2019 HOF Speeches

Thanks To All

After 30 + years of an affair with nicotine I am finally done!  I use the word affair, because the last two years of my addiction was hidden from my family, and I was living a lie being a ninja.  It was with the help of God, the KTC site, the brotherhood that was created, and my family, that I am now embarking on my path to the second floor.  Throughout this journey, some of which (most of December) I do not recall due to a foggy brain, difficulty sleeping, 4 “dip dreams”, and being scared for my life, I am somewhere I never thought I would be, 114 days quit.  Somewhere in KTC all of these items were described and even forewarned.  I was flying solo in my quit for over 30 days and after I googled some of my symptoms (heartburn, sore throat, etc.) I found KTC and reluctantly joined. I was welcomed into the group immediately which made it easier to give out digits and start communication with these BAQ’s daily, even if it is through text and the site mostly. It is amazing how complete strangers that are battling a common enemy can become so close.  Making the daily promise that you will not use nicotine for the next 24 hours by posting roll makes this process doable.  When you post roll, you are not only making that promise to yourself, but to all your quit brothers and sisters as well.  24 hours is really a short amount of time but when the nic bitch gets a hold of you it can seem like an eternity.  A minute does not seem long until you are holding your breath. This is when KTC and your brotherhood kick in and give support and hold you accountable.  I would like to thank:  Allpuck, Jeff G., Chris2Alaska, RDB, Phill, OBB, Andy, ES, Mayfly, Judge, Redneb, Sand 44, JamesP and all the quitters that use this site for helping me with my quit.   I truly apologize if I missed anybody. Without you guys I doubt I would be where I am at.  I also hope this was not a 1-way street and that I reciprocated the support and accountability to you all as well.

After poisoning my body for so long I know it will take time to recover completely, but at least I am on the right road.  Because of this quit and KTC I now have a relationship with my dentist, my primary care, an ENT, and soon a GI doc.  I am no longer wasting money on dip but am now investing it in me, and not some dead poisonous plant.  They say that your brain blocks out hard and difficult times, but I hope that I never stop embracing the suck of this quit.  I believe that helping new quitters and reading their stories will keep how bad the suck was fresh in my mind.   100 days is done by ODAAT and is just another number, and milestones are a way to reflect on the past, celebrate the present, but also look to the future of being no longer a slave to nicotine.  Once again, I thank you all, and for all my Marchmen, see you on the second floor.  PTQWYT!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member BearNM

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