2019 HOF Speeches

Why Now? Because I Want To Live

Why Now? Because I Want To LiveBecause I want to LIVE… What I would do to go back 20 years and never have put that first dip in. At 53 i realized I was poisoning myself and limiting my days on earth. People say you have to do this for yourself but for me its my daughter. I can’t imagine how much she will be hurt if its a decision made too late. She will be without a father and that breaks my heart. Who will protect her. give her light when she’s in the dark, give her strength when she feels weak and mend her heart when its broke. That is my reason for quitting.

I’ve been in bar room brawls, burning buildings and busted up on the side of the road and without the help from others chances are I wouldn’t be here today. Why am I saying this? Now i’m in another tough situation that I need help with here go KTC. I’m not in this alone and the past 113 days guys have made me feel safe  and confident that “yes” I can do this. You guys know who you are and for that I say “thanks brothers” and to the ones reading this and don’t know me, we are all in this together.

Really don’t know how I should end this so I will leave it with….. 113 and counting

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member ARMYDAD

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