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Java Chews Flavored Coffee Pouches Review

Java Chews Flavored Coffee PouchesIt’s been quite some time but I’m back again with a new alternative review, this time for a new brand called Java Chews. This is long overdue and I’d like to offer my sincere apologies to the folks at Java Chews. 

According to their site –, “Java Chews is a tobacco and nicotine-free alternative to tobacco chew with a caffeine lift. It has the delicious flavors of coffee, from the sweet and bold flavor of Mocha to the fresh tingle of Winter Mint, with the kick of caffeine to give you that tobacco sensation. All in perfect-portion, single-serving pouches.”

The comparison to other coffee flavored products, and especially pouch coffee products, is inevitable but I’m going to review Java Chews as a stand alone product without referencing any others out there (hopefully). 

The product comes in a plastic round tin. Product is stamped “Made in the USA” and contains a “best used by” date on each can which I really appreciate. All four cans I tried were sealed tight and super fresh upon opening. 

The products themselves were very consistent from flavor to flavor so my reviews will be pretty much based on my enjoyment of that particular flavor. All versions offered good spitability with lots of dark saliva if you chose to spit. As these are coffee products you do NOT need to spit (though you can’t swallow the actual pouch). When I sample these I always go with two pouches to really make sure I’m sampling the flavor. Not necessary but I’d recommend it especially if you’d consider yourself a “bold” coffee drinker. 

Java Chews Flavored Coffee Pouches – Wintergreen

I started out with Wintergreen as I was primarily a Kodiak Wintergreen guy back in my chewing days. This was nice and had what I’d call a hint of Wintergreen flavoring but it certainly wasn’t overpowering… quite the contrary. I would have preferred more wintergreen flavoring. In retrospect this was probably my least favorite of the bunch.

Java Chews Flavored Coffee Pouches – French Vanilla

There are a couple of Vanilla products out there but nothing that I’d consider a French Vanilla. This one was better than the Wintergreen and it reminded me of a nice and inviting cup of coffee that you’d get walking into a small coffee shop not named Starbucks. A warm vanilla flavor to this one that lasted well after I actually took the pouch out of my mouth. 

Java Chews Flavored Coffee Pouches – Caramel Flavor

BAM. Java Chews just hit their stride in a big bad way. From the get go this one was different and it really packed a punch flavor wise. The caramel flavoring came through huge here and vaulted this one to the top of the list. 

Java Chews Flavored Coffee Pouches – Mocha Flavor

If caramel was my favorite, mocha was a close second. Outstanding flavor here as well but with a hint of chocolate too. Definitely ended my tasting on a high note with these last two flavors.

Java Chews Flavored Coffee Pouches – Ingredients

You can find ingredients for all flavors of Java Chews Flavored Coffee Pouches here.

Java Chews – Thoughts & Recommendation

Java Chews are coffee products, so as you can imagine, they taste like coffee. If you’re not a coffee fan you’re going to have a hard time enjoying these but if you are I’d absolutely recommend giving them a try.

Java Chews can be found on the web at, on Facebook /JavaChews or on Twitter @Javachews. They offer “starter packs” in quantities of 4 ($15.96), 8 ($31.92), 12 ($43.99) or 24 ($84.99) or you can get single flavors in the same quantities and pricing. Special thanks to Eric at Java Chews for providing samples for me to try and review.  

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Have you tried Java Chews Flavored Coffee Pouches yet? Let us know what you think!

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  1. I tried Java & I ‘ve come to realization that these coffee products just aren’t made to last. Same exact review as Grinds. Tastes great, 5 or 10 mins in you’re basically sucking on a flavorless bag of coffee grounds. Good effort, bit ‘ill stick with Teaza.

  2. Friend of mine had Grinds and so I went to the local tobacco store to get some. They had Java Chew instead so I am trying it now. The French Vanilla seems to have lots of flavor and I also bought the Carmel and Mocha. This is a great product for me because I can’t have coffee at work and currently working 60+ hours along with two college courses. I foresee lots of enjoyment from Java Chews going forward. Very good stuff!!

  3. I’ve tried both java chews and grinds coffee pouches. Two different styles of flavors. Both are good flavors. It comes down to your preference. If you want more of a sweet taste, then Grinds is your best bet. If you want a more smooth subtle twist, then java is your go to. I’ve never liked putting down one brand for the other. The taste will eventually run out on both products and honestly if one lasts a few minutes longer than the other, it’s no big of a deal. I’ll just put another pouch in my mouth or take a sip of water. Yes, Grinds is the original chewing tobacco alternative and they have a better story as to why they came out with it and java decided to just prototype grinds and sell it, but both products are great. It just comes down to your preference in taste. To be honest I like mixing both in my mouth. I’ll put Java’s caramel and grinds mocha in my mouth at once. There’s room for everyone and both companies have good intentions, which is to have people stop dipping….

    Oh, and I heard from a local tobacco store that another company based out of Florida is coming out with a product like Grinds and Java in 2018. Supposedly they will get it end of Jan. Can’t wait to see how that will taste…

  4. Chewie, I have to go there, sorry….. I sampled Grinds a few yrs back, flavor was good but gone way too quick which meant an epic fail in my book. Does the flavor of these last longer Grinds or if you don’t recall, how long did the flavor of these last? I’m still an avid Teaza fan but always looking to try something new. Thanks.

    1. No problem Dan…

      I can’t recall exactly how long Grinds lasted as it’s been a while, but I can say that Java Chews lasted a good long time. I always use two (or three) pouches when I test these and I’d say these lasted a good 20 – 30 minutes with full flavor. Grinds might be more “robust” in general across their flavors but these were really quite good.

      Caramel and Mocha were the two stand outs here if you’re looking to sample them. I’d steer you away from Wintergreen as there are far better Wintergreen alternatives out there, even when you’re just looking at coffee wintergreens.

  5. Thank you for the review! We will keep striving to make our product even better. You can expect 1 new flavor of Java Chews after the 1st of the year.
    John Stearns
    Java Chews

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