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How KTC Works – BrianG Figures It Out

How To KillTheCanDay 36 Quit.

So, after 36 days on this site, you start to figure a few things out. In not particular order…

  1. I need this site. There is no way I make it to day 36 without KTC. I have said that I do not understand it. I do not need to understand it. It just works. I make a promise each day not to use tobacco to a bunch of people I do not know. I have made that same promise to my wife, my kids, family and friends. I have broken that promise every time to them. I have broken that promise so often, my wife just kinda nodded her head when I said I have finally quit this time…I found a website! ya, a website is going to save me… Again, it just works.
  2. You will find the best reading material on this site. It is almost like somebody is writing your life story and you found it on the internet. I really thought some of the experiences that I had with dipping were mine alone. Turns out, I am just another tool who thought dipping was cool or I am not alone in being scared that i will get cancer. Some of the writings on this site are just master pieces, capturing exactly what I was trying to express in my own quit. I have literally cried reading some of the post just because of how close to home they have hit. I have a lot of reading still to do, but I encourage everyone to take some time and read. You will find someone that you can relate to.
  3. Getting Digits. This one through me a little bit. First few days, I got some PMs giving me their number and asking for mine. I stared at the screen a little bit and thought this cant be a good idea. I just went and looked at the names. Miker0351 was the first and I noticed, that I did not send my number back to him. I will do that after this post. What I have found out is this is everything on this site. Sure, we post roll everyday, but that is the minimum we can do. building the relationships with others is what it is all about. I finally gave my number to Samrs. Best move I ever made. it broke the ice. Sam and i texted some and then he called me. It was not long before I was giving my number out like a lawyer in a hospital. I text somebody on my list everyday. I have had great phone conversations with people. I am still collecting digits as often as I can. It personalizes the promise to not use tobacco today. When i make that promise, I am thinking of Sam and the rest of April.
  4. Quitters are going to find a way to quit and cavers are going to find a way to cave (30yrAddict). My group in April currently has around 65 people posting roll. I am one of the youngest quits at 36 days and the oldest has about 55 days. We have lost around 50-60 people since the April group started. A lot of them were gone before I even got to the group. I assume there were a lot of New Year Resolution guys signing up(We have all been there, right?) Now I have no way of knowing for sure who is going to quit and who is going to cave. There will be surprises both ways. What I do know is that there are people that are doing things that make me believe they will not make it. I have read a lot on this site, A LOT. There is a theme to be found. The people that do more than the minimum of posting roll each day have a better shot of not caving. When you see people who have post totals that equal their days quit, then you know that they are not being active in your group. I cant say that these people will cave, but it does go against the theme of this site. I find it hard to believe that anyone who just post roll and makes no other contributions to the group is going to be here after 100 days. You do not have to read a lot to know that this is not a path for success. My point is, I have learned that people who want to quit get involved with their quit.
  5. Everyone on this site is not an asshole. Most people would describe me as a nice guy. I said most… I usually give people the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their intentions. My first few days here, I thought this place was crawling with assholes. I mean that I had to look hard to find a nice guy. Another nice guy and I actually had a back and forth that maybe this site was not for us…Heck, we are nice guys. I thought that I would stick around and see if it got better. Well, it did. I have found that the good guys/gals outnumber the assholes. As I get stronger in my quit, I am starting to realize the ratio is growing each day in favor of the good guys.

Those may be MY top 5 of the things I have learned about my quit and KTC since joining 36 days ago. I am still young in my quit and hope to learn much more from the valuable assets that this site offers.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member BrianG

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  1. thanks for taking the time to write this up brian. i am new here. 3 days quit with you today. but i have been consuming this site like a wild fire. why? because i too have promised my gf, my friends, family, even myself, that i would quit nicotine. and i always failed to keep my word. i tried to quit 100 times over the last 20 years, always by myself and always with NRT, because i was too much of a coward to go cold turkey. and truth be told, i was still a slave to nicotine. so this quit, something had to be different. cause every prior attempt, i would try the same thing over and over and expect a different result. we all know what the definition of that is. so i came here. i read the rules of engagement. i had my nicotine gum all ready to go too!… but when i read the rules. they had one system to adhere to, no excuses, no exceptions…. NO NICOTINE. that meant no NRTs, no drug laced gum. oh God. that means if i am to use this site and its people, if i am to believe that i am an honest person and that my word is my bond, then i cannot use my drugged chewing candy. i have to grow a pair and stand up, to stand tall with the other warriors here. so here i am, 3 DAYS quit. no nicotine poison entering my blood stream for the first time in almost 20 years. 20 long years, a slave. and suffering from stockholm syndrome, i loved my captor. but the KTC hostage rescue team found me. and im starting the long road to recovery… finely. so 3 DAYS in so far. and i promise to stay strong on this third day and not use nicotine. at all. today.

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