2013 HOF Speeches

Yesican HOF – Taking the Training Wheels Off Life

KTC CalculatorI learned a lot during this process. I know this is only a landmark and 100 days is really the beginning, but it is a great accomplishment for me. I thought it was impossible to reach the 72 hrs it took to get the nic out of my system. With the help of KTC I reached 100 days. The most important lesson I learned was it is for me and no one else. I feel like a new man and I have no doubt I will continue to struggle, but I have come too far to ever relapse and I am to proud of myself. This is the greatest Christmas gift ever and Thank everyone involved with KTC. I am forever in debt to everyone on here and all of the stories that were identical to mine. We all have that inner strength to overcome any situation and I take this battle with me everywhere. I am in charge and when the urges come I will control them. My first 100 down and I am ready for the next 100. I feel like I took my training wheels off my life and Im ready to ride. It is also awesome to know that Ktc is always there. I am quit today and everyday after. For everyone here, we are all quit together and now I don’t have to hide it anymore. I write this after over 20 years of dipping and I know I am always an addict, but to be here today is the greatest feeling ever. Thank you KTC and for all of your warriors who tell their stories everyday I am honored to reach the HOF and beyond.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member yesican

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