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Never Think You Can Control Nic

Never Think You Can Control NicMy nicotine addiction began when I was 15/16yrs. old in the glory years of 1978/’79. These were the times when Earl Campbell and Walt Garrison did TV commercials for Skoal and Copenhagen with the catchphrase “just a pinch between your cheek and gum”, as I recall a can of snuff went for .50 cents.

As the years rolled by I realized this addiction was not doing me any favors and would probably kill me at some point. I had developed a dippers hack and was ready to quit. So in 1992 while at work at threw a half full can of Copenhagen in the trash and that was that, so I thought.

My addiction started again in 1995. Same dumb ass story you’ve heard a thousand times, I was drunk and bummed a dip from a buddy at a party. But when I woke the next morning I was upset and scared that I would have to jump up and go the the C-store and buy a can. Turns out I didn’t have a desire to take another dip so I thought all was good again. So in 1998 with the knowledge of my 1 time “slip up” I began to bum a dip on the 18th tee box from a buddy during my weekly golf round. I was successful in this once a week strategy for about a month. Then the next stage was buy my own can and just dip on the golf course, then just dip on Saturday, then just dip on the weekends. It took about 6 months until I was dipping everyday and I didn’t stop until 11-28-18, 20 years later, which is the day I found KTC.

I will always be an addict to nicotine and will be forever in debt to KTC. There is no chance I would have been able to get through these first hundred days without the support from all those I text with on a daily basis. I’m reluctant to single anyone out because all have contributed to my quit but during those first terrible days Onebadbinder (The Quit of the Marchmen brother) and UncleRico (Vet) did more for me than they will ever know.

Thanks to all on KTC making it work ODAAT


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Stros17

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