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flash avatarAt 1,000 days, I don’t rant like I used to, but Flash has something on his mind and there’s just not enough room for all seven of us in there.  To this day, I still get sick and tired of all the sick and tired excuses I hear from you lame-ass cavers.  You lay blame on everything from drinking, stress, jobs, depression, yadda, yadda, blah, fucking blah.

Guess what dipshits?  It was none of those.  We’ve heard them all and the only thing you can blame is yourself.  If you even begin to try to blame it on anything other than yourself, I will make you my personal hand puppet.  Don’t get me wrong, I was one of you.  I failed so many times because I didn’t have the tools, methods and people of this site to set me straight.  Once I arrived though, I have been quit.

It has not been easy either. It sucked at times.  But I had sheer determination, support of this site and knew that the only way I would fail would be to fail myself.  Even today, the coveted comma day to celebrate, I am coming off the worst stomach virus I’ve ever had.  Now my wife comes down with it and last night was hell all over again.  Then, this morning, by sewer lines back up and I can’t flush a toilet or run water.  That’s unacceptable when you gotta shit!

I had to hit the ground running, powering through the pain, the stress, the sickness and shitter water backing up everywhere to run get what I needed and clean out the pipes in a hurry.  Fortunately, neither of us shit on anything in the process.  Guess what?  I stayed quit, no matter what, no excuses.

Listen to Flash!  Your pain, stress, whatever, is never the worst.  There’s always someone who has it worse than you and is still determined to stay quit.  There is someone on this site that I proudly call my quit brother.  He lost his mother yesterday.  That is way worse than anything I’m going through.  Yet, is he not only quit, he sent me a PM this morning, congratulating me on my comma.

That is sheer determination and what brotherhood is all about.  It brought a tear to Flash and awoke the fire.  So all you cavers can keep your lame excuses.  They have no place here and I don’t want to hear them.  You determine if you are going to make it, not your excuses.  Get on board with the program or fuck off.

NOTE: This piece written by forum member flashman

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