One Day at a Time

One DayQUIT The word sounds so….final, so…permanent.

Well it is final and permanent.

But the way to get quit is to do it one day at a time. Focus on just one day! You can do that! Just focus all your energies on not stuffing your lip with crap for one day. Eat sunflower seeds for one day. Drink a lot of water for one day. Chew a lot of gum for one day. You can do that…after all…it’s just ONE day!

Then when that one day is over…do it again and again and again! For ONE day!

one day at a time is all we ask for. Just promise us that you will not dip for one day by posting roll. Nobody is telling you it will be easy. It wasn’t easy for me a year ago when I quit. But with the help of this site and plenty of the friends I made here…I was able to quit. It can be done! So far I have quit one day at a time for a consecutive 370 days. Not bad for a guy who had nicotine in his system for over 30 years straight! If I can…you can!! But it all starts with ONE DAY AT A TIME!!

Will you join us? Will you let us help you save your life?
If you have questions…feel free to give me a private message and I will help.


NOTE: This piece written by forum member Russter


  1. So I quit last night at 1100pm . I figured setting the date of the Super Bowl somehow made sense. I have dipped for almost 35 years so you can imagine I’m not in a real great way. I have only quit twice before during these years. One was for a year and the other for six months. For some reason it seems different this time and I don’t mean in a good way. I have chewed peppermints, gum so far but will probably leave work shortly to go find some Smoky Mountain.

  2. Day 10 and the fog is lifting. Starting to see things better and feel like myself again. I lost who I was over 20 years ago and I am upset about it. These last 10 days have been filled with ups and downs, but nothing can take away how much better I feel about myself. I know its only 10 days, but its 10 days I have controlled and not the nicotine bitch. I love this site and I will continue to use it and see everyone’s stories. Now I look forward to day 11.

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