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Quitter Tag – You’re IT!!!

Quitter Tag Your It Video

Big Brother Jack talks about the news KTC game that’s sweeping the nation – QUITTER TAG!

Video Transcription

Hey guys… it’s BBJ and I want to take this opportunity to let you know that our illustrious ChickDip from the west coast of Seattle, Lisa Lee, she has started a new game.

Back in February when I was visiting Seattle, she hit me with THIS. And on fact it looks like a good old Hall of Fame 100 day chip, but on the back, I don’t know if you’re going to be able to read this, we’re going to try and see if you can read it but… basically this says “Quitter Tag – You are IT”.

And, I’m gonna be passing this off to somebody today. And here’s the rules…

Whoever has it passes it off to the next quitter that they meet and then that person that had it will just make a video and let you know that the coin’s been passed on once again and we’re gonna see how far we can get this around Quitterdom here.

So, obviously I’m from Pennsylvania I’m out on the road all the time and I’m passing this off today. So let the games begin and thanks to ChickDip, Lisa, I love ya, this is an awesome idea. So let the fun and games begin.

TAG… You’re IT!

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