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365 Days For Uncle Pat

One YearWhen we were young, we all had friends.  In that small group we each had that friend who was not exactly the best person to hang out with, and definitely not the type of person we would have over for dinner with our family.  You know the type. Foul, crude, mischievous, and maybe even bad…  but wow fun to hang out with.

We all grow up eventually, life goes on and we go our separate ways..  Some friends get left behind, and eventually they have a reputation they can’t shed, or maybe refuse to, and carry on with a life full of hurt.  There are also those who make the decision to stay with that troubled friend, blame the rest of the world for their own questionable decisions,  and, well,  I think the story is familiar enough to all of you.

I didn’t write a hall of fame speech at the 100 day mark, and am sorry to have disappointed many of you in not doing so…   But In my defense, I had made a decision before I even encountered the Forum that my personal Hall of fame wouldn’t be open for 365 days…

Here we are…

September 6th, 2019 I said good bye to an old friend…  We had been through a lot together, and he called for my return many, many, times especially if I was troubled in other ways…  I had to turn away, for the good of everyone..

You know the phrase when one door closes another one opens? I said goodbye to one old friend, and when I posted to the group one day how this old friend was screaming for attention, and my workplace was more than a little stressful, I had no sooner posted, and my phone was ringing…  An Alaska number… I answered, and this Strong, Genuine, Sincere yet authoritative voice asked me.. “Are you Okay?”  Wow..  Accountability, begets support, and this forum is really the only way to go..

In other news, I ballooned up an extra 15 lbs,  and once the cries from the old friend had subsided finally,  I was able to shed not only those 15 lbs, but another 20 as well…

I’m 55, 5-11, 195 lbs, nicotine free, and in the best Health (Mentally and Physically), I have ever been…

Good bye old Friend, we been through a lot together,  I had blamed you yet I still came back to you when my Marriage ended, that time I lost My Job, and yeah I blamed you for losing our Farm along with that marriage.  I realize now I had made that choice to listen to your cries for attention all too often…

Thankfully I don’t hear you or want you around anymore…     We Have to part our ways…

Uncle Pat

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Uncle Pat

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