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Twas The Night Before Quitmas

This little piece of brilliance was posted to our Discord Server by countryboy23116 (November 22). Twas The Night Before Christmas is a classic and countryboy put an amazing KTC spin on it.

The Night Before Quitmas

Twas The Night Before Quitmas

Twas the night before Quitmas
And all through the forums,
Not a quitter was dipping
All was a quorum

The promises posted in channels with care
With hopes that sir @Chewie (Oct 06) soon would be there
The Hoffers were snuggled all up in their beds
While newbies fought new quits all up in their heads
Where @Chick (July 15) and the commas alight in the channels
Had just logged out in their christmas new flannels

When all of a sudden, posts became chatter
As a brother needs someone’s quick words to matter
Away to the “Urgent”, we flew like a flash
To keep from letting the Nic get his cash

“Not today”, “never again”, “we’re in this together”,
“Just keep it up now until it starts to get better”
“One day, one hour, a second will do”,
“Whatever it takes for you to push through”

Alas as it passes and the quitter can rest
One more addict has passed their nicotine test
Tomorrow’s a new day, new problems to solve
But tonight we stay quit…that’s our resolve

So as Santa begins his sleigh ride tonight
And we sunset another day without nicotine’s sleight,
From the Nutjobs and quitters at all stages in fight
Merry Quitmas to all
And to all a good fight

Merry Christmas yall

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