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Long Ball Round Tripper Red Licorice Review

Back in August I reviewed a new product called Long Ball Black Licorice. Long Ball is a new candy licorice made in Australia, created by Andre Chiavelli and is exclusively licensed by the Babe Ruth Family. I’m back tonight with a review of another flavor from Long Ball – Round Tripper Red Licorice.

As I said in my original Long Ball review, there has been a large gap in the alternative market for folks who liked long leaf or plug products. I’m pumped to see yet another great tasting alternative for those folks.

Long Ball Licorice can be purchased on their website and  carries a SRP of $5.95 per each 3.75 ounce pouch of the candy. You can also purchase a box (8 x 3.5 oz pouches) for $44 or a case (10 boxes) for $375). In addition to their site it is scheduled to be placed in major league ballparks as well as select candy stores.

Long Ball Round Tripper Red Licorice Review

With my black licorice review I got a sample pack prior to production so I hadn’t seen the final packaging. This time I got the full retail packaging and was absolutely blown away. The pouch is great and really gives you that feeling of a traditional long leaf pouch in your back pocket. Pouch contains nutrition facts (it’s a food product after all) and ingredients (below). I’m going to repeat much of what I wrote during my black licorice review for this red licorice review.

This is pretty straight forward. It’s red raspberry licorice in a plug. Rip or bite off a piece and pop it in. It’s a food grade product so you don’t need to spit but if you choose to you’ll get a ton of saliva. If you’re like me though, you won’t want to be spitting cause this stuff tastes AMAZING! If I was blown away byt the packaging here I’ve got a tough time saying how great this stuff tastes. I spose you could say, to use an analogy from the baseball world, that they knocked it out of the park.

This works REALLY well if you just sort of “park” your chew in your mouth. I wasn’t a big long leaf user but when I was that’s exactly what I did. I didn’t really “chew” it as much as I parked it. That being said, this lasts a good long while. No cleanup to speak of as you’ve consumed it and it’s gone. The biggest problem I had was I wanted to eat the whole plug rather than chew on it. Will definitely be getting some more of this. Strong recommend.

Long Ball Round Tripper Red Licorice Ingredients

Glucose Syrup (wheat), Sugar, Flour (gluten), Water, Vegetable Oil, Licorice Extract, Natural Rasperry Flavor, Artificial Color (FD&C Red #40), Mono and Diglycerides (emulsifier), Vegetable Oil (Palm) and Carnauba Wax (glazing agents)

Long Ball Licorice can be found at the following locations. Special thanks to Andre for providing a sample for me to try and review.

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