2008 HOF Speeches

Don’t Read This

Do Not Read ThisWow 100 days what can I say? Same story as everyone else started when I was 16 tried to quit a ton of times and only failed. To anyone new in their quit, know that you can do this. In my prime I was on 2 cans of cope per day, and an added bonus I smoked a pack of Marlboro lites per day. May as well had an iv pumping nicotine into my body nonstop. This site as taught me the only way to beat this addiction is one day at a time, as cliché as that sounds, it’s true. This site has taught me that everyday is a battle. Some days I have to fight more than I want to, and some days not much of a fight. I know I have to be prepared to fight at all time, drunk, sober, tired, excited, pissed off, any emotion that has hit me and I was fooled in thinking nic would help me. I challenge anyone reading this to quit for today and not worry about anything else except for today. This speech will try to accomplish 2 things for all quitters. I will address the first. Quit, and stay quit. For you new guys build accountability, nothing more important than that. Put yourself out there on the boards there are many ways of doing this, be the nice guy, be the shoulder to lean on, be the guy asking for help everyday, be the guy helping everyone, be an asshole, be the guy who knows everything, BE SOMEONE on this board that is the only way it will work. Ok now what is number 2 thing? Ok I have 100 days a big accomplishment for me, and for my brothers because no one will every understand what we go through except for us. I will lay down a challenge to anyone reading this. Be a part of someone else’s HOF speech. How? Help others do what others have helped you do and that is quit. You need to have a youngin’ that you have to help out. With that being said I have to thank the following, in random order. Entire April 08 Class, WhoDey, Chewie, FranPro, Loot, OutdoorTexan, Mahum, Remshot, Rutrof, FAL, SkoalDaddy, Timmay (from chat),11X4, a lot of members in younger groups have helped me a lot also, will not name names because most of them are douche bags. There are others I have forgotten and don’t feel left out. So with this I think there can not be a prouder moment then to be mentioned in someone else’s HOF speech these people are the people that pull us through the roughest times and show us there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member jpine

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