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Elk Slayer HOF Speech

KTC Logo SepiaI am not really one for writing so I am going to keep this short and too the point. I came in here and made it past 100 days once before and then my dog passed away. At that point I caved STUPID STUPID STUPID. I had to start over and what made me really realize that I just needed to stay quit was I had to go through that Day 1, Week 1, Month 1 all over again and I never wanted to do that again. That feeling alone is what made this quit mean that much more to me because when I caved because of my dogs death it didn’t change the pain I was feeling, my dog did not come back to life it did absolutely nothing to help me, I ask my self everyday if I have a craving is it going to make any situation that I am in any better and the answer to that is NO, NO, NO, NEVER.

Reading the Bible has been a big help and I ask each and everyday to just say to me that I don’t need this stuff. This is why I try to post a Verse of the day in our Group everyday. If anyone is interested in reading I also post a daily Psalm in the WILDCARD Verse of the Day. Having the lord on our side is a great thing to help with this battle in my opinion.

MINTS, MINTS, MINTS, ICE BREAKER MINTS – I absolutely love these things and I would have had a worse time if I would have not had these in my pocket when I would get a bad craving I would throw three of these bad boys in my mouth and go for a walk and just do some deep breathing.

I has been a long road that I know is going to continue I am here for the long hall and I am proud to be part of the AUGUST 2016 QUIT GROUP and I want to say thank you to everyone who is keeping the group stats (I guess I could call it that) in check and I really loved seeing 100% roll post for such a long time in a row. It was a bummer to see that on my day 99 we were not a 100% Roll post. So NIXON what the hell happened???

Thanks you everyone and Keep up the Quit


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member elkslayer

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