Accountability – The Foundation For Your Quit

FoundationPosting roll. Much is said about it here at KTC, on a daily basis. And there are others that can say it better than me, but this is a topic that bears repeating often.

When we post roll, that is our promise to our quit brothers/sisters that we will not use nicotine that day, in any form. Posting roll every day creates accountability, and this is what our quits are built upon.

I will try to make a long story short. Simply stated, there is really no acceptable excuse for your name to not be on your groups roll, every day. I had a quit brother in the hospital last week. He made it a point to let me know what was going on, and he had me post roll for him every day. Anyone would have understood if he had gone missing for a few days for this reason, and showed back up posting roll with an explanation. However, that wasn’t good enough for this quitter. He wanted to make sure that he was counted among the committed.

You say that you “forgot” to post roll. Well, figure out how to remember. Did you ever forget to stop at the convenience store and buy a can of cancer? You are “busy”. So am I. So is every other quitter. So what. Make it your business to post roll. Early in the day. Every day. Ramble on if you must about your “busy life”. Be boastful about staying quit for “X” days without posting roll if that makes you feel better. You are no more quit that I am because you did it without posting roll. The fact of the matter is, your quit will be more successful with a support system in place. Here is your support system, right in front of you. But you have to use it for it to work.

I am an advocate of posting roll in the morning before you leave the house for work, school, whatever. It’s part of my morning routine.

Does your trustworthiness, integrity, dependability, and commitment mean anything at all to you? You chose to quit here, no one forced you to. You posted that Day 1, now be accountable. To your quit brothers/sisters, and to yourself.

LaQuitter – for the 164th day in a row, I promise that I am quit.

NOTE: This piece written by forum member LaQuitter

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  1. Chewie, that’s the reason I am staying engaged, and putting myself out there on the site. When you are posting roll, and being an active participant in your own quit and the quits of others, how can you possibly fail? Just my two cents.

  2. Very well said La… very well said indeed. Personally I get a charge out of putting my name on the line. Certainly some days are easier than others but it’s important to have that daily reminder of what we’re fighting for!

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