2022 HOF Speeches

My Best Friend Nicotine!

Best Friends

Where do I start, I randomly came across KTC when I was searching for ways on the internet to help me quit. I first made a post on the forum a couple days after i had my scary bout with nicotine overdose.

HERE WE GO! One day in the beginning of February I had just got done pulling a double shift, and I must say I was dipping like a mad man. I went through about 2 cans in 15 hours on this day, and when I got home it hit me like a freight train. My heart was racing ended up in the emergency room with a heart rate of 130 sweating weak, at this point I knew what I had to do. I changed my lifestyle for my family and for me the scariest part is the not knowing or what damage you have done to your body. The dip dreams the Anxiety I dealt with was like no other, the doctors appointments to get my body right again. The dentist was one of my biggest fears but I cleared that with help of the MoMs.

I just wanna say how much this group has helped me out. It gives me the sense of well being knowing all my brothers have quit with me and I’m proud of everybody.

NOW WE GET OUR LIFES BACK WITH OUT THAT DRUG WE CALL “NICOTINE” Thank you to everyone and keep posting roll!!

STINKYY May 2022 with the MoMs

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan community member STINKYY

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