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Freedom and Empowerment

Freedom and EmpowermentThere are many benefits to quitting dip: The money saved, the health preserved, etc. For me, the reason I quit was to prove that I could. I didn’t plan my quit ahead of time. I woke up one day and decided that I was tired of freaking chewing tobacco running my life. I was tired of dipping being more important than having a social life, or spending time with my family. I was tired of planning my whole day around when I could dip next. I was tired of being a slave.

I could never have quit without the KTC community. KTC especially helped me through the first 3 days which were the most miserable and longest days of my life. I saved the advice and the quotes that other quitters gave me. I looked at these quotes everyday. Things like ‘tobacco is nothing more than worthless poison’,etc. I re-read the contract to ‘give up your quit’ day after day. Those words were and are very powerful to me.

I know that was short but I don’t have more much to say on the subject. I am proud to be quit and I feel empowered because of my quit. I am proud to say that I have taken back ownership of my life. Again, I want to thank the KTC community for helping me quit. All of you have helped me get here. From the ones that I would speak with on a regular basis, to the others that I have come across once in the live chat. Your quit has helped strengthen my quit. I appreciate all you vets that show the way and give new quitters strength each and every day. It’s because of you guys that I will continue to give back to KTC and help future quitters.

Quit on.

Cory (Clb457)

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Clb457

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