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And We’re Back! Forums Security Issues Fixed

The security certificate issues we were dealing with earlier this morning have been fixed. The forums are back up and running with no issues! Huge thanks to our IT guru Samrs for his assistance. Sorry for the trouble. Quit on!

We're Back

Enjoy your Sunday. Honored to be quit with you today.

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3 years ago

Not a problem at all. Actually it was like that since the Site came back up. I thought it would iron itself out but never did so I thought I would drop a comment. Glad to see it is back into shape. 🙂 #QLAMFEDD

3 years ago

And now, the entire menu up top of the website does not work at all. The background color shows up but no drop downs. The Web Master in me (20 years worth) checks my flash, just in case some one might still be coding with it, why I’m not sure they would be, and I checked Java as well to make sure I re-enabled it in my browser.

When all that checked out, I checked on Firefox as well and it was a no go too. And as bad as it hurt, I also tried Edge as no go too. It has to work on my phone right? Wrong. No menu still. How I get to the forums to post roll is to click on the register for forums and when it takes me to register, I simply ditch the register part of the url and head straight to the forum and login.

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