2019 HOF Speeches

100 Days Just the Beginning

Hall of Fame KTC 2100 down, a lifetime to go. If I would not have found this site, I am sure I would still be dipping today. When I first found KTC (My 27th wedding anniversary), I said this is exactly what I need to help me quit. I have tried to quit before, but fell right back in the nicotine trap. The more I read here, the more I wanted to dive in headfirst. I have been using tobacco products a long time and knew it would be tough let go, but with the help of my wife (I love you), my August Q Team and some dedicated Vets, I have made it to my first 100 days. I was probably born with a cigarette in my mouth. My mother and father both smoked and my mom died from lung cancer in 2013. I quit smoking in 1994, but when softball season started, a friend gave me a pinch and there it began. I was using one form of Dip or Chew until May 2nd 2019 when I found KTC.  It was very difficult for me to give it up because I really enjoyed it, but knew nothing good would come from continuing to use tobacco.  I may not be a pretty boy, but I like the way I look, and if something is going to change that, it is not going to be a dead plant.

For the new quitters who may be reading this, it is tough, but I know and you have to know you can do it. It’s just a mental game that you can win, if you put in a little effort.  They are some easy days and there are some hard days. They will all pass and you WILL continue to fight. If you get that urge, think of the people who texted you in the morning with THEIR promise and tell yourself I will not let them down or lie to myself. Fortunately, if I ever get the urge to cave, I know this whole group will have my back now and in the future. In other words, they will ride your ass until you get back on track.

There are many people that I have made contact with through this site, and the group me site. You people have become part of my life and daily routine and for anyone who thinks this does not help, you are dead wrong.

Thank You KTC

Special thanks to chris2alaska who has been with me since day one.
I would also like to acknowledge Keith0617
And August Q team member CDA-rj Ryan
Every day you guys light up my phone and quit with me,
For that, I sincerely thank you

Great job conducting 25ydnm & latenight71

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member drums636

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