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Walking With Weights – Excellent Ways to Get More

Walking In the Clouds

Early in your quit you’ll want to find ways to keep your mind off dip and on other productive activities. Physical activity is NEVER a bad thing but it can be especially helpful to combat the weight gain that tends to accompany quitting dip. Anxiety and stress are often issues for quitters and getting a good sweat on can help there as well.

Health and fitness experts recommend walking as an easy bodyweight workout that works. Even older folks and those recovering from illnesses can walk for fitness. Fitness enthusiasts can make walking even more effective by adding weights. This adds resistance to the activity and therefore, you need more muscle activities.

Walking with weights makes it tougher to walk. There are many different ways of achieving this, such as walking with dumbbells, kettlebells, tying weights on your ankles, or performing a farmers’ walk.

Having said all of that, let us look at the variations of walking with weights and the benefits of each.

Using Hand Weights

Hand weights for walking are usually kettlebells or dumbbells. According to fitness experts, you should limit them more than 3 pounds in each hand. This will ensure, that you do not strain yourself and proper walking posture can be maintained.

Walking with hand weights improves the upper body and the core area. However, the glutes and hamstrings will benefit greatly from the resistance while walking. While walking with weights, make sure that you maintain a good grip and that the walking surface is smooth.

Farmers Walk

This is the arguably most well-known weighted walk. It is similar to walking using hand weights such as dumbbells and kettlebells but this goes a mile further; users rely on heavy weights such as barbells or other modified heavyweights. The essence is to test your strength and resilience to tough weights.

As you do the farmer’s carry, be sure to use weights that are within the range of your lifting ability to prevent injuries or straining the central nervous system. Also, consider walking for a short distance only before taking a break. Your core, upper, and lower body will be put to test at the same time. This is a common workout for athletes and bodybuilders and it becomes very effective when they use legal steroids and supplements from a reliable seller, such as the 120kgs website. You can check them out by following the link.

Wearing a Weighted Vest

Weighted vests distribute the weight across the upper body. Unlike hand weights that you carry in your hands; the vest sits well on the chest and the core area. Just like any other weight that is used for walking, it should be limited to avoid putting too much stress on your body.

Weighted vests do not compromise your walking posture and improve your balance. Both the core muscles and the lower body get more benefits than the hands and the shoulders.

High Carries

Apart from adding various weights below your waist, you can decide to make it a little tougher by carrying the weights high up. This is common at the gym where people grab a barbell, dumbbell, or any other weight and carry them high as they walk. However, you can also do this at home or in a boot camp. To avoid accidents, one should only carry weights they are comfortable with. Ensure you keep a good grip as well.

Pulling Objects with a Rope

Whether you want to pull a stationary car, truck tire, logs, or any other weight, the choice is yours. All you need to do is ensure a comfortable grip, or tie the rope around your waist. Ensure that you are pulling the right weight. It is also recommended that you wear the right shoes. This is a workout for tough men and women who want to achieve great results.

The workout targets the core area and the lower body. But if you are pulling the rope using your hands, then your hands, chest, and shoulders will be worked out as well.


Walking with weights should be included in your fitness program every week. It is one of the best ways to test your strength and you will enjoy the results.

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