Community CommunitySurrounding yourself with a support system is a vital part of a successful quit. It’s important to know that you are NOT going through this alone. You have others out there that are dealing with the same things that you are. While you may not be able to talk to a spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend about what you’re dealing with, everyone in the KillTheCan Community knows what it is to quit dipping.

Check out the Brotherhood section to see just what sorts of relationships can be developed. These are not just ‘Internet Friends’. These are men and women that will help you through the trenches of quitting dip.


  1. Has anyone had issues with drinking after quitting? I’ve been quit since august, but I feel like I’ve been drinking more. I guess I always used throwing in that last dip as a signal that I was done. Now all it seems to do is add a beer or two that I don’t need.

    Also, I’ve had killer cravings all of sudden again. Maybe its the change of season with new triggers? who knows. stay strong out there and keep at it.

    1. Yeah ,i did it once that way, What you have to do is quit every habbit,track ur self and belive in yourself,

      1. Let’s be perfectly clear, 1. I am real late on this reply. 2. These are not habits but addictions. Habit is biting your nails.

        1. True story Raymond. This is how addicting, I lived this one. I was once, back in about 2001, quit for five years and thought I could take just one little upper lipper Copenhagen dipper, well I fooled myself again and was hook line and sinker addicted to the worm dirt again. Back in 2015 and thanks to ALL YOU FOLKS I quit for good one day at a time. Lesson learned, never tempt this NIC Bitch again; she’ll own your ass.

  2. hey guys, ive tried quitting before the best ive made is about 4 months. i want to quit i really do. i normally dip Grizzly Wintergreen and found that non tabacco brands like smokey mountain just simply taste bad to me, im wondering if anyone has any suggestions and any advice ive been doing since i was 16 and i about to be 23, i want to stop

    1. Cold Turkey is the best. It’s very hard though.Its actually mindboggling how hard it is but taking away all temptations is the best for me

    2. Don’t know if your still out there but this has helped many people.

      A Book Called (You Can Quit Tobacco) by Vance Ferrell. Published by Harvestime Books. Altamont, TN 37301 USA. I haven’t really looked for it online but it’s sure to be on it. Found one part though and it is the one about the Vitamin C and I found out that you will hardly find anything about using Vit C for quiting Nicotine. Or things like ditching sweets, cakes, ice cream, meats, caffeine, alcohol basically all the junk the human body dosen’t need anyway. The key is the saturation of all tissue with Vitamin C.

      End of 6th day here no real cravings just irritation that can get south quick. I saw a thing about Clint Eastwood where he was talking about chewing tobacco and which one got him the most irritated.

  3. Not sure if I am doing this right but I am trying to sign up for roll call. I am on Day 3. Feeling really bad. In such a fog. I think I’m going to need a lot of help

  4. I started chewing when I was about 15. Kept it a secret from my parents until I was about 21. I am 25 now and I haven’t chewed in about 1 whole continuous year. I’ll be honest one time when I was really drinking I put a chew in I don’t even enjoy or crave it anymore. I have always chewed cope wintergreen and I stopped when I started chewing Jakes Mint Chew (spearmint). I am not sure why but I love the stuff and I make sure to still spit in a water bottle and rinse my mouth out. I found that I was tricking myself into honestly thinking I had never stopped and it worked for me. Side note: I did pick up Vaping for a short amount of time maybe 3 weeks. Hated it and it made me cough too much. Just placed a 20 tin order for jakes mint chew to keep me happy when I crave. Lastly, I found the long cut Jakes chew to be very fine cut almost to much for me if you don’t know how to pinch properly, which I’m sure most of us do but the good news is they make pouches too. This is not a sponsored post if you don’t know what Jakes is try it out saved my ass everytime.

  5. I am 36 years old, I have been dipping heavily since I was 17-18. I have tried numerous tactics to quit but have never been successful. Recently I have been having throat issues and coughing and I am beginning to worry that it could be cancer. I am going to see the doctor this week to have a screening, I had a thyroid ultrasound 6 months ago and a head CT Scan and it all came up negative but I don’t know how quickly cancer can form. It could simply be an illness (I suffer from severe allergies) but this has me scared (like I have never been scared before) I have served in the military for 19 years, this is my last year I would hate to get out to spend the rest of my life in a hospital bed unable to care for my wife and provide after all she has sacrificed to support me.

    I have the mint dip (smokey mountain) and I am trying to change up but the regular Dip keeps pulling me back. The draw is so strong for me to come back each time.

    I am literally begging for any insight support or words of wisdom beyond (you should have known better) that anyone may have.

    I have always gone it alone when trying to quit. Years of hiding my habit from my wife has led to a lack of support to quit. she doubts my sincerity because I have often tried only to pick it up and keep silent. I haven’t discussed my fears yet because until I have a solid diagnosis I dont’ want to worry her.

    I know you folks aren’t doctors but I have read that even with symptoms you can find relief if you do quit. You will still have issues but healing can occur and that cant be a bad thing. If there is anyone on here that has been in a similar situation I would love to hear from them.

    1. We have almost the same story. I’m 36 and have been a back and forth quitter for over a decade. I finally got scared straight when I developed a sore at the base of my gumline. I had it checked out and it was “inconclusive” which was bad enough for me. I’m only about a month in but the sore has nearly healed and the calloused area in my lip from years of holding dip in the same place has smoothed dramatically. Cancer is cancer but I can tell you that a lot of symptoms will improve pretty quickly when you quit. I’ve had similar experiences in previous quits.

      I’m currently using nicotine gum and fake snuff when I’m driving since that is when I crave it the most. I elected not to tell my wife I was quitting this time but she figured it out when she found my gum. When she asked I explained I was cutting back and we’d see where it went. I don’t know that anybody would recommend this path but it has worked for us. She’s excited but I don’t feel the same pressure because this was a quit on my terms.

      1. How is your Progress going Chris?
        I am on the Nicotine lozenges and they are some comfort. I took the habit back up a bit for a few weeks and really got scared again. I am afraid this time may be too late. I will know more in December but I have developed a mass on my jawbone, have what I fear is a tumor in one of my nostrils and lord knows what else going on.

        This is bad stuff man and if you can quit before it gets you please do. Hopefully you can do it man. I am glad your wife is supporting your quit.

        1. Hang in there man miracles can happen. I believe it’s more mental in believing that you can’t quit than it is physical addiction. If you are at the point where you’re sick physically if you stop and gain some faith in yourself I believe the body can get better. There are all kinds of stories out there.

  6. Hi I’m Ryan i started chewing when i was 12 and i am now 18 with a 3 month old son and i’m trying to quit chewing and just don’t know what the hell to do i chew 3 cans a day because i feel so damned stressed but i want to quit.

    1. You’re in the right place Ryan – you are NOT alone and you CAN do this. If you haven’t yet I’d urge you to check out our forums at As of today we’ve got over 28,000 members that “get it” because we’ve all been right where you are. It’s the best place on the web to get support and questions answered from real quitters.

      1. A little truth in advertising here….while there are over 28,000 names on the roster, the vast majority of those folks posted once or twice (a goodly number them never posted). There’s no way of knowing with certainty how many of those 28,000 actually “get it”.
        Having said that, if you truly want to quit, this community of like-minded people can help you do it.

  7. Great site guys,, I started long leaf off and on when I was 5 yrs old, yea 5!!!, neighbor would give me a single leaf to roll up and chew on. Got heavy into Skoal in my teens (can a day for 30 yrs) now 44 and am 1 month clean!!.. Tried to quit before so wanted to wait a month till I posted. The fog was total sh*t, but has lifted (I thought fog, yea right, well it’s real and I quit cutting firewood for a week because of it, didn’t want to lose a leg), my mouth has cleared after some initial canker sores which showed up a couple days after I quit. Dentist cleared me as good to go. Totally digging the fake dip which has helped a lot. I miss the buzz but slamming the coffee.. I just wish I could go back in time with Marty Mcfly and Doc, and give my 5 yr old self some horse manure to chew on instead.. keep up the good fight!!!

  8. Chewie,

    Good article but u sure the fog will ever lift? I’m 5 days off the stuff and have it beat so badly in my mind but my body doesn’t wanna accept it! My fog is awful, I almost just fell over standing at the urinal. I drive at like 15-20 mph cause I’m afraid I’m just gonna stop paying attention since nothing seems real anyways

  9. I’m Bowe. Started when I was 17. I turn 38 in June. AND that makes me in the June Platoon! There has to be some sort of celebration in June, two holidays. I was laying in bed at 4am this morning and realized I don’t want to have a big dip in my mouth when I am forty something. So 21 years. I did stop for a week in college, but stress got to me. I can’t believe how supportive this place has been. I’m actually having an encouraging discussion with Swanson, right now. I’m hearing the things I read from a real person. It has been almost 12 hrs. I heard that tomorrow and the next day are going to be hell. Ok, I’m ready.

    1. Bowe
      You are who I need to keep up with. We are around the same age group and I have a similar situation. ( I am terrified of cancer)
      its sad how when you are young you shirk it off with (well somethings going to kill me) but when you get older and know people who have died of cancer nothing scares you worse. If only you could go back and beat the crap out of that smart A$$ed kid as he loads that first pinch into his mouth.

      I would like to hear how your journey has turned out.

  10. Is anyone else planning on quitting this week or has recently stopped? I need someone else to talk with about this. I am going to do it but it feels so overwhelming. vandengrey

      1. Hey Chewie,

        I have been dip free for about two months now after dipping every day for 6 years. First three weeks were brutal. But I got over it eventually. However the buzz urges have started to come back. I just ordered nicotine pouches with NO TOBACCO online. Is this an ok alternative since there are no harmful tobacco chemicals? Or do you recommend avoiding nicotine entirely.

  11. 17+ year user, just ordered all kindsa tins from Hooch, Grinds, and Elicit. Thank you very much for making this community available for guys like me, that need a little info/support while trying to kick this nasty habit. Got my first kid on the way, don’t want to do anything selfish anymore to risk my health.

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