Quit Caroling With Flash

This little piece of brilliance showed up on the forums the other day courtesy flashman… awesome!

Winter Wonderland

Sung to the tune of Winter Wonderland

Newbies post, scared as hell
Is this cancer? I can’t tell
We’re happy tonight,
That we got this site.
Posting up on Kill The Can dot Org.

Gone away is the nic bitch,
Here to stay is a real quit.
She sings a love song,
And teases your dong,
Posting up on Kill The Can dot Org.

From the closet we pull out our hunting jacket,
Then find an old can of worm dirt.

She’ll say: Don’t you want just one dip?
We’ll say: Get lost,
But you can kiss my ass,
When we flush it down the crapper.

Every day, we’ll swear,
Not to touch, that nasty bear.
And face unafraid,
The quit plans we’ve made
Posting up on Kill The Can dot Org.

In the chat room we can help each other,
And convince newbs to kill the can.
We’ll even laugh at our quit brothers,
If their rage, they can’t contain.

When you reach Hall, ain’t it thrilling,
But that ain’t all, if you are willing.
We’ll pay it forward today, the KTC way
Posting up on Kill The Can dot Org.

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