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5 Best Ways to Take CBD or THC Products

CBD Products
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Delta 8 tetrahydrocannabinol is the longer name for this derivative of marijuana that has grown in popularity over recent years. The compound is an isomer of THC, the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, and is lower in potency than its cousin Delta 9. While it is less potent than delta 9, it is still as valuable because it causes many of the same effects. Cannabidiol (CBD) is another derivative of marijuana that also delivers some beneficial results, like pain relief. However, unlike THC, it induces no psychoactive effects on its users. You can consume any of these different byproducts of marijuana in different forms, each with distinctive advantages.


Gummies are one of the most popular options for taking THC. They are sweet, convenient and discreet. You can pop one as you go to a country club or at the local bar to spruce up your experience. However, you must know the dosage in each gummy and the type of THC. Delta 9 is pretty strong, and higher doses of Delta 8 could become overwhelming, especially if you are alone.


Vapes are the most advertised of all modes of using THC or CBD, being featured in music videos and movies worldwide. They are preferred because they act quickly, and the feeling is significantly more intense than most other options. Vapes work with THC or CBD oils, and they are vaporized and inhaled directly through the mouth. You can either get disposable vapes or refillable ones that use cartridges. However, it is the least recommended mode of consumption by doctors because it still has the dangers of smoking. NOTE: WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT, NOR SUGGESTING VAPING NICOTINE IN ANY WAY – KILLTHECAN.ORG IS FIRST AND FOREMOST A NICOTINE CESSATION SITE. 100% NICOTINE FREE!


Tinctures are an ancient form of taking herbal extracts that were in use before any pharmaceuticals were available. Tinctures differ in effect depending on how they were made and how much of the herb is infused in them. They could be CBD or THC tinctures, typically taken sublingually by placing them under the tongue. Tinctures are created by soaking the selected cannabis herb in oil, vegetable glycerin, or alcohol. They have a delayed offset of effect when you take them and a long shelf life.


THC capsules are another form gaining ground with many enthusiasts and patients. Capsules or THC pills contain a more specific dose of the compound and are more concentrated than other forms. They comprise neutral oils and a highly concentrated marijuana extract of either Delta 8 or 9. Some capsules contain a blend of THC and CBD; the more natural they are, the better. Some manufacturers, like Secret Nature CBD, use 100% organic hemp flowers to achieve better results.


CBD pouches are a popular option for people who have quit smoking tobacco and now prefer other options like dipping. CBD pouches are relatively new and quickly becoming a favorite for people who want to get the benefits that come with CBD. They are an excellent alternative for someone trying to quit and still enjoys having something to keep them busy. You can chew on them or dip them in hot water and drink the solution; it’s your preference.

No matter what option for consumption you decide to use, whether gummies, capsules, tinctures, or vapes, it is essential that you stay keen on the dosage whenever you are using THC. Conversely, CBD has no psychoactive ingredients, which means it has much fewer side effects. Whether you are taking this for recreation or medically, you can experiment and find the consumption option that works best for you.

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