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Coyboy Coffee ChewChewie says…

I’m a big fan of a cup of coffee so this one is right up my alley. Opening the solid tin (I really appreciate this as opposed to a plastic can) you get an immediate coffee smell wafting from the tin. However, this really is NOT a substitute to dip or snuff. It’s definitely more of a snus alternative when you first open the can (though it “changes” once you pop it in… more on the later). If you’re looking for something you can “pack” you’re going to be severely let down as with so much honey holding the product together it’s not necessary (or possible for the matter) – Read full review


  1. junk junk junk and too much money I can get a can of Copenhagen min everyday for under $2 and Copenhagen often sends me deals in the mail

  2. I’m not a big fan of this stuff because you can’t pack it or make it to where it will be compacted down in your lip like real dip

  3. love the flavor and taste of the cowboy chew only problem i have is that it does not stay packed in my mouth so well however the solution to that problem is chewing the major league coffee dip instead same flavor just packs better

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