2013 HOF Speeches

Highcotton In the HOF

Hall of Fame KTC 2Well, I started close to 25 years ago. Just like everybody else, promised to quit a million times and never seemed to get it done. Sure……. I refrained from dipping several times, but never quit.

You frequently hear on this site how you can only quit for you. I’ve told CBird this story and I may be one of the rare ones that quits for someone else. I work on farm equipment on the side, and my 10 year old son has to “help” me every chance he gets. I never was one to dip openly in front of my kids, but never really hid it either. I was troubleshooting some electrical issues on a silage cutter one afternoon and sent my son to get my volt meter out of the door pocket of the truck………. you guessed it, the dip can was under it in the door. He calmly walked up with my meter in one hand and my dip can in the other and asked what this can was for……… I responded with awkward silence……… he then said that mommy says this stuff will kill you……….. more awkward silence……… he then says he didn’t realize he was that bad………. continued awkward silence with the formation of a tear. So, that day I vowed to quit for my son and daughter.

Members on this site have varying degrees of involvement, and I admit I am one who has probably benefited more than I gave. I would like to say thanks to all the August Bad Asses, and if any new folks reading this need a word or two PM me…… this does work.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member highcotton

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