Smoking in College: The Concern

Smoking is deeply integrated into our culture. For example, all adults can purchase cigarettes in any store hassle-free. Moreover, even small kids know that people light sticks and consume the smoke. Consequently, a lot of undergraduates have tried to smoke at least once in their lives. According to the researchers, half of the undergraduates smoked cigarettes at least once a day.

Roughly 11% of students currently smoke every day. Almost 7% are active smokers. Even though those may seem like small percentages, there’s still a huge problem. The government and colleges fight this trend. Unfortunately, manufacturers want to increase their profits. They spend a lot of money on advertising and developing new products that will attract new customers. Let’s take a deep dive into the problem and review both sides.

Smoking in College
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Reasons Why Students Smoke

To understand the problem, we need to discover why learners buy their first cigarette packs and start smoking. According to surveys, most undergraduates gave them a try to satisfy their curiosity. However, a lot of them get used to consuming nicotine. They tend to spend spare money on cigarettes instead of getting essay help online to simplify their students’ lives. In most cases, the addiction to cigarettes is caused by other reasons. Family members usually influence undergraduates who smoke actively. If someone in a family smokes, there are high chances that kids will follow the example when they grow up. When family and society appreciate such behavior, it turns into an addiction. Lower-class students tend to smoke tobacco with more regularity.

Nevertheless, there are also a lot of other reasons that force students to smoke. Many undergraduates report that smoking helps them cope with stress. Some of them find tobacco as a tool to lower the level of anxiety. In some cases, students use smoking to lose weight. They are convinced that regular tobacco consumption helps promote weight loss.

There is the category of social smokers. They use smoking as an instrument to make new friends to fit in with a group. Such people smoke only during breaks, in a company, or when they visit particular events. Notwithstanding, they often lose their time and get no profits. Consequently, they have to pay for essays to maintain high GPAs.

Disadvantages of Smoking for College Students

It’s a well-known fact that nicotine intake brings more harm than any possible benefits. First of all, nicotine is addictive. Because of this, many people feel that they cannot quit. For instance, those who consume tobacco to cope with stress will feel extremely anxious when they stop doing it. Undergraduates who used cigarettes to manage their weight start gaining weight after quitting regular nicotine intake.

Smoking has a huge negative effect on health. Even those students who use the nursing essay writing service constantly, know-how tobacco affects the body. Regular nicotine intake increases the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer significantly. This habit can also cause erectile dysfunction, blindness, and diabetes. In some cases, it promotes gum cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and hip fractures.

Best Ways To Quit Smoking

These days, nicotine intake among students is a huge problem that most colleges fight. However, addictiveness is the main reason why active smokers cannot quit smoking fast and easily. In case you want to stop consuming nicotine, you should have a strong desire to do so. When you stop smoking, you may experience the following symptoms: nausea, headaches, irritability, etc. Therefore, you need to be ready to fight your desire to light a cigarette and intake a dose of nicotine.

Feel free to use some applications that help get rid of the habit of consuming cigarettes. They will provide you with useful information and will help track your progress. Nevertheless, the best way to quit smoking is to join a smoke-free program. Experienced instructors will help you to overcome most of the challenges you may face. Also, you will get support from other participants and will track your progress publicly.

Wrapping Up

According to the statistics, smoking costs more lives than all armed conflicts, car accidents, drug, and alcohol use every year. Cigarettes are painless bullets that kill slowly. Unfortunately, your chances of dealing with an acute diseases rise dramatically if you smoke regularly. Tobacco manufacturers omit these facts when they promote smoking among students. They study their behavior patterns thoroughly to convince learners to start using nicotine early and often. It can help the companies acquire new customers who will replace the old ones to keep their profits. After all, young people can become loyal customers in the future. Consequently, they develop new gadgets for smoking that may attract students and make them active smokers and loyal clients.

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