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Quittin’ as a Youngin’

Quittin' as a Youngin' - KTC Logo Blue NewReaching Day 100 because of KTC.

The journey doesn’t stop now. Thanks to Dweirick and Supple and many others for your help early in my quit.

Quittin’ as a Youngin’

Believe it or not, as a 19 year old who just started college, I tried on multiple occasions to earn my freedom. Without KTC and many friends who chew, it was not an easy route for me. I figured I was capable of quitting on my own, bullshit. KTC is my biggest support in kicking the nic bitch. One of my biggest motives was knowing that I met numerous quitters who dipped for over 20 years, as only a 6 year dipper (yes I started in middle school) I did not face the extreme challenges they went through.

I am beyond grateful to have KTC, the support and brotherhood from it. Without you guys I would not have made the smartest decision in my life to quit before college. I refused to fall into the “I’ll quit after college” trap.

Keep on quitting you badasses.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Kujo.90

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