2011 HOF Speeches

The Journey Still Begins

KTC Logo - OrangeThe journey of staying quit was not a easy task, but it is a wonderful feeling knowing that I am an addict and I will keep fighting to stay quit. My journey began on January 21, 2011. A week before I actually quit, I asked the doctor for chantix to help with my quit. I started taking the pills and on January 20, 2011 I found this website. After i posted my first post people started replying to the first one about chantix. After a couple of post, i responded to one by bean telling him i am using it as a resource and not a crutch. I kept taking chantix until day 52 when i realized that he was right, I didn’t need it anymore and i could do it without it. Ever since i have not looked back and have remain quit. I would like to thank some of the poeple who have help me through my quit. First GIG and Bronco, thank you for letting me vent and rage at you and for the fun of the bashing of each other when i needed to keep my mind away from nic. Thanks to dynasty and AN for just being there to talk to. Thank the live chat for a good resource to meet and have conversations to help you through the bad days. I like to thank all of April for the support and devotation to remind quit. My journey has been a hard one, but with one day at a time approach the journey has become to a new beginning and will help me stay Quit today. Thanks to all the veterans and to all the KTC members before and after me. You guys are the reason I have stayed Quit and will remain Quit.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member segelhoff

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