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Dryv Energy Pouches Review – Vanilla and Mint

Dryv Energy Pouches Mint and VanillaGood morning quitters! Back again this morning with another product review with a brand new player in the alternative space – Dryv Energy Pouches! These products are marketed as a ‘nootropic’ (a dietary supplement that helps support brain functions, including memory, mental speed, and focus.)

Before I get started with my review allow me a little history lesson…

Back in 2018 I first became aware of a company called Fully Loaded Chew which is headquartered right down the road from me in Akron, Ohio. It’s run by former dippers who’s was to create, “a tobacco-free chew that doesn’t suck”. At the time of that original review (and still today) they offered products both with and without nicotine. Naturally I only sampled and reviewed the nicotine free varieties.

Fast forward to earlier this year and I reviewed a new pouch product from the folks at Fully Loaded which I got from their new (at the time) website that was devoted 100% to their nicotine free products which I really appreciated.

Dryv Energy Pouches are from the same guys at Fully Loaded. I can’t tell you how excited it makes me when a company brings new products to market ESPECIALLY when they’re product specifically suited to tobacco quitters!

These are coffee based products but candidly if I didn’t know that going in I’m not sure I would know. Simply outstanding aroma when opening the cans but again I’m not sure I’d call it a coffee smell. They come in a standard plastic tin that will be familiar to dippers with each tin containing 15 pouches.

Note: these pouches are DRY when opening the can. No worries… that isn’t the case for long but if you’re looking for a ‘moist’ pouch when you open the can you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

Dryv Energy Pouches Mint 8

I sampled both flavors they have available on their website ( Mint and Vanilla. While both products are the same when they come out of the can (dry) they both produce a TON of saliva almost immediately and by the time you’re done with them they are very reminiscent of any other moist pouch product out there.

Dryv Energy Pouches After

One thing I do have to point out for quitters out there. This product is NOT marketed (at least on their website) specifically to us. In fact, the words ‘nicotine’ and ‘tobacco’ don’t even appear on their website. Prior to trying these I confirmed with Fully Loaded Partner Ken that these are in fact tobacco AND nicotine free.

They’re clearly going for the ‘dietary supplement’ market which is totally cool, though as a quitter I would have liked to have seen some mention of its viability as a ‘quit aid’ on their website.

Per their website, each pouch of Dryv is equivalent to about 1/2 cup of strong coffee and contains no sugar. The single calorie is from MCT Oil, so the product won’t break your fast if you’re an intermittent faster.

There is NO need to spit as this is a food grade product but if you want to both flavors I sampled gave you more than enough dark brown spit to make you feel that you’ve got a pouch / chew in.

Dryv Energy Pouches – Mint

Dryv Energy Pouches Mint 1

If you’ve read any of my previous reviews you know I was primarily a Kodiak Wintergreen guy with stops along the way with Skoal Cherry and Mint. I started this review session with Dryv Mint while watching my son on the baseball field. After the initial shock of a dry pouch wore off I very quickly got some juices flowing and could taste the flavors of the pouch. I got some chocolate overtones and not really a coffee flavor which candidly I appreciate. No coffee bitterness at all. This has a very nice flavor that I’ll absolutely come back to. I drink two large cups of coffee per day (at least) so I can’t speak to a specific ‘boost’ from the caffeine but I can say that the flavor here lasted quite a long time… a couple of innings at least. Strong recommend.

Mint Ingredients List (from the label): Coffee, Vegetable Glycerin, Natural Flavoring, Sucralose, Salt, Acesulfame Potassium, Proprietary Nootropic Energy Blend, 60 Mg Caffeine, 20 Mg L-Theanine, 1000 Mg MCG B12.

Dryv Energy Pouches – Vanilla

Dryv Energy Pouches Vanilla 1

Vanilla has a special place in my heart as it reminds me of baking cookies with my mom when I was growing up. These have a nice hint of vanilla in there but again have some ‘chocolate’ overtones as well. Not an overwhelming coffee flavor either and absolutely no bitterness. It had been a couple of days since I’d sampled the mint and for a moment I thought they tasted almost the same. I popped back in a mint and realized quickly how wrong I was… these are VERY different from one another. The mint tastes like mint and the vanilla tastes like vanilla, both having that chocolate background.

Vanilla Ingredients List (from the label): Coffee, Vegetable Glycerin, Natural Flavoring, Sucralose, Salt, Acesulfame Potassium, Proprietary Nootropic Energy Blend, 60 Mg Caffeine, 20 Mg L-Theanine, 1000 Mg MCG B12.

Dryv Coffee Energy Pouches Recommendation

I’ve been really happy with all of the products from the folks at Fully Loaded and these new Dryv Energy Pouches are no exception to that. The folks behind this company clearly had a vision and they’re putting it into action. I’m a big fan of pouches these days primarily due to the cleanup factor and I love not having to spit if I don’t want to. No more spitters!

If you look at the website for these products you won’t find any mention of quitting smokeless tobacco but rest assured this is 100% a product that can help you quit. It will satisfy that itch to have something between your cheek and gum. Many times when I review a coffee based product I have a disclaimer that if you don’t like coffee you won’t like the product. I’m not sure I even need that disclaimer here as I don’t personally get a ton of ‘coffee’ flavor with these.

The mint isn’t a ‘punch you in the face’ mint but more a subtle chocolatey variety and the vanilla isn’t overwhelming either. If I had to ‘rank’ these I think I’d probably put the mint slightly above the vanilla but that’s 100% personal taste. Both of these are pretty strong recommends. Give them a try and leave us a comment below. Would love to hear what you think!

Special thanks to the folks at Dryv Energy for providing me samples to try and review!

You can purchase Dryv Energy Pouches from their website at or on Amazon (Mint or Vanilla). You can also visit them on Facebook or Instagram.  Both are available in single or 5 packs. As of the time of this writing they have a promotion running where you can save 10% off your first order with promo code ENERGY10. Tell em sent you!

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