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10K In 5… Can We Make It?

10k membersAs you may have seen, the forums crossed the 9,000 member mark back in August.  If you know your KTC history, you know that November 20th is the day we celebrate the “birth” of  This year, the site turns 5 and as I was reviewing the stats I thought it would be SUPER cool if we could get to 10,000 members before our 5th anniversary.  Can we do it?

As I write this post, we sit at 9,218 members.  November 20th is 75 days from today.  So we’ve got 75 days to get 782 members.  This is a bit faster than our typical growth rate recently but I think we can do it.

If you’re not already, share the site!  Let people know about your quit and how much you’ve accomplished!  We’re on Facebook and Twitter.  We’ve got business cards and promotional material that you can print out and distribute if you’re so inclined.  Let’s get it done!!!

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