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BigSlim avatarI started my nicotine addiction at 16 years old like most of you. Growing up in a small town you see most of your friends and family are nicotine addicts. Looking back my father and Uncles all chew/chewed tobacco which showed in my eyes as the acceptable thing to do. Over the years I had several stoppages and back in 2010 I used KTC and failed on my own after I stopped posting roll after 100 days. Looking back, I realize that I was not ready to quit for myself but was merely trying to appease my wife, that I was young and immature, and I never bought into the KTC ways. Time has since gone by and we have since had the birth of two boys. I realized that I was not living up to the role model that I should be by not breaking the generational nicotine addiction. Seeing my children spitting into the trash can and into bottles because Dad does makes you come to a realization that something needs to change. 

On December 27, 2017 I feel that I hit my rock bottom. My mouth was sore to the point that I did not have a place to put a chew if I wanted. The addict part of me told myself that I had to stop chewing for a few days to give my mouth time to heal enough to catch my next fix. But the rational part of me said something needed to change or I would not make it another 16 years with my current nicotine habit. Though today I may have reached my first 100 days quit I realize that this is just the path to the start of my next 100 days. I know now more than ever I am just one chew away from another can a day addiction and that I can never have just one.

I would like to thank rewire and Addict#1111 for being on the chat the first few nights of my quit, I would like to thank Samrs, Big Red, Gottadoit for the daily texts. Big shout out to Mike08 for keeping my quit strong and getting me through the first few weeks and Critrocket for keeping tabs on me when I didn’t post on time. Lastly, I could never thank all of the April 18 Kings and Queen of Quit enough for the help and support, I look forward to reading the posts and seeing you each on roll daily. Though the last 100 days have been a great stepping stone you will continue to have my word to use the tools I learned to stay quit for each minute, hour, and day. 

NOTE: This piece written by forum member BigSlim

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