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BaccOff Coffee Pouches – Vanilla Review

BaccOff Coffee Pouches - Vanilla 1Back this morning with another long overdue product review. I’m not quite sure how this one slipped through the cracks but I was looking in my desk drawer and found a can of BaccOff – Coffee Vanilla Pouches. I thought for sure I’d already reviewed them so I took at look at my recent reviews and lo and behold it was missing. Argh… The stress and craziness of 2020 strikes again!

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As I said in my original BaccOff Coffee Pouches Review, these are pouches made from coffee. If you don’t like coffee or the effects of caffeine on your body, these will most likely not be for you.

BaccOff Coffee Pouches – Vanilla

If I’m being honest these were a bit of a disappointment. If you’ve read my previous reviews of vanilla products you know that the flavor has a special place in my heart as it brings back childhood memories of baking with my mom (she’s always put vanilla in her chocolate chip cookies which are the best ever, but I digress).

The pouches smell absolutely amazing when you open the can. The vanilla flavor is there for sure but it was pretty ‘bitter’ to my palette. I’m always leery of giving negative feedback on one of my reviews as taste is super subjective so it’s entirely possible that someone else will try these and that bitterness won’t be there for them.

That being said, as with all BaccOff pouches, they were moist and produced more than enough saliva (though you don’t need to spit if you don’t want to). They were long lasting (15-30 minutes) with two pouches which I appreciate. Good solid plastic tin with ‘best by’ date printed on the side. The product itself is a pretty much perfect pouch, I’m just not a fan of the flavor.

BaccOff Coffee Pouches - Vanilla 3

BaccOff Coffee Pouches Vanilla – Ingredients

Water, Glycerin, Coffee, Cellulose Fiber, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Sugar, Salt, Caramel Coloring, Sodium Benzoate

There was also a note that the ingredients were FDA compliant.

BaccOff Coffee Pouches - Vanilla 2

Final Thoughts

If you don’t like coffee you’re not going to like these. BaccOff has some of the moistest (most moist?) coffee pouches on the market. Two pouches is my preferred amount though one would be sufficient to give you that flavor. Lots of saliva here and long lasting. Where this one fell apart for me was the flavor. The vanilla was a tad on the bitter side for me. I’d be interested to hear what others have to say about this one as taste is subjective.

You can order Bacc-Off directly from their website or on Amazon. You can get BaccOff Coffee Vanilla Pouches in single cans, a roll of 12 cans or on a subscription plan.

Special thanks to Anna from Bacc-Off for providing samples for me to try and review.

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Have you tried Bacc-Off Coffee Vanilla Pouches? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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