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Never Too Late… For a Lot of Things!

Shagaroo avatarLast things first…

I have known about this community for a long time. Passed by it a couple times in the past, even used it before I quit to find information on the latest tobacco free dips out on the market. Never thought much of the whole quit groups, accountability stuff. Then day 95 hit… Meant a lot to be welcomed in without a second glance on day 95 as if I had been here since day 1. Meant even more to have the words of encouragement, offers of phone numbers if I hit a crisis situation, or just wanted to gab, and the HOF letters to have something to look forward to after I passed through the funk. Thank you seems insufficient, but it’s all I have. So, I offer many of them to everyone.

I started dipping off and on when I was 14. Easy to hide, all my friends did it, didn’t smell funky on my clothes. When I hit 18 and headed off into the world on my own cigarettes became my addiction. I smoked for years until my wife got pregnant. Thinking I was some kinda genius I figured I would just switch over to dipping and everything would be cool and it wouldn’t bother her or the baby. That was around 16 years ago I have regretted that situation for about 14 of those years. Not that I hated dipping, I love it, but I knew the monster had me and wasn’t letting go. Didn’t help that my wife’s uncle works for a subsidiary of American Snuff. Free Grizzly/Kodiak by the case fellas.

But thankfully, my desire to be smart finally outweighed my desire to be a dumbass and it was time to quit. Today, I am clean. I beat that nicotine bitch and I plan to keep it that way!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Shagaroo

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