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I Quit. How About You? Young Quitter’s Attempt At Wisdom

  • I can’t pitch without a dip
  • I can’t take long drives without a dip
  • I can’t calm down without a dip
  • I can’t study without a dip
  • I can’t stay awake without a dip
  • I can’t watch football without a dip
  • I can’t drink without a dip
  • I can’t take a shit without a dip
  • I can’t workout without a dip
  • I can’t go to sleep without a dip
  • I can’t LIVE without dip

Every single one of those statements above were excuses I made to myself, my family, and my fiancée to justify my use of smokeless. And every single person on this site used those. And if you aren’t quit you are using them. Excuses are like assholes everybody has one. But what about jaws? If you keep using those excuses and that poison you won’t have one.

I’m 24 years old right now. I found this site in January of 2014 during one of the most pathetic attempts at quitting I have ever tried. My dad had a friend who dipped for 30 some years that walked into a hypnotists and walked out quit. I felt I should probably quit but wasn’t really wanting to but I told my dad I would try it. $200 bucks and all it ended up being is a creepy cat lady talking me to sleep telling me to drink water when I get headaches. Seriously? You can get that same advice here without paying $200 trust me.

But after that little creep-fest I had a headache. A big one. And the next day? Bigger headache plus a 5 hour drive to college. I have no doubt everyone here knows what happened next. I tugged on my mother and girlfriend’s heart strings till they “let” me cave. But before I caved my mom googled “symptoms of quitting dip”. First site that showed up? Killthecan.org.

She begged me to look at it and I didn’t until June 20th, 2014. And wasn’t planning to quit on June 28th, 2014 but I was too lazy to go grab a new can. So it happened by accident and I was scared. For the first 3 days all I did was post roll. But on a 7 hour drive to the drilling rig I was working on I had horrible panic attacks and body spasms. I used the 911 forum to beg for help. CBird to the rescue.

CBird talked me off the ledge and showed me his recipe for KTC Kool-Aid. I bought into what he sold me. I started getting active in my group. I posted roll Every Damn Day in his group April 12. Next thing I knew I’m arguing with veteran quitters for no reason, I’m taking over the spreadsheet and calling out MIA members and cavers.

120 days later I’m still running the spreadsheet and calling out MIA members. I still argue with veteran quitters mostly for no reason. Every morning I wake up, piss, post roll, and fix me up some KTC Kool-Aid. For young guys I feel that is the secret to quitting. Making this your morning routine. Wake up and quit today. Deal with tomorrow when tomorrow comes. Don’t think about being dip free for 20 years think about being dip free today. If you do that, I promise you will stay quit. And those excuses at the top? You see them for what they are, the Nic Bitch using you like a puppet.

Dip kills. If you’re killed, you lose a very important part of your life.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Southpaw32

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