2014 HOF Speeches

Sh4string HOF Speech – It Seems Like a Simple Decision

Sh4string HOF Speech - It Seems Like a Simple Decision100 days: Sh4string

Looking back it seems like such a simple decision. Choose life, health, and family over a poisonous weed. However, the addiction is very good at lying and making you lie to yourself. I’ll quit when x, happens, only to put it off until y happens. Suddenly I awaken at 44 years old still chained to this disgusting, ridiculous habit. I can’t do this anymore, it’s stupid and dangerous….. But what will life be without it? I begin mourning in the early stages of my quit like a family member has died. Then I find KTC, start reading everything, decide I want into this quitting brotherhood, I want to be free like I see so many others free. I realize as I am welcomed with open arms what I wonderful thing it is to meet these people. What it means to be accountable to folks who share the same addiction as I. To feel like I am on a team, where we are all fighting for the same goal whether it is day 1 or day 1000. To find the chat room, where there seems to be someone there to talk to in the darkest times, and live in there. To share stories and laughs, highs and lows with others that know my pain. Suddenly I’m pissed at nicotine, pissed at dip, waking up to the horror that is nicotine addiction. I’m fighting mad, and it’s on nic bitch. I learn more and more from the vets here, and try to help newer quitters find their way. I know I could NEVER let those that have helped me down by caving….you are all my brothers and sisters and I will be accountable to you! I know this battle is over but the war will go on for me. I will continue my privilege of posting roll, hanging in chat, and being ever vigilant to protect my quit. To EVERY one of you that has helped me, posted with me, and fought this addiction with me, I cannot thank you enough. It is on to 200 days ODAAT!!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member sh4string

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