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The Destructive Path of Nicotine – Ida40 HOF

Destructive Path of Nicotine

Well, it’s been 100 days since I joined KTC and said enough was enough. I started the destructive path of nicotine use over 36 years ago as a young stupid 16-year-old. First with the occasional cigarette which became whenever I had the chance. Then I joined the Marine Corps fresh out of High school. There was no tobacco use allowed at boot camp, so I was clean for three months. What did this dumb ass do, bought a pack of cigs at airport waiting for flight.

After basic training I learned that tobacco use was everywhere in the Marines, it was as normal as breathing. I switched to smokeless as it could be used everywhere and all the time. It kept me awake on long boring nights and kept me from being hungry. I didn’t consider the risks or that I would be addicted forever.

I left the Marines after 4 years, but the dip/smoking came with me, I was addicted and consider dipping/ smoking a part of who I was. I met my future wife and our first date we both tried to hide fact we smoked. Then both bought a pack at a convenience store.

I continued to dip and smoke as life rapidly moved on. I became a law enforcement officer, another place nicotine was accepted and expected really. My wife quit smoking, I continued with the dip 14 years after her quit.  We raised two children that never knew me without a dip.

Just prior to my 55 birthday I started getting very sore gums, no matter what I did, it would not go away. Finally, one morning sitting on the couch, it came to me. What am I doing? I am a slave to this can of crap! It only causes harm and damages me and takes our money away. I decided I would not go another year of my life using dip. I was done, and decided I would quit or die trying!

An internet search later, I located KTC. I didn’t join right away as I had tried and failed all other attempts to quit.  I was on nicotine patches, 2 weeks each dose. I keep going back to the KTC forum site and kept reading everything I could find. Eventually, I was convinced that with KTC I could finally quit. All I had to do is exactly what the other successful quitters had done.

W.U.P.P. (wake up, piss, post) my promise every day that I would stay off nicotine for 24 hours. Then just keep my word and repeat the next day. Some days were easy, some very hard, but stick with it and share experiences with your group, fight together, celebrate victories together.

My granddaughters now have a “Gammpy” that is not a slave to a can!

Thanks to all the KTC family that continues to help me stay quit!    Love you All!!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan community member ida40

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