KTC Forum Goes 10,000 Strong!


If you’ve following along here on the blog or on our Facebook page, you know that we’ve been inching toward a big milestone on our forums.  I’m happy to announce that on November, 30th at 11:19 PM, forum member Kylecina joined our merry bunch… and became the 10,000th member of … Continue reading

So Much To Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving Peanuts

I’m sitting here on the day after the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend and I realize that I never  put into words this year all that I’ve got to be thankful for.  Bear with me… this will come back around to being on topic for the site. First and foremost, I’m … Continue reading

Celebrate 5 Years of KillTheCan.org

5 Years Old

On November 20th of this year, KillTheCan.org will celebrate its 5th anniversary!  As we come up on 5 years we’re nearing the 10,000 member mark and the 1,250,000 post mark on our forums.  As we always do, we’ll invite our members to participate in the one-day-only site wide roll call … Continue reading

10K In 5… Can We Make It?

10k members

As you may have seen, the forums crossed the 9,000 member mark back in August.  If you know your KTC history, you know that November 20th is the day we celebrate the “birth” of KillTheCan.org.  This year, the site turns 5 and as I was reviewing the stats I thought … Continue reading

Marching Toward 10K


The forum hit 9,000 members yesterday (8.9.2011) when user catherine01 registered.  In a previous post (when we cracked 8,000) I mentioned how cool it would be to get 1,000 new quitters registered within one Hall of Fame cycle (100 days).  We didn’t quite get there, but once again we were VERY … Continue reading