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A Glimpse – a Day In The Life of Jpine

A Day In The Life

Wake up and roll off couch in parent’s basement.
Eat a couple of pop tarts cold.
Get pissed off because Mom forgot to buy more milk.
Drive to 7 Eleven to buy more milk and give the cashier the finger since gas shot up 10 cents overnight.
Drive home and get stuck behind an 80 year old that is lost on the way to the Old Country Buffet.
Get pissed off.
Get road rage and pass 80 year old at first chance giving them the finger and yelling “Fucking idiot”.
Decide not to take a shower since he took one 3 days ago.
Race some 11 and 12 year old Japanese kids in Mariocart on the Wii and lose.
Get pissed off.
Fire up the computer and surf around all of the quit groups on Kill the Can.
Get pissed off because people are quitting chew.
Get pissed off because he remembered this is a website for people quitting chew.
Post “witty” comments that include usually no more than 2 words “Fuck” and “Fucker”.
Continue with this until MTV’s Real World comes on.
Fall asleep and repeat the next day…

JPine, it’s alright if you still have dip rage – Join the club.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan community member mule

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