It Can Be Done – 100 Days

Happy St. Patricks' Day From!Finally made it to the HOF. A couple friends asked me yesterday if I was still dip-free. I told them I hadn’t dipped in 99 days. Then it hit me that the HOF was only a day away! 

I cannot thank KTC enough. This place has changed my life. I have more respect than words can describe for the people of this site who give their word and honor it day in and day out. In the end, that is all this place comes down to — do you keep, or do you break, the promises you make to yourself? 

Unfortunately, because of the accountability built into this site, the weaklings who can’t keep their promises are the ones who end up getting all the attention. Well today, I want to salute all the quitters who consistently keep their committment everyday and receive no recognition for it. You people are the ones who inspire me. You put your money where your mouth is and I would go to battle with any one of you any day of the week. 

Some people that deserve special recognition:

Per034 – When I think of caving, I think of letting you down. Case closed.

CaseyCdA – We share the same quit date and texted back and forth a ton. 
Couldn’t have got through the first 50 days without you. 

Dchogs – Love your quit! Always, always setting the new guys on the straight and narrow. That’s what this place is all about.

Maverick – Same quit date…just another badass quithead. You have 100% roll call in my eyes brother.

Closer26 – Mistakenly called you out only to learn you were a quit beast! You truly care about your quit brothers.

Rebel – Always able to provide a good laugh and keep things in perspective when the rage was high. The guy posts support everywhere and knows what’s going on in every group.

30yraddict/loot/cornwallace/TCOPE – Vets who reached out to me along the way. It was great to hear from the legends.

txlongbeard and lonedipper – Both checked in on me early in my quit.

kumarcus – One of the first to welcome me to the site.

dante – You threw some support my way when I needed it.

I’m sure I missed some people, and I apologize for that. But these people above are great quitters in my mind for one reason — THEY CARE ABOUT OTHERS. They had shit going on in their lives, they were worried about their own quits, and yet they still managed to support others and help their quits. For that, I have all the respect in the world.

It feels great to reach 100, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s only the beginning. Here’s to beating the nic bitch down for the next 50-60 years! One day at a time…

NOTE: This piece written by forum member parry8587

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