There Are No Excuses

There Are No Excuses

The Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians will play game one of the World Series this evening in Cleveland. Let me say that again… The Chicago Cubs… and the Cleveland Indians are in the World Series. If THIS can happen anything is possible. You CAN quit dipping. Stop making excuses. … Continue reading

Why The Rough Treatment?

Screaming Yelling Support

The following question was asked in our forums: There’s something that I don’t understand about this site. How is everyone all supportive of someone until they fail? Isn’t that when they are going to need your support the most? It’s naive to think that every single person who posts roll … Continue reading

NBC’s Biggest Loser – Short Cuts Galore

The Biggest Loser

One of NBC’s most popular show is called The Biggest Loser.  If you’re not familiar with the show, contestants go on and go through a “boot camp” like program in order to lose weight.  During last week’s show one of the contestants, Mike Messina, was shown to be a nicotine … Continue reading