Life With Dip, My Quit And Where I Am NOW

Ray eyeballing those plaid flip flops

Ray eyeballing those plaid flip flops

I have been chewing/dipping since the 7th/ 8th grade (26 years). Started with Beechnut and Redman from a Junior High football coach. See then chewing and dipping was glamorized by a lot of people commercials and athletes, so I thought of it as tough and macho! In high school, I got more involved in sports and I was dipping Skoal daily. Then Skoal long cut came out and I was hooked on it. Playing sports and in the locker rooms, there was always plenty of dip before and after practice. During college it was pretty much the same, sports and dipping went along together with everything, in the training room, dipping was social, snuff was readily available to all and most everyone did it or at least tried it. It was a part of my life now!

After college, I worked and always hid my dipping because of my job. I trained myself not to spit. So I would walk around all day, dip unnoticed and would spit when I had to. I befriended a tobacco salesman. He would always give me a roll of Kodiak! I was still dipping Skoal longcut till that point. After having like 6 rolls in the frig of the ‘bear”, I said I would buy no more until I finished dipping those logs. I was hooked on Kodiak by then and it was worse on my gums and lip than anything, they were constantly bleeding. Now it was a can or 2 cans daily.

Joining the Army; dip was glamorized once again like when I played sports. We dipped to stay awake, during training, on missions, day and night. I didn’t have to hide it now, so I dipped more and more, couple of cans a day. It got to the point; if I was awake I had a dip in. After different things in life, I decided to quit and quit cold turkey for 6 months. But after dealing with life problems, anger, frustration, marriage going bad, and a terminally ill son, I broke. I caved!!! With all this in my going on in my life I started back dipping, this time Copenhagen. Surprising it wasn’t as bad on my mouth, but the bad effects were still ever present. Again, if I was awake, I had a dip in, even times I would fall asleep with the shit in and wake up choking! There were always “dip buddies” in the Army, it was socially accepted. Dipping was a part of every facet of my life!

So over the last 16 years in the Army, everything in my life has involved dipping in one way or the other. If it was the proper setting, I was dipping, if not I was hiding it and dipping anyway. Deploying all over the world and to war in OIF 1, one damn thing for sure was I always made sure I would not run out of Copenhagen. My duffle bag to Iraq, I had 20 rolls (20x10x $5.00= $1,000.00/1K) of dip in it. Didn’t know how long it would take to get the mail going, so I made sure, I had enough. Didn’t share neither!!! Failed marriages, deployments, changes in life, watching my Son go thru so much pain and eventually pass away, OIF 1 and watching my Father get to 90 lbs from the affects of lung cancer and then passing away. Dip was always a part of life. After affects of all these years, I felt as though I needed dip and it was my only real vice, except the occasional drink or few beers. Dip got me through a lot, up to this point!!! Dip was always there. Dip got me thru life!!! Everything I did required a dip before, a dip during, or a dip after!!! The NASTY NICOTINE BITCH has been with me for all these years, through thick and thin; killing me slowly, having me believe I needed it!!! BULLSHIT!!! THAT IS FUCKING BULLSHIT!!! I didn’t and don’t need that SHIT!!!

Where I am at now?!?!? June 2007 and I am struggling with a lot of personal and work related issues. Some health issues, nothing bad just related to my diet. Some mental shit too. Just LIFE!!! So I make the decision to STOP, QUIT, WEEN myself off that “shit”. Hard decision!! RIGHT DECISION!!! This has been one of the hardest damn things I have ever been thru!!! I didn’t and don’t need DIP ANYMORE… NO ONE GETS IT!?!?! I search for support?!?! I find it HERE @ QSX!!! One thing for sure, everyone on this SITE GETS IT!!! Finally some understanding!!! “Flush the last of that SHIT in that can and QUIT!!! Don’t’ wait!!! QUIT NOW!!!” (ODT and QT) That was JUNE 14, 2007… I may not know a lot of you personally, but we are brothers and sisters. I may not post a lot, but reading your post gets me through on a lot of bad days!!! Chewie, FranP, 48, WD, 2MC, MLS and especially Loot, ODT and QT (ALL you VETS) reading your post makes my day and gets me thru my quit. The Posting and the Accountability in my group (Sep 07) HD, Chief, Spot, RedT, NVC and all, keeps me quit!!! I like keeping up with the OCT and NOV groups too. Everyone keeps me going and motivates me on a daily basis with my QUIT!!! I admire ODT beyond words, because he is true testament, he is special brother and I appreciate him! I would not be here on this site without QT (QuittinTime), he led me here. Like all of you, words can’t express my love for friends and family and their support. QUIT is QUIT!!! I AM QUIT!!! We QUIT for ourselves and STAY QUIT for ourselves, but just as important we STAY QUIT and KEEP QUIT for everyone on this site, plus our families, friends and loved ones. You all are truly great people and I look forward to seeing how my “family” is doing daily. Thanks for my QUIT and your part in keeping me QUIT!!! I am QUIT NOW and I will be TOMORROW!!! That is where I am!!!

Ray (day 54 thoughts)

NOTE: This piece written by forum member RayRay

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  1. Been doing Copenhagen for 40 years. I am on day 2 and it’s aweful. Currently have incurable disease that will kill me, wondering if suffering more is worth it. Had a tooth come out, not due to Copenhagen, but it was eaten up. Cope probably added to that. Good luck everybody.

  2. hey guys i`ve been dipping for 4 years 6 grade -12th grade i made a decision to quit today i flushed the can down the toliet, and now plan on, buying mints, to have something in my mouth, i hope this work thanks for all the stories and motivation, for everyone looking at this you can quit go luck!

  3. This is all true guys, I’m on day 8 and still having hard cravings about 3-5 times a day. Chewing the smiley mountain alternative and it helps a little but this feeling is affecting me socially so I guess I’m just wondering when this shit will stop! I chewed a can a day for 29 years and I’ve got an 8 year old son I’d like to stick around for so I deciddd to kick this shitty habit… it’s very hard but if I make it 1 week I can make it more. This site has helped, everyone knows how bad this feels

    • I was a bartender chewed Kodak even when I worked hid it in my lip most of us did but then I started watching my sisters kids and they would always ask what’s in my lip first people to do so ironically they were three and four at first I didn’t think much about it I would just say it’s seeds but my niece would say every time we were at the store your not getting that stuff are you and I did but she was persisted that I stop so weird so I did and I felt tons better after a couple months then I started getting depressed and then fuck it I put it back in and hide it I leave family functions cause no one knows I started back up now I just feel horrible so today will be my last dip I want to feel like I didn’t let my niece down I would hate to have to tell her that I got cancer from dippin one day it’s a struggle but it’s worth it to be around for my family and be around them knowing I’m not hiding somethin

  4. I know I need to quit and I really want to but I chew about a can a day and I look forward to putting a dip in first thing in the morning, when I am at work I can’t go more than 20 minutes in between dips. A part of me doesn’t want to quit because it calms my mind and nerves..

  5. I’m an ex dipper and I know one thing for sure: we need food and water to survive but nicoteine is an unnecessary chemical. In actuality those withdrawls you feel are simply your body readjusting to its normal state. IT WILL PASS. Many people fail because of thr difficulty they face in the first couple of days because they think the withdrawl will last forever. IT WILL NOT. TRUST ME. If I can quit anyone can

  6. It’s a mental game. I quit for 14 months starting in 2005. Once you make up your mind to quit you can. The worst thing u can do is beat yourself up when you feel irritable or have a few minutes of withdrawl. I’m living proof that it can be done

  7. I have been dipping for 10 to 15 years now and I just took my last pinch 10 mins ago. I hate this shit!!! I’ve tried to quit so many times b4 but the longest I have made it was a day. I have been to jail several times in my life and the funny thing is I never think about dip until I get out and then that’s the first thing that I go buy. Wtf is that about? If I don’t have withdraws in jail then why is it sooooooo hard to quit while I’m out? Please help me!!! I have 3 wonderful kids and I wife and I don’t want to lose them to cancer if I continue with this crap. It may or my not give me cancer but I sure as hell don’t want to take that chance anymore. I hope when I wake up tomorrow I can be dip free and work on day 2 and so on, but I really need help. I have a addiction personally and this is going to be the hardest thing I have ever done!!!

    • Keep it simple. I agree that it is a hard thing to quit. I chewed for 30 years 1 -2 cans a day depending on my stress level. I quit August 10, 2015. You can do it. Believe in yourself and keep it simple. 1 day, 2 days, 4 days etc. I wish you success.

  8. Im glad this page exists im in school right now as a freshman and i was introduced to it in sports also and I’ve been dipping for around 2 years and right now im on day 6 of quitting… Its soo hard

  9. I have been nicotine free 1 month now. It was hard. Used patches for a couple days to get over those first couple days. Lots of candy and gum. Nicotine is out of my system now it’s a mental thing.

  10. Been dipping 1 can at least per day since 1988. Finally went to the VA for help. Gave me 5 boxes of nicorette. I chose New Year’s Eve to have last dip at midnight. Woke up on Jan 1 and had my first piece of cardboard uh I mean gum. 1 PC every 1.5 hours for first 14 days. On January 15 I lost my dog to cancer, felt unbelievable stress and fell off the wagon. Now I’m back at it and don’t feel like quitting again. Uggggh!!!

  11. Well today is day 1 of quiting dip I have dipped for over 9 years. And damn this sucks already..But I know its gonna get worse before it gets better.

  12. Well, almost through day 1. Not really sure how I am feeling. Lazy, like I am in a fog. Not as irritable as I thought I’d be

  13. It’s so damn hard . I have tried to quit sonny times but always go back to my snuff. After 23 years I’m ready to quit. I think. I enjoy it and that’s the issue. BUT fir health reasons I must quit . It’s been one day lol but hey it’s one day at a time. It’s so hard .,for me it’s the habit of having that feeling in my mouth.

    • I tried so many times to quit myself . If quit and be miserable with chewing the nicotine gum and us ring the patches one morning after a night of heavy drinking I was hung over so bad the next day and I slept off and on all day that day and that night . I realized I had went a whole day without nicotine( I was a can to two can a day dipper ) when I realized that I decided to see if I could make it another day it was so hard as I had dipped 22 years or so grizzley natural fine cut after Copenhagen went up so high . After a week I was miserable and the two week mark I was hurting so I went to my Dr and he put me on some blood pressure pills for a short time to help with the pain and gave me some kind of shot I was physically sick from nicotine withdrawal but I made it been nicotine free 7 weeks the cravings are gone but the need to dip is still present so I got herbal snuff nicotine free I dip about three cans a week of that now and I hope I can get past that soon but I no longer need nicotine good luck

    • Sunflower seeds man I dipped for 15 yrs used sunflower seeds to quit the just pack your lip full and the seasons give a similar tingle in lip not as good but helps I also started working out helps with stress and takes mind off dip. The hardest part is relaxing after workout or a big meal huge craving then but I just pack in the sunflower seeds and try to preoccupy my mind made the decision that I control me not some shit in a can
      Good luck to you man maybe that helps I don’t know

  14. Great story. I dipped for 20 years playing baseball and enjoying the outdoors, then just incorporating it into my every day. I am 1 year quit as of St. Patty’s Day last Tuesday. Still think about it today. What would it be like to throw one in? Would it take my anxiety from the work day away? Yet, I can’t see it ever happening again. Quitting was the best decision I’ve made. Not a cigar, nothing! Noticed a handful of health benefits afterwards. Stick with it!!! I couldn’t have done it without this site and other forums. Got me through cravings. Thank you. Also think the best replacement for dip is exercise and a healthier lifestyle, but to each his own. It’s hard to let it go but you’ll be proud you did. My 2 cents.

  15. Yeah it was the same for me it was cool to dip in school, i quit cold turkey, its the only way to get rid of the nic bitch

  16. That was a really great message. I played sports and was in the army as well…i’m on day 2 right now and can’t think of anything else. Thank goodness i have the nicotine gum to get me through this part. It’s all mental!!

  17. Thank you Leroy, that was really bothering me

      • I need help. Been dipping for 7 years since I joined the army. I hate it. My wife hates it. Her mother died from cancer recently and all she can see is me dying from this damning product. It is the only thing that helps me with my anxiety and ptsd. I’ve tried alternatives like smokey mountain or nicorette gum or sunflower seeds and I just come right back to it. What now?

        • I hear you. Been dipping going on 36 years now. Did smoky mountain for a year or so a while back. Thought I was done with nicotine forever. But then one afternoon Walmart was out again and so was I. Went to the nearest convenience store and said give me the cheapest non-flavored snuff you have. Got a cram right there. Went home and got sick as a dog. All evening too. But, the demon was out of the box again. Copenhagen had become too expensive and I finally settled on longhorn long cut natural. Now I buy it in the large 12 can tubs, usually every 5 to 6 days.
          I swear, I wish they would outlaw that shit. Haven’t looked in my mouth in years. Afraid to.

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