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Reject the Liquid Alkaloid – Nicotine

ajax avatarI like the words genuine, authentic and reality – I will get back to this.

What does a certain liquid alkaloid or the nic bitch do once administered to our bodies? Well it travels in the blood to the brain, crosses the blood brain barrier and starts screwing stuff up.

How about some science, from a layman, that I find interesting?

In our brains we have neurons which send and receive information, we have synapse where two neurons meet and there are also neurotransmitters – the physical part that transfers between the neurons. Throw in some likeness here if you want, two hockey players (neurons), ice rink (synapse), puck (neurotransmitter), you get the idea.

Our bodies create neurotransmitters via stimulation from our environment or we can add them and fake our brains out. The counterfeit way in this case is nicotine where it becomes the neurotransmitter and creates certain types of pathways in our brains. The pathways that nicotine creates causes things like better concentration, release of adrenaline, alertness, relaxation and vigor all at the same time. Other pathways created called reward pathways are where we really get into trouble. These are the ones that tell us we need food, we need water and we need sex. You will notice that all of these are needed to survive or our human race to survive. Bad news if our bodies get to the point that we think and feel as though we need a big ol’ wad of chew to survive. Addiction feels a lot like that.

Fortunately, we get to choose to use the counterfeit neurotransmitter nicotine to achieve all the good things listed above or choose healthy alternatives to allow our brains to function the way it was designed. Do not for a minute think that you should continue using. Nicotine by itself is used as a pesticide and it is poisonous to our bodies and in a large enough doses it will kill you. In small doses like the wads of sh*t we used to put in our mouth will get you hooked and the other ingredients will KILL YOU. Stop it.

The entire killthecan lingo about fog, nic bitches, short tempers, cravings, etc. is all true and has some solid science to back it up. For me the site has given the practical “put one foot in front of the other” weaponry to do battle against the science and psychology going on in my body.

It is so simple it sounds stupid, but do these three things. 1. For 100 days sign in each day and focus only on that days quit. Do this for you and if you do not need it do it for you quit group, it just helps. 2. Get two cell numbers and give yours to two people to text when you need that extra push. 3. Once you get on your feet make it your goal to help at least one other person quit killing themselves with chew.

I missed two days signing in. I will not make excuses as there are none, I simply forgot. I take this as a good sign though, as I forgot I chewed a good thing even if it is just a day here or there. My two numbers Cubs and Husky a special thank you guys. The guy who made it his goal to help another (me), the great NMC a super special thanks. He saved my life and he did nothing more than push me on chat a few times, pm’d a dozen times or so and mostly – cared.

To the July 2009 team. Thank you. You have been a blessing. As I said before, sign in 100 days, most of the days were for me, but some were for you because I felt an obligation to our team of outstanding quitters.

After 100 days I choose the genuine, authentic and real brain stimulation – no more of the counterfeit nicotine. One day at a time. Quit on Brothers.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member ajax

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