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Finding Your Quit In 2013

2013 ChangeI wrote a post last year called Finding Your Quit In 2012 where I looked at the various ways people found during the year.  I’m always interested to hear how people find us and which particular property they find first.  Our quit forums are now up over 17,000 (and growing FAST!), the main site and blog got a new look in 2013, our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) are going gangbusters and we’ve got some AMAZING things coming up in 2014.

All of that being said, the #1 way people find a property on the web is through an Internet search.  Being the web geek that I am, I’m always looking through web analytics and when we start a new year it’s a great time to take a peek.

Top 10 phrases that people used to find the main site ( in 2013:

  1. kill the can
  2. killthecan
  3. how to quit dipping
  4. how to quit chewing tobacco
  5. copenhagen flavors
  6. quit chewing tobacco
  8. quitting chewing tobacco
  9. quit dipping
  10. chewing tobacco brands

Pretty standard stuff here.  The ones that stand out to me are the fact that people are looking for Copenhagen flavors and running across a quit dipping site.  I LOVE IT!!!  They may not have been looking to quit, but perhaps that little bit of exposure to the concept of putting down the can for good is the nudge they need.

Top 10 phrases that people used to find the forums ( in 2013:

  1. kill the can
  2. killthecan
  3. kill the can forum
  4. copenhatin
  6. toetag
  7. tabasco
  8. ph
  9. jhm
  10. enragedthor

There’s always some interesting results here.  This is partly due to the fact that our forums just have SO much content on them (nearly 2.5 million posts).  I’m seeing a few usernames here which is interesting for sure.

Top 10 phrases that people used to find this blog ( in 2013:

  1. grinds coffee pouches review
  2. jake’s mint chew review
  3. grinds coffee pouches
  4. fake dip
  5. grinds review
  6. hooch snuff
  7. jake’s mint chew
  8. jakes mint chew
  9. grinds pouches review
  10. jake’s mint chew reviews

This blog certainly has become a HUGE resource for people looking for fake dip reviews.  ALL 10 of the top 10 results were searches for fake dip.  In fact, you have to go all the way to number 31 before you get a non fake dip term (Nick Swisher in case you’re interested).  Also of note is that 4 out of the top 10 terms are for my Grinds Review that I did.  I’m guessing this is partially due to the fact that the Grinds guys were on ABC’s Shark Tank last year (and got a deal!)

As I’ve said in the past, I didn’t necessarily intend for this to be the best fake dip review site on the web, but I certainly LOVE trying and reviewing the products.  If you’ve got a product that you’d like me to review please contact me and I’ll take care of it!

How did you find  Happy New Year quitters!!!

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rick diamond (@journeyingrick)

It’s been just over 2 years now so I don’t remember the exact search I typed, but I had just had a birthday and was sick of being addicted and I just went online looking for how to quit dipping and using tobacco. Maybe I typed in “quit dipping” or “stop snuff” or “quit Copenhagen.” But after a few ads about non-tobacco snuff – which were also helpful – I found ktc and I’m 737 days quit today and very grateful.

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