Bobby Shaves For Surgery

Bobby Shaves For Surgery“I just shaved my beard, the first time in 30 years. This picture is for anyone who has kids, grandkids that think smokeless tobacco is cool to do. I want to share so others don’t make the same mistake I did. I had to shave the beard for a twelve hour surgery, Tuesday morning September 8th. A team of doctors are going to remove my jaw bone, and give me a titanium chin. Then after living with a feeding tube and trachea tube for 6 to 8 weeks, I may have to have radiation and chemotherapy. Maybe 3 months down the road, I will return to work with God’s help. My recovery could include speech therapy and plastic surgery. Please let everyone that you know, don’t put that stuff in your lip.”

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself but I believe in posting things in a spiritually positive form so yes, I have rephrased his words just a bit. There are also tumors inside his mouth, not just the chin. The pain I have watched him endure with this rapidly growing tumor, daily splitting not only the skin, but effecting his eating and speech, has been humbling. Seeing the spiritual change in his life has been an honor to be part of.
Thank you all for your prayers and understanding if we’re unable to respond to your msgs immediately. God is good and lives are changing. And yes, God will get him back to work ASAP!

Post Surgery Update:

“Bobby has been in recovery now for the last hour. I have not been able to see him yet. Surgery did go according to plan. Part of the bottom lip was removed. He should regain full use of the lip after recovery. All bottom teeth were taken out except 1. Skin was taken off his arm and leg for the inside of the mouth and chin. Bone was taken from his leg for a new jaw. He has a feeding tube and trachea. Communication will have to be by writing for four to six weeks. There is some good news, possibly no chemo. There will still be radiation. Please continue your prayers for us. Thank you again everyone.”

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  1. I quit in Feb 2009 after years of chewing a can per day. I feared cancer everyday and still do but know I have decreased my odds.

  2. We can help! Check our web site on how to quit, it works and will improve your health!

  3. Dear Mr.Bobby,
    I see it has been awhile since your surgery. I pray that things are going well in your recovery. I don’t personally use smokeless tobacco but I do smoke cigarettes. I’m losing a lot of my teeth because of this. I’m only 39 years old. I pray that one day GOD takes the taste away from me and gives me the strength to quit. To me whenever someone like you has the strength to go public with a medical condition as severe a your it give me hope. That one day I’m going to be that strong to do the right thing. Cigarettes are just as bad! My kids are on me all the time to quit. And I tell them I can’t do it for them. I have to want to do it for myself. So God Bless you for giving me hope and I pray your recovery is coming along extremely well! Sincerely Tomera Kelly

  4. BazookaJoe here, I quit dipping 514 days ago and am still an active member of November 2014 Stone Cold Quitters. This site and others like it don’t guarantee that you will be successful either in your initial quit or staying quit down the road. That task belongs to YOU since you have to make a conscious decision to pack your lip with that shredded cancer or to log on every day and make a promise not to use nicotine in any form. These sites provide the brotherhood and accountability so all you have to do is provide the commitment.

  5. I,read this and threw away my Skoal.
    I have chewed/dipped tobacco for 30 plus years and this helped me make the decision in quitting I have God in my life and Pray for this to soon pass

  6. I have chewed for over 15 years and after reading your story I will never take another chew of tobacco. I pray that everything works out and you make a speedy recovery! Thank you for sharing your story it helped open my eyes for the first time. God bless you and have a wonderful day…

  7. Just don’t seem right saying you had back surgery as comparison to his surgery and pain..sorry but I had 4 total hip replacements, knee surgery, spleen removed due to Harley wreck, total thyroid removed, and as arthritis swarms my body, next month I will have a ruptured disc removed from my back..But I would never compare this to the pain of him with cancer, wondering if he will live, also suffer deformity… I’m sorry i just don’t think yourI back pain/surgery can even begin to someone’s pain that is Life threatening…

  8. PLEASE check into Young Living Essential Oils–many are so good for this kind of situation. If you want more info, e-mail me at I’ll be praying!

  9. Prayers for you! Thank you for sharing your story. I hope it helps people make the decision of good health .

  10. I’m praying for you. I’m 50 and have been chewing since I was 7 I chew up to two cans a day. I’ve tried to stop many time but to tell you the truth I get scared that I might get cancer if I stop. I know stupid. This crap has a strong hold on me. Anyways I just got married in April to the love of my life. Does anyone know a way I can fight this hell, any help would be helpful. Email me if you want. I’m a disabled vet. Thanks all.

  11. My husband dipped Copenhagen for years and one day I seen a story similar to your Bobby , I showed it to my husband and he quit dipping , he has been quit for about 15 years now . I’m praying for you to have a complete speedy recovery . God Bless You !!!

  12. God Bless ??

  13. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing your story.

  14. God bless your loving ,caring attitude. You could have done the bitter route but you didn’t. I hope Bobby calls you.

  15. My husband had to deal with losing all his teeth and getting false ones at the age of 38. Prayers for ur family and have a blessed New Year.

  16. Thanks so much for sharing your journey. It helps me with a family member. Grateful.

  17. Wow, I just want to say you are a very strong man and I’m glad to hear you bet this thing. Always stay strong!

  18. Wow, I will pray for you and I’m really glad you shared this with the world. Let’s hope and pray people that dip will learn from this post. I believe in the power of God,and I know he will pull you through a long but successful road. Stay strong and God bless!

  19. I’m a girl yes and I am 17 years old I’ve been using this since I was almost 14, I thought about quitting but still haven’t after reading your story I’m determined to stop… My older brother is about to be 20 and he’s done it since he was 16 my younger brother has done it since he is 9 and he’s not 16

  20. Gosh i hate to be contrary but a chewers chance of getting mouth cancer is 7%. Do you know what a non chewers chance of getting mouth cancer is? 7%

  21. I would love an update on this story.
    I’m a former dipper. Been off the spit bottle for 18 months. Started dipping at 15 and quit after 30 years. To be honest quit cold turkey. No withdrawals or any such issues as that. I know the only I had no withdrawals was because I put it all on God’s shoulders. I’m a student ministry leader at my church and I took my last dip the night before we left for student camp July 17, 2014. And I’ve not picked up a can since!

  22. I wish someone I loved would stop. He has been dipping since he was a teenager, he’s now forty-five. I don’t push him on it, but it scares me to death. I lost my father to cancer when I was eighteen, he was only forty-two. You would think he would understand my fear.

  23. My husband died after having half of his jaw taken and his teeth removed going thru radiation and chemo. Thought he beat it and he started having headaches and his eye started drooping. It was fast growing and right into his brain. He died 2 months after losing his ability to walk or talk. Sadess time in my life and my children. We had been married for 47 years.

  24. My prayers for you and your family.

  25. Prayers for Bobby and a speedy recovery,My Mother is going to her first oncologist appointment today shes 82.

  26. Prayers for you and your family.

  27. WOW!! You are blessed to have found that before it was too late!! I’m so sorry that you have to go through this!! You will be in my prayers daily ?? I sure hope we get an update when you’re all healed up! All things are possible through our Father!! Maybe his plan for you is to spread the word of this unfortunate event. It could scare people into never chewing tobacco?? I’m a woman so I don’t do dip, but I do smoke and you have me scared to death!! Praying for a speedy recovery and being comfortable during your recovery!! Watch those pain meds, they are highly addictive!!!

  28. Thoughts and prayers to Bobby and his family and a speedy cancer free recovery…

    I myself turn 29 in a few days and have been a user since 10 if not younger. . .I have two kids 7 and 4. . .I quit chewing carrying the two of them of course, but other than that was new relationships…then I would pick it up again 🙁

    But after seeing this I am hoping to be able to put the stuff down and never pick it up again…I’ve recently been going through some stomach problems, done a bunch of tests that came back clear thank goodness…so far docs are putting my stomach problems to stress.

    Anyway once again thank you for sharing and I look forward to putting the stuff down again and for good this time.

    Thoughts and prayers out to Bobby and family and friends and any in need.

  29. That’s awesome, proud of you!!!

  30. Prayers for you Bobby! Hope everything goes ok for you.

  31. Wow thanks I’m a tobacco user 2 for a long long time myself I’m thinking about quiting myself after what u going thru man hope everything goes well for u and god bless and thanks again for the heads up

  32. My son died 5 1/2 years ago, leaving 10 & 5 year old daughters, at the age of 37. Have your son in law go to Power the Cure and read Jason’s story. I pray your family doesn’t have to go through what ours has.

  33. I quit dipping 2 weeks ago because of this story, and feeling like a I was a slave to it. I appreciate you sharing this story. I wish you all the best.

  34. Sending prayers and good thoughts.

  35. Praying for you Bobby. I can’t even begin to imagine your pain. My husband has been dipping for 24 years now. I am scared to death that one day he will have to face this terrible life changing thing we call cancer. I pray everyday that he can be strong enough to quit. Thank you for sharing your story. Praying you have a speedy and full recovery. God bless you!!

  36. Prayers for you and your Bobby, my father had almost the same type of surgery from smoking and Agent Orange. Took a toll on him for sure, he passed at the age of 59.
    So glad I quit smoking 20 years ago.

  37. I cannot imagine your pain. I had a very successful spinal surgery…all I had to do was be in the hospital for six days …and recovery was about six months….of not lifting anything over ten pounds…including mu daughter…not sweeping…being just very careful. This was the most horrendous pain I have ever imagined.

    What you are going through….i can barely stand yo think of it. The very strong pain meds they gave me after surgery….did little to even dull the pain. I hope you will be sedated to some point.

    So hard. I’m sorry you have to do this. Remember its a healing pain. It wont hurt any less…but I hope it makes you stronger.

    Prayers to you and your family.

  38. Thank you for sharing this. My 34 year old son in law uses smokeless tobacco. He has for a very long time. He and my daughter have given me 3 beautiful grandchildren. I have shared your post to them and hoping he will stop using this stuff. I don’t want them to have to go through what you are. My prayers are with you for healing and a speedy recovery. God bless you and your family.

  39. I don’t know uou Bobby is but I pray this goes viral and those who dip or what ever they want to call it QUIT!!!!
    God Bless you with strength and courage to face the months ahead! We pray total Miraculous healing in Jesus name…

  40. Bobby, I respect your courage to share what you are going through. Please consider learning sign language. Not only for your post surgery needs but even when you don’t need it for yourself. Sign language is a beautiful language, and will open another whole world for you! Blessings.

  41. Praying for you and your family that you have a full cancer free recovery.

  42. Bobby — It is a privilege to pray for your physical recovery and your walk with God to be closer. Gonna sign up to keep up with you.

  43. If you have a trach, ask for a speech consult for a Passy Muir valve (or speaking valve.) you may be able to use that in the meantime.

  44. praying for healing and minimum pain. Bless you on your road to recovery.

  45. Hope you are recovering well God Bless you

  46. I went through this same exact surgery a little over 11 years ago at UCLA Medical Center. The doctors that performed the surgery were the inventors of the procedure. At the time, I was given 3 – 5 years to live. I have no teeth. Because of all the radiation therapy (that saved my life), my larynx was burnt, so I talk like Cookie Monster. I lost about half of my tongue. I was told I would never eat solid foods again. It was from prognosis, but I refused to let this get to me. I still have no teeth, but eat most anything, including steak, etc., but have to cut everything into very small pieces and use sour cream as a food lube oil to aid in swallowing. I am happy, healthy and extremely grateful for my life today. Keep a positive attitude, and get well. It is a hard road, but you can get through this ordeal. If you ever want to talk, please give me a text or a call. I have a lot of tips to help you along the path to recovery. Godspeed, my friend.

  47. Prayers for you Bobby . Things will get better . May God , help you through this journey in your life.

  48. Praying for Bobby and all family and friends. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Most people think well it won’t happen to me. Well it can and does happen to anyone. Hopefully this encourages them to give it up. So sorry Bobby is having to suffer through all the pain. Please keep us posted.

  49. Thank you for sharing what you are going thru after using smokeless tabacco. I hope you have a speedy and great recovery! Keep us all updated if you would like to continue to share your journey with us.

  50. Praying for Bobby healing and hopefully More people will stop dipping and understand what this does to just not the person with cancer from smokeless tobacco. It effects your whole family.
    God Bless You as teach others Bobby

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