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Mattyb 2.0

2 Ball Billiards - Mattyb 2.0

Perfect time I believe for my HOF Speech 2.0 I had my first attempt at quitting on October 23 2017 where I roamed the halls of KTC for well over 1000 days and never missed posting a day! I was super active and proud to be quit. Today I am sitting at 129 days clean of nicotine because obviously I caved. When I hit 100 days this time around I wasn’t so worried about how I got here but how would I navigate the rest of my quit. Little back ground before I get into the meat! I stepped away from KTC at 1000 ish days and did it on my own for another 500ish days BUT as she does the nic bitch kept lurking. It started with a couple cigars and then a drunken night and a buddy I hung out with many times but that night was the night I decided to grab a chew from him. It spiraled from there. This just goes to show we are NEVER cured!! NEVER!! I want this HOF speech to go to the guys who are at 100 days and beyond. The guys that think they have it figured out.

I reached out to some quitters I knew in my first attempt and wanted to get their perspective as that is what us that have hit 100 days needs. What keeps these guys in the 1000’s still posting every day?

From @blumanchew My biggest motivator to WUPP is to stay quit. I mean, I myself don’t want to end up a fucktard retread. I take pride in knowing that I have not caved since i posted day 1 – about 6-1/2 years ago. So why I still post? It’s a habit. I mostly post within the first couple of minutes of waking up. So, the 1st thing I do In a day is take dip off the table.

From @kodiakdeath My biggest motivator for continuing to post roll every day for 2268 days is that it’s an easy way to protect my quit. I’m a man of my word, and when I make a promise I keep it. That’s why KTC was a perfect fit to help me quit. When I see people caving after 1000+ days I know I made the right decision to keep posting roll. It only takes about 1 minute of my day. Of course I’m much more active here than just posting roll, and that’s because 1) I want to pay it forward for other quitters (KTC still seems like a miracle to me), 2) helping other quitters really strengthens my own quit, and 3) it’s my main volunteering outlet in life. If I’m gonna volunteer, helping people get off nicotine is a worthy thing to do!

From @skovikings I still post because I know exactly what would happen if I didn’t. I would drift away and forget about all the shit I went through. It would start with a cigarette, and I would be balls-deep in a can within a week. It is a small price to pay for Freedom. Never Again For ANY Reason

These are dudes I respect and dammit if I kept to posting edd like them I would be right there with them!

So I’ll leave you with the Knowledge from some legends and know that they all hit the nail on the head. If we don’t do what got us to this point EDD and WUPP we will be right back here posting a day one again!!

Don’t be a dumbass like me, rather listen to the experiences I’ve been through! Hope this helps someone in the future!

NOTE: This piece written by Kill The Can community member MattyB

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Snuffy72 (Terri)
Snuffy72 (Terri)
20 days ago

@mattyB way to go brother! Outstanding job on your speech and truly wise insight. I’ve heard some say they want to quit posting EDD because they don’t want to think about dip every day. I know I need to think about it a little every day to help remember why I quit and why I don’t want to go back. At this stage at 263 days the WUPP is the key. I will keep my promise. PTBQWY!

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