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The Upside Down Pyramid

Upside Down PyramidTo all my brothers and sisters, and fellow quitters, fallen, lost, struggling, or otherwise:

When one of you fuckers cave it’s like pulling out the keystone of an upside down pyramid. The whole son-of-a-bitch, weakens, loosens, and shudders on the brink of collapse. No bullshit! Each and every one of you quittin’ bastards is a vital part of this greater thing we call a brotherhood, a family. Every single cave resonates throughout the whole site and affects everyone on it. From those struggling with the first few days and weeks, to those who have walked many miles in their quits.

Think about this shit before you shove your heads up your asses and do something stupid that’s not even worth the time, effort, or benefits you in any way.

The Quit Pyramid

It is a slippery and crumbling slope upon which we trudge forward upon to reach our goals. No mutherfucker has the right to knock our weary legs out from under us. Every damned cave adds just another stone to our packs and makes our load just a bit heavier as we hunker down and rise up, gather our strength, and muster up enough courage to carry on. We carry a heavy load as it is. How much more can we burden? Think about it. Think about your quit brothers and sisters who help you up the mountain. Is it worth dragging them down with you? Wrap your nicotine scarred minds around this concept. Drill it deep into your thick skulls, and keep your fucking ass clean. There is no excuse, no reason, and no reprise. There is only faithfulness and accountability to the brotherhood, and even more importantly to yourself.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member QuittinTime

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