of choice for the last 2 years. At first it seemed like something I could fight and quit but that was when I was only dipping 1 tin a week. For the last 3-5 months I’ve been dipping 3-5 tins a day. On top of dipping, I’ve been planning to build a beer pong table with all of my empty tins so I feel as though that caused me to continue dipping. Watching my friends and loved ones take all of my saved empties including my 2 brand new logs and watching them throw them in the fireplace really set off some anxiety. I know today’s only my second day quit but I honestly feel a lot better knowing that everyone on here is going through the exact same stuff and everyone is here to help each other.

      On that note, does the smokey mountain herbal snuff taste close to the grizzly wintergreen taste? I feel like if I replace the dip with something safe but that shares the same taste, that will be my best chance to overcome this addiction.

      Stay strong and keep your head up!

  9. I’m a woman and I’ve chewed for over 30 years. I am very attractive and tall, thin and athletic. Today is day 2 of no chew for me and it’s hard! i’m really scared Im going to gain weight! I have to have wintergreen lifesavers in my mouth at all times now

    • Omg!! Me too!!! I’ve only been off chew for ab three days and I’m eating like no tomorrow!! And chewing on my lip :(. I really wanna go get a can. I keep telling myself I should slowly ween off. But then I try that and I end up back in the cycle. I keep telling myself what a gross habit it is especially for an attractive young lady (which I am as well). BUT UGGGGG

  10. Has anyone had heartburn with quitting? And or feeling sick to your stomach?

  11. Well guys today marks day 1 of my journey to kill the can. I had my last pinch this morning, so hopefully the craving throughout the day will subside fairly quick as I have quick multiple times in the past. Wish me luck!!!

  12. Ok my husband has quit dipping, he has had some mood swings, but got through them , but the question I ask to anyone that my have the same problem? , well he complains of a bad taste in his mouth , like a metal taste , has anyone had the same problem, and if so how long will it take to go away ? He has been dip free for a week 1/2 now , please help with any answers , we are chewing a lot of gum now too 🙂

  13. I’m on day 2 hope I can do it

  14. April 10, 2016 I will have been quit 1 year. I dipped 2 cans a day for at least 15 years. I haven’t had any issues with cravings in a few months and out of the blue, the last few days have been tough. I am under a lot of stress at work and I have a feeling that is the culprit. It is much easier for me to get over the cravings because I know why I quit. I come back to this group anytime I feel a craving because it is such a strong support group.

  15. Hello. Just wanted to tell my story for some of you. It has really worked. I was chewing a can to a can and a half per day. I quit 11 days ago. I feel great already. I started by instantly decreasing my intake. I dropped down to a can per week for 4 weeks. I boug the fake chew smokey mountain. I would have 1 real dip in the morning and 1 real dip on the way home from work in the evening. The rest of the time it was the fake stuff. After 4 weeks of this regimen I then threw out he real stuff. And suplimented tooth picks instead. I and now completely chew free along with the fake chew. Very easy. Very manageable way of quiting.

    • Hey Mike. I’m on day 44 nicotine free after decades of use. Like you, I credit part of my success this time around because I dramatically cut back my intake about 2 weeks before my Q Date. My problem now is trying to take the weight off that I have gained.

    • So you agree weening is wise? Not just cold turkey ?? I get fed up with the habit then throw it all out. Then get stressed and start again. I feel like throwing yourself into shock is not a great idea. But this whole thing is just awful !

  16. day 15 …..peeking throught the fog…clearing up faster.
    anxiety is almost gone and just about normal.
    I would definately see a dr before quitting. sleep aids helped.
    this site is awesome and full of advice and enouragement

  17. Hey I have a question, so about 4 months ago my father died and it was hell at first and all he wanted me to go is to quit dipping. So 3 weeks ago I did and I don’t know if these symptoms are stress or anxiety from anything but dip or grieving. My hands feel warm and a little shaky and from my knee caps down it also feels warm and a little twitchy. Has anyone else experienced his while quitting. I also have moved and gotten engaged since my father has passed so I know anxiety is gunna play a role. Also my heart use to skip out of whack and beat around 75bpm while resting and now my resting heart rate is around 52-58 have any of you had your heart rate drop like this after quitting? Please help!!

    • Robbie, I don’t know about the shaking symptoms but the drop in heart rate happens to me. I work in Africa and only dip when I am in the states. Every time I come off the Copenhagen my resting heart rate drops between 10 and 20 bpm.

  18. First day free of chewing after 20 yrs. WOW That’s an achievement for me.

    • November 19, 2014 for me. Amazing accomplishment and just keep going. Before you know it you will be at ten, twenty, thirty days….

  19. 1 week Kodiak-free after 17 years strong.

  20. Congrats on your quit Mark! it is truly a relief to know I am not alone with what I’m feeling. I keep an eye out for your post since we are pretty close on our quit dates. I cant wait for all the symptoms to go away and feel great again. The fact that I still feel foggy and achey is a testament to how poisonous the can is. Thank you for responding.

  21. Hi Colin! I am at 9 days dip free, so not quite as far as you, but I am also experiencing random spells of facial pain/numbness that seems to bounce from my chin, jaw, cheek and even my nose. I’ve noticed the more I focus on it the worse it gets, which is possibly psychological due to the anxiety. When i am able to focus on something else for a while, the pain/numbness vanishes. I am also experiencing bad anxiety and constantly thinking about cancer. From reading on here the facial pains seem to be common as well as the increased anxiety. I’m going to give it a couple more weeks and if the pain/anxiety does not seem to lessen, I will start by visiting my dentist as well. It’s re-assuring to hear that your dentist found your mouth to be cancer free. I am hoping for the same! Good luck and congrats on the 30 days!

    • I see you posed this a few months ago…did the anxiety subside? What you’re describing is exactly what I’m experiencing.

  22. Hi all, My name is Colin and today I am 31 days chew free. I have been chewing for 13 years at about a can a day. I am happy with myself for making this decision. I quit cold turkey and was not prepared for the variety of withdrawal symptoms I am experiencing. At about the 1 week mark, I started to have jaw pain that would come and go as well as bounce around. Around the same time I experienced excessive gas and irregularity with bowel movements. I still experience some of these symptoms, although I think they are starting to dissipate. Recently I have been experiencing anxiety and depression which is why I am writing this post. I’m interested in hearing from others on how they were feeling around the same time mark. I went to the dentist yesterday and was relieved to find out that I had no trace of cancer in my mouth. Yet I still give myself panic attacks thinking about getting cancer. I am scheduling a app with a ear, nose, and throat doc to look at my throat and esophagus for piece of mind so I can get over the anxiety I get thinking about it. I hope I am not the only one experiencing a wave of symptoms after quitting. Regardless, I will stay quit, for my family, but most importantly, myself.

    • Colin…
      Congrats on quitting. I am on day 15 today and i am having the same worries about cancer as you. I originally stopped bc I had white sore in my mouth. That has healed since quitting. I now have daily fears that keep me up at night that I will have cancer.

    • I have been going thru the same fears. Went to the dentist, I was told looks great, went to ear nose and throat doctor, felt the neck scope down my nose, said everything looked fine. I still have tender glands under my chin, throat feels sore, ear hurts and feels like fluid in it and my tongue feels burned and tingles? I worry about cancer all the time, but these two doctors don’t seem to be to concerned so I hope they are correct. I chewed for 30 yrs. Kicker to this whole story my younger sister which is 46 had jaw cancer and had to have her jaw removed and replaced that was in October last year, she really doing great, thank God!
      With all that going on with my sis everyone says I’m playing a mind game with myself, I don’t know nothing anymore, battle depression over all this, hopefully some day I’ll be at peace with it all.
      Wish all the best!!!

      • Well fast forward a few weeks and I’m still quit. Physical symptoms have started to get better slowly.I still get some phantom pains here and there in my face and neck. But there are starting to space themselves out. I was also givin a clean bill of health from the ENT doc. For some reason tho, anxiety seems to be getting worse. I think it just takes time to rewire the brain to deal with stress and anxiety without nicotine. For 15 years nicotine has been my stress reliever. It is proving difficult to find a replacement that works as well as nicotine did. I hope over time that gets better. I have to keep telling myself all the time to just hang on and don’t give up. The damage that was done over the course of 15 years is not going to completely heal within a couple months. Thank you for you shares, that’s why we are all here, To help each other get through this and know we are not alone. Stay quit!!!

        • Trysten Anthony Wallace

          Hi Colin,
          Currently on day 2

          I’m experiencing these as well. My last dental check up went well and I’ve never had any white patches. dipped for 2.5 years.

          was it anything to worry about?

      • Rob, sorry to hear about your sister was her cancer from chewing?

  23. So I decided to quit copenhagen on 10th of Feb after getting the stomach bug and got so sick I didn’t dip for 3 days. I’ve been struggling with cluster headaches, the fog, and being lightheaded every 4 hours or so. This has been a lot more tough then I thought it would be!

  24. I decided today to quit dipping after 5 years. 1 and a half cans a day. Grizzly. I am prepared to quit. I have tried before, with no success. This time i dont care if it is hell. I am doing this. I bought gum and a can of herbal mint snuff. Hour 12. I would have 4 dips by now. I know the hardest part is yet to come, but i say bring it on.

    • Tell me your symptoms and also tell me if you felt any of the following symptoms.
      1. Jaw stiffness
      2. Yawning(painful)
      3. Symptoms increasing after meeting people who dip.
      4. Shifting pressure on face, ears jaws, eyes, especially after meeting people who dip.

  25. Some people can’t func correctly in the haze or fog, and it can become dangerous, I agree if you can quit cold turkey do it, even if you gotta use 1 lozenger per day at least your not getting 20 dips of poison per day

    • Sure. In the (what I’d consider) rare cases where someone is doing a job where they become a danger to themselves or others by being in the fog you may be able to make that argument. And yes, you’re correct that a lozenge (or gum) IS better than using the real product. My point is that when you’re using a lozenge you’re prolonging your addiction. I don’t want folks to think that trading one for the other is a pathway to long term success.

  26. If it gets bad, don’t give in go out and get you a pack of nicotine lozenges it helped me

    • Couldn’t disagree with this more. Nicotine lozenges contain nicotine. Yes, they helped you. But it’s because you reintroduced the drug that you are addicted to into your system.

  27. Day 2 for me. I definitely have the brain for going on. I need to get the kids ready for school, but I’d rather just sit here like a slug. I’m also pretty sure I’m going to take the day off work today so I can just sleep all day. I figure the less I’m awake the less I have to deal with this hell. I think what I’m most worried about is that I truly did chew for fun, it was something I enjoyed, and chew made me pretty never stress about anything. I’m worried that without chew life will pretty much suck and I won’t find any joy in life. Even just saying that is effing sad. I hate that I have become this addicted to poison.

    Probably lots of grammar errors in this post, like I said, I got the brain fog bad.

  28. 2 weeks now and I want a dip every minute im awake but I will not give in. It’s all in the head. Just a chemical. Fight it.

  29. BH, you can do it sir. I won’t bother telling you it’s easy because it’s not, it’s pure he’ll. I started when I was eleven and quit cold turkey six months ago. I’m 51 now and not one time in six months have I not had the craving to dip, but I haven’t had any. The stuff is poison, every time I wanted to dip I read the ingredients and what they do to your body. You can do it, if I can anyone can. Good Luck

    • After 36 years of dipping, I’m finally taking that large step of quitting cold turkey. This is day 6. Other than just wanting a dip, I have trouble sleeping, actually waking up way to early.

      • CP same boat as you. 63 yrs old
        Did Copenhagen snuff for 35 years, can and 1/2 day
        Cold Turkeyed starting dec 30, 2015, still tobacco FREEE! and felling good
        a few days after stopping i went to an accupuncturist and got treatment
        that’s the TICKET if you ask me also increased exercise & activities

  30. I have dipped for about 17 years. Its been 5 days since my last dip and I still have the cravings and headaches. I didn’t realize how much I dipped. I try to keep busy but it makes me want one even more. I have began drinking more and eating everything in sight. I’m hoping that within 2 weeks I will be over the dependency that I have for nicotine. I know a lot of people say that it was easy but I am struggling big time. It’s crazy how I paid out a lot of money for something that is viewed by the majority of people as disgusting and makes me feel like this when you decide to stop using. I have had the soreness in my muscles, the fog feeling and crazy day dreams. I almost bought a can the other day simply out of habit and not from craving. It was really tough telling the cashier to take it off my ticket. I live in a small town and she had it waiting on me when I got the register. I started not to say anything….one dip wouldn’t hurt….right??

  31. Overall dip has helped me relieve stress and there are rumors that they put rattlesnake venom into the dip but I don’t think that’s true and if they do that’s pretty bad ass but overall if you ignore the cancer labels on dip and do you that’s all that matters in my opinion better that then some of the illegal hard drugs

  32. So I stopped chewing about 2 days ago. I have to quit for the Volunteer Fire Department I am joining, the last 2 days have been absolute hell. I am starting a new job in the midst of all this, There is a ton of drive time associated with this job. I am not sleeping at all, I feel anxious and exhausted all the time. But I have to do this!

  33. My name is Joe, I used to dip quite a bit through the day and night then once christmas came i decided to cut back a bit, as I did so i got really tired, even when i continued once or twice during the day, now in February I have not had a dip since 2 weeks ago (I had one dip) and I’m still tired but no symptoms of any other sickness, could this just be from quiting.

  34. I quit about 24hrs ago so far things are going well, im kind of in a daze and have a slight headache. I don’t see this as to be as much of a challenge as i expected, not yet atleast. I quit cold turkey and i used to smoke and quit that cold turkey aswell. This site has been more then morivation for me to quit i’ve been dying to for atleast a month. Thanks all!

  35. Smokey Mounatain, I know you can get it at King soopers behind the counter, it’s basically fake dip. Just roots and corn and such. Tastes decent enough to keep in your lip until you are through an urge, and it’s Tabacco free!

  36. I went to bed at 2000 hrs It’s 0130 now and I can’t sleep due to the insomnia. One week in so far. Other than phantom jaw pain and insomnia I’m doing well. Used scoal straight for around 12 years. Zzzquil and melatonin pills help alot.

  37. Toss the can. I couldn’t stop untill I got fed up with being controlled by that plastic can and threw it away. If you don’t you will always find an excuse for one more dip.

  38. Awesome man, I quit about seven months ago cold turkey. I found that some chewing gum does help, but the best thing I found was just keeping myself busy. The desire to chew was basically created by the idea that I needed something in my mouth. The desire is gone now and I no longer want tobacco of any form. I chewed for about seven or eight years. You are through the worst of it for sure. Nice job!!!

  39. Day 7, thought it would never get here. Joshua I roll with pistachios at work and seems to get me through the day. After 25 years days 1-3 were the worst, after that I hit cruise control and haven’t looked back. Even got in a tree stand yesterday and didn’t miss copenhagen one bit. Keep it up guys, each day you get stronger.

  40. Like many others, I’ve decided I’m tired of letting something control my life. I’m 3 days in now since I quit, and the last few days have been much much easier than I expected. I bought a pack of gum the first night, which has really helped, but I fear that I will dread the upcoming weeks as the withdrawal symptoms start setting in. Anyone have any recommendations for an alternative nicotine free dip in the meantime?

  41. Its been lil over 24 hrs. But determand to quit. Dipped for 13 years.

  42. ok, I just getting started I am open to finally say I am powerless against my addiction with chew. 3 kiddos 8,5,2. anyone heard of teazea? or another product to help? I dunno first day 2 packs of gum. but its not 5 dollars and another day off my life

  43. Grinding away at this. Really frustrating and so many damn triggers, but gotta keep pushing. Can’t believe how much this little habit had taken over my life

  44. 9 months tobacco free…better…. but a war rages on. I will not start again

  45. I’ve been off dip for five days. The first three were surprisingly easy. But now I am definitely feeling the fog, head aches, and even some dizziness. I’m not one to talk about problems in the open but listening to everyone’s stories on this page is definitely helpful. Thanks everyone and keep up the good work!

  46. Wow team… day 4 started and last night I didn’t get any sleep. Feeling the sore mouth and throat everyone talked about. I’m also feeling chest cramping… I’m 34 (male) athletic type…. is this normal ???
    I used this site the 1st time I stopped snuff. Then hunting season rolled in to PA; and something about that chilled morning with the crisp air had me bumming one off a buddy. Worst decision I could have made. There is no such thing as one!

    **** best of luck to everyone today***

  47. Just keep going I to quit 3 days ago and it has been a little rough but I am doing great.

  48. I just took my last dip today so let’s see how it Go’s

  49. I’ve been chewing for roughly 30 years all of my childhood and adult life. Decided to quit. turning 40 this spring. Cut back to 2 small pinches a day. Is this a good idea or should I just toss the can?

  50. I quit on 12/23 and the holidays were very hard for me too. I had headaches and was very unsociable. Everyone noticed. I stayed in bed a lot and felt depressed.

    It’s been a week and it’s getting better but I still have times when I’m really dizzy and I crave it badly.

    I chose this time to quit because I’m off work for a few weeks. When I go back it’s gonna be the real test. I’m gonna have all my triggers at once soon. Work, hunting season, long hours on the road. Gonna stay strong though.

  51. I haven’t dipped for 4 months or smoked for 2 I have hot flashes migraines all the time flashes it’s normal when migraines are there Bryan I have see. Things to its not real it’s your mind I always crave it still but haven’t caved it sucks an I have weird dreams to but trying to stick it through it is horrible

  52. I quite about a week ago, wake up feeling ok, fog is still lingering. I feel in a way depressed. Almost detach physically and emotionally to my surrounding. I am normally the crazy fun one in my family but I have felt my self acting much like a zombie this holiday season since my quit. Anyone get through this?

  53. Hang in there friend. I was at 3 months cold turkey 2 days ago. I had a small craving day before yesterday I held out. It gets less and less. I’m glad that I did it and did it cold turkey. Get some gum that helps a bit. I drink a lot of tea now. It was rough, miserable by far worth it. I have 2 kids now 2 and a half years and 2 weeks old. I work as a professional firefighter paramedic and didn’t wanna die from cancer because of chewing or lose my job for removing half of my face.

  54. I have been dipping for 10 years it’s been 1 month and a half when do these damn withdraws stop

  55. Bryan,
    Don’t cave! You can do this! I quit a little over a year ago.
    Not gonna lie to you, it sucks at times! The first several weeks are the worst. You are almost there. Just hang in there…grit your teeth…get over it! Kick the can!

  56. I’ve been dipping for roughly ten years now and I quit cold turkey a little over two weeks ago. I can’t sleep at all, my neck has been killing me, I’ve been seeing weird things like flashes of people in my house, I have no situational awareness or sense of direction and I’ve been getting this weird red hot flush feeling in my face. Anyone have a ball park estimate on when this will pass? I’m sure it’s different for everybody but I’m just trying to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Also not trying to shy people away from quoting because of my symptoms, just need some input is all.

  57. I just want to say I had dipped on and off since I was 9 years old. My step brother dipped so it was easy for me. I’m currently 21 years old and yes you red the name right, I’m a woman, not a man. Very few women dip but I sure did. I quit cold turkey 5 months ago. I have two beautiful children whom will look up to me one day (ages 2 yrs old and 5 months old). Definitely was hard and still have major cravings but it was this site and you guys that helped me quit. I fight myself everyday to not buy a can but mind over matter wins every time. True motivation and inspiration. Quitting can be done, don’t give up, get your mind set on it and kill the can! Thank yall!

    • Hi Kayla. My name is Ashlie I am to a female dipper and have been trying to quit for several months. I have two kids ages 5 & 8 months and I want to do it for them but I cave every time. I start getting very angry and anxious when I don’t have it and I just don’t know what to do. Your story is inspiring and I would love if you could give me some pointers on making it any easier. Thanks!

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