Symptoms of Quitting Dip and Chew

Symptoms When Quitting NicotineQuitting dipping is not an easy thing… if you’re like most of us, when you quit you’ll go through some withdrawal symptoms… These are completely normal. That being said… if you are concerned about a particular symptom, by all means go to a doctor and get checked!!! This will help both your peace of mind and may catch something before it gets serious.

Dip Dreams – you’ve been dipping for years sometimes decades. Your brain is used to thinking a certain way with a certain amount of nic in it… once that’s taken away many people have “dip dreams”. These dreams range from mild to incredibly intense. Many times people will wake up after a dip dream and feel terrible because they really think that they caved. Many have reported that they can taste and smell the dip. Never fear… it’s only a dream.

Sores In Your Mouth (lip, tongue, cheek, etc.) – you’re done dipping… why does your mouth hurt so damn bad? You’ve got more sores in your mouth now than when you were dipping. What’s going on?!? There are a couple of explanations for this one. First, if you’re like most of us, you’ve found something to replace your dip to get you past the oral fixation (See Smokeless Alternatives). If you’re chewing seeds then there’s a TON of salt in your mouth that wasn’t there before. Also once you get dip out of your system the PH balance in your mouth is changing. Bottom line is this – get to a dentist and get checked out. But unless something stays around for more than two weeks you should be good to go.

Can’t Sleep – you’ve quit dipping and now you can’t sleep at all. Never fear, this is completely normal experience. It’ll take a while, but your sleep patterns will return to normal.

The Fog – you’re dizzy… you can’t think straight… your head hurts… you find yourself staring at your computer screen for hours on end not reading anything. Welcome to the dip fog. Your brain can’t handle the fact that you’re no longer feeding it dip. It might last just a couple of days and it might last a couple of weeks. Do not fret… once the fog lifts you’re well on your way to being dip free. Check out this article that Chewie has written about The Fog of Quitting Dip

Headaches – you might have one that brings you to your knees, or you might just have that dull thud feeling all day long — this too shall pass.

Sore Throat – If you’re a dipper and you quit you’re scared of anything that’s “off”. Why when you quit dipping do you suddenly get a sore throat? We’re not sure why but it happens more often than you’d think. Drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. This will help flush the nicotine and will help with your sore throat.

Anxiety – for years you’ve been dealing with life while medicating yourself with nicotine — it’s gone now and your body isn’t used to dealing with life without it. This condition will pass though you may want to talk to a doctor about some medication to take the edge off.

Problems “Going” – whether you know it or not, nicotine is a laxative. It’s helped keep you “regular” through all of your years of dipping. It takes some people a while to get their body adjusted to going without their natural dip laxative. Drink plenty of water and eventually this one will be “behind you”.

Hot Flashes – This one has been reported as a real doozy. Face, arms, legs, etc. can be very “warm” with some intense sweats. While this is a “symptom” it’s also been quite the trigger for some folks. Drink some water, get to the site and talk.

Depression – Many people have dipped for years or decades. Removing such an integral (though deadly) part of your life can lead to some pretty serious behavioral issues including depression. Talk to the folks on the boards as this is pretty common. As with any health issue please don’t hesitate to see a doctor as well. For more details about depression as a quitter click here.

There are a variety of other symptoms that have been attributed to quitting dip. If you don’t see yours listed, contact us and let us know about it!


  1. Im experiencing a lot of what you guys have been experiencing especially recently the anxiety part. Its like every time something feels different I jump on google and starting getting more paranoid. I think my neck is more sore from me feeling it every 10 minutes than anything else. The fog gets dense and often times just talking myself off the ledge that everything is normal and going to be OK.

    I had no idea nicotine withdraw could be this intense. As crappy as it sounds Im glad Im not alone and listening to others just reassures that quitting is possible and to Embrace the Suck.

    1. Did anyone had panicky feeling in the stomach. That the only problem I am facing since quitting for last 2 weeks

      1. Niranjan, I’m 30 days in and I still have episode of upset stomach. I think mine is from the anxiety. I think my anxiety has killed my appetite and it leaves that panicky, or butterfly feeling in my stomach.

    2. im just gonna put this out there not trying to make this political but i was a year quit bef trump and then I went back to chew. ive been in the er five times thinking im having a heart attack only to be told its panic anxiety i quit a year and now two weeks in i have jaw pain cancor sores i think im dying have appt with a shrink omg help me

      1. I know I shouldn’t but I’ll bite.

        I fail to see how your quit has anything to do with politics. What’s the correlation you’re trying to make?

  2. Did anyone still get fog and headaches a year after your quit? I’m a year and it feels like week one! I was a 30 year can a day cope guy. Thanks!

  3. Dipped for 9 years…quit 24 April. First 4-weeks, the withdrawal symptoms not so bad. However, I was in a course that took up 9 hours of the day and I would just go home and run. So my withdrawal symptoms felt mild. Then about two weeks ago, a lot of anxiety started. Went to the ER because i thought my heart was jumping out of my chest. Every test said I was fine. Anxiety comes and goes, but this week is absolutely the worse. Anyone experience this 6 weeks after quitting?

    1. Timing may have been a little different, but my reply below was at six weeks(4/19) and i’d just gone back to urgent care thinking heart attack. Anxiety was crazy, but physically I was fine as well. Muscle relaxant for tightness/spasms in my neck sending pain down my arm, and a massage, or three, really helped. Palpitations were scary, but doing your best to breathe through them and understand I wasn’t dying seemed to help until they passed. Also, my blood pressure actually went up after quitting. I wondered if that helped cause my anxiety, or if the anxiety caused the increase. Either way my MD started me on hctz to reduce my pressure. I hit 100 days last week. Still get cranky at times, but so much better than even a month ago. One day at a time.

    2. I am not at 6 weeks, but I am getting the exact same thing. I am 31 years old and have been dipping since high school. I have never had anxiety in my life, never knew what it felt like and never understood people who did….Then i quit dipping. I am on day 18 right now and the anxiety is so freaking intense and uncontrollable. The first time it hit me I thought I was having a heart attack. I also get tingly and numb feelings in my arms and fingers. You are not alone my friend, and hopefully the anxiety gets better the further out you get. Embrace the Suck!

  4. Stuart, Today is my 28 day without a dip. Been dipping for 38 years.It it normal to
    wake up in the night trembling and shakey.

  5. I quit dipping cold turkey about 2 weeks ago and the cravings just keep coming in waves. Its getting better but today I found myself biting my lip because i was at a gas station and saw the wall of dip behind the cash register. Its definitely a battle but I am determined to win. The depression that has come with quitting definitely sucks. I also find myself snapping at people for little reason. I’ll get through ot though.

  6. I am on day 2 and have some decent cravings but not as bad as I would’ve thought! I’ve only been dipping for a little over a year now but I figured I might as well quit now rather than become more addicted in the future. This is hard but I know I can do it. I just don’t want to risk cancer and have it affect the people around me.

  7. I am on day two… been sucking on peppermints. The price of a can here in Hawaii went from $5 to $7 over night.

    1. I quit cold turkey two cans a day in dec 17 2016 and it has got better but the anxiety attacks still come and go even with meds but good news today my a1c level for my dibetes was at the lowest it ever been 6.6 so quoting has helped that a lot the anxiety sucks never went through nothing like it before

    2. I’m 10 days off SNUS or whatever my buddies are dipping and having some hideous symptoms. Feel for all you guys. This IS A fight we can win! I’m a former smoker and vaper. I exchanged one bad habit for another, then another. It’s gotta stop somewhere. Stay the course brothers!

  8. Hi, I’m new to this site. I have a question. My husband quit chewing at the beginning of the year and I find he is still irritable. He is either happy or angry. Is this normal?

      1. Been dipping for 2 years and I tried quiting for a day or two and it’s really hard go to put one in and makes me feel out of it and shaky and really edgy not myself at all is this normal ?

  9. Oh the headaches. I’m at the point where if I sneeze my head feels like it’s going to explode. 17 days cold turkey. Embrace the suck

    1. Drink a crap ton of water. You don’t know it, but your sweating out more of your fluids than normal. I went through it while quitting smoking. Also, exercise a lot to help flush out your system.

  10. This site is amazing. I played baseball my whole life and started dipping when I was 16 because the older guys on the team were dipping. I am now 31, and have three kids. It has been a daily struggle for me because I want to quit for my kids sooo bad but it is soo hard. I travel a lot for work (4-6 hour car rides is regular) and that is my toughest challenge. I finally decided enough is enough and its time to get healthy. I am only on day 3 now and the withdraw symptoms are so real its unbelievable. I honestly thought I was having a heart attack last night….uncontrollable anxiety, strange pains in my neck/jaw. I am now so determined to quit, I cant fail. Being an ultra competitive person probably helps me, but like I said only day three so cant beat the chest too much yet. Just reading these posts really helped calm myself down. I appreciate all of you people and stay strong!

  11. Just quit a week ago after my throat was hurting and I got a sore on my tongue. Sore is going away but throat still hurts. Dipped for 10 years. Freaking out thinking I have mouth cancer or something. Don’t want to touch the stuff ever again.

      1. Hey everyone – quit for about 10 months then started back up. Time to focus again and this website is my reminder. Time to get to work !!

  12. Day one has been really hard. Major headace now. Is this normal? Also how do yall feel about using chew (Levi Garret ) as a tool to help quitting rhinking about getting some.

      1. I’ve been using jack links shredded beef jerky, helps with the oral fixation, and almost makes me think I’ve got dip in, I’ve been dipping for about 13 years, and am almost done with the first 24 hours, I’ve got the weird empty tasteless sensation in my mouth, but no headache or anxiety yet,, but its only day 1, I did however buy a can of dip, because logically I think having a can is better then not having a can, I’m making the decision not to open it, instead of just not having any, so for me I’m in control, and it becomes a mind game of who’s going to falter first, me or my will,

        1. That’s a very dangerous game to play Erix… and one that I’d not suggest playing. Take dip off the table as an option in your mind. It’s not about will power. What happens when you’ve had a few drinks and you get a wicked crave? That will power might go right out the window and all of the good you’ve done will go with it.

          Open that can, say goodbye and flush that shit down the toilet. In the long run you’ll be glad you did.

    1. Derek, don’t do it. The hardest part is quitting the “habit.” I put habit in quotes because you don’t know which habit is the hardest to stop. Is it the nicotine, is it the spitting in a cup, is it feeling of having something in your lip? There are so many little habits, more than just nicotine, that make the quitting tough. Fake dip isn’t going to make you lose the feeling of having something in your lip. Nor is Levi Garret. I’m a few weeks in and I have thought about all the fake stuff, but in reality it’s elongating the quitting process. You’re still looking for your can, you’re still looking for an empty bottle. You’re not getting away from the process that you need to. Good luck, brotha.

  13. I am on day 23. I quit before for a couple of years and like a jackass somehow I went back. My trigger is traveling alone. I would buy dip when I was on road trips, at least that’s how it started. Well, never again. I do not want mouth cancer. One of my friends died of mouth cancer and basically spent the last 12 years of his life having parts of his mouth, tongue and face cut off. Absolutely terrible. He did not dip, but the cancer from dipping would be the same. I am experiencing most of what ya’ll have described. I don’t really have cravings now, but I feel dizziness, and I even feel it in my eyelids if you can believe that. I just feel completely off, almost like you are hungover but didn’t drink. This site helps me as well. Thank you!

    1. Dude I feel the same way, feel like shit, and I’m even chewing the nicotene gum to help. Doesn’t seem to be doing anything. I’ve been about two weeks without a dip, thought I’d feel great but I don’t. I just keep tellin myself I’d rather go through a couple weeks of not feeling good than being eat up with cancer or 6 feet under.

  14. So I’m 5 weeks off from a 10 year nicotine habit. The only problem I have now is this weird eye symptom still that is never ending. The world shakes around me like my eyes are tremoring (more noticeable around bright lights and when I focus long distances) and also the eyeball twitch… not the eyelid, the freaking eyeball when I try and focus on an object, it’s like it moves all around it but has a hard time focusing. Went to eye doc and he said my eyes were fine. Anybody else get this kind of symptom??

    1. I’ve noticed my vision at night seems a bit degraded and it’s hard for me to focus on stuff. I haven’t noticed a twitch but after reading all these things other people have been going through, nothing surprises me. Hope it gets better.

      1. What exactly do you mean by hard to focus on stuff? It’s hard for me to focus on stuff bc my vision tends to shake a little.

        1. I mean hard to focus on anything I’m doing really. All I can think about is the pounding feeling in my chest and that causes severe anxiety which makes it worse. I went to the doctor to get checked out and they said everything was normal. I’m on day 12 and I truly feel 100% better. Drink lots of fluids and eat as healthy as possible. Exercise and do not give into the craving. I took a pinch on about day 7 of my quitting and all the symptoms started again.

        2. I had a similar symptom after 3 or 4 days quit, when I would look at something it was like it would move or shake for a few seconds and then stop, also can relate to that fog feeling, the 4th day had a layer of skin peel out of the area I used to put dip in, replace those habits with something else, pick up a new Hobby, dipped for 40 years and now 7 days cold turkey, STAY STRONG!

    2. Yeah it’s like somebody flicking a spring door stop. My biggest issue is feeling like I have the flu. I’m also getting hot flashes and headaches. Been dipping and smoking for 12 years and this is only the end of day number one for me. Stay strong everybody, I’m hoping this is the worst of it.

    3. I’m 9 months in and it’s funny that you say twitching eye. I have an eyelid that twitches since I quit, eye doctor says I’m fine. Never had it before and didn’t think there was anyway it would be connected to quitting chew. I’m also finding some of my other strange symptoms that came out of nowhere aren’t uncommon either……crazy. Good luck I’m sure it’ll go away. (20 yr chewer, healthy otherwise) FYI to others who like myself thought RedMan or pouch chew is weaker or not as strong……it cost me 4 extra years of chewing AFTER beating the can for more than a month!

  15. I’ve been quit a week now and I feel like I am going crazy feels like food stuck near my tonsils and can’t cough it up, my neck is sore, I’ve got a cough. So far I don’t have any sores or a sore throat or trouble swallowing I just want this anxiety feeling to go awat has anyone else experienced these with drawl symptoms I described?

    1. Similar one, but cant say it is withdrawal symptoms until proven.
      I have an appointment with ENT in couple of days, asked him to check whatever he can for checking the possibility of any type of Oral cancer (just to be safe).
      I will go for biopsy for some lumps appeared on tonsil and check up for sore throat, sore tonsil, burning nose and throat without any acidity / cold / etc.
      Will update you the result here.

  16. I’ve stopped using dip for about 6 days now and my anxiety is ridiculous. My chest always feels like it’s burning and it’s always uncomfortable. Always feel like I’m in some sort of daze. Is this normal? If so, how long does it last?

      1. I’ve had mouth ulcers for four days and my top back teeth have been very sore and my throat has been hurting as well. I just stopped dipping this past Saturday. Is all this normal?

    1. I’m just over 6 weeks. I’ve been to the doctor twice. Both times my anxiety and discomfort had me wondering if it was some kind of heart attack. Like you said, the anxiety was ridiculous, tightness in the muscles, twitches and spasms. Now this has been up and down for the last month, but generally improving. An occasional muscle relaxant for the spasms, and a massage recently helped quite a bit. I always imagined the cravings would be the worst part, but no real cravings. Its the anxiety I never really expected. Hang in there, talk to people who care and this too shall pass.

      1. I appreciate the feedback. This forum has been more therapeutic than the doctor visit. Thank you for all of the insight and sharing your experience.

        1. NP. This site was a huge help. Glad you found these guys earlier on than I did. Day 49 after 25 years of gutting cope and fine cut griz. I had no idea what was going on before I found it a couple weeks in. Kinda terrifying. I thought it would be like quitting smoking; cravings, days of dizziness rather than weeks, and some irritability. Thanks to Chewie, and all the others before us. The anxiety was the worst part for me, so when I saw your post I really felt for you. The first doctor I saw(ER) asked me if I’d ever had a panic attack: pulse racing, blood pressure scary high, sweating, but he told me to just keep taking nice deep breaths and 30 minutes in it had passed. Check out strategies for dealing with panic attacks if it remains an issue. Happy to say now that the dizziness is mostly gone, and anxiety with it; feeling much better this week, though the waterworks got cranked up a couple notches. Still a little slow in the mornings with some occasional insomnia. And getting plenty of fiber and pro-biotics to help…
          I’m aware these symptoms can wax and wane, but trying to be consistent with drinking plenty of water, eating right, getting some cardio. Grateful, and hopeful, the worst has passed. I’d be a much bigger basket case if not for this site and the road map it provided.

          1. Agreed. I was losing my mind before this site. I’m active duty military so the doctor visits are free and when they kept saying everything seemed normal I questioned their credentials becasue I sure as heck didn’t feel normal. I’m on day….12 I think now and most of the symptoms are gone. Cravings are still apparent but the withdrawals are almost not even noticeable. Thanks again for the information. This site and all the guys and gals here were more helpful than any overpaid doctor.

          2. Thanks for sharing Daniel, this page has been so helpful to me as well. I thought somthing was wrong as well. Untill hearing about everyone else’s anxiety after quoting. Really allowed me to relax my mind knowing it was a common issue.

  17. These comments have really helped me the last few days. Here’s my quit story and the issues I’ve faced. I’m hoping it will help someone else.

    I quit chew March 8 2017. I started when I was 18 (I’m now 26). The first three days were tough. Days 4 through 21 weren’t so bad, but I had minor anxiety, thinking what if I quit one year too late or something and now I have some oral cancer. (I noticed one of my tonsils looked a little bigger and had some white bumps). I scheduled a doctors appointment a couple weeks out to rid this minor anxiety. For the next week (week 4) my anxiety was exponentially getting worse. I had a lot of drinks at a wedding and the next day I felt extremely depressed and I felt like I was losing control. I couldn’t sleep because i couldn’t get negative thoughts out of my head. My heart felt like it was always racing.
    I finally moved my doctors appointment up. My doc looked at my tonsils and throats and he said he thought I was fine and that I most likely have tonsil stones. This helped anxiety temporarily.
    I then started reading everyone’s comments on this site. I saw that some people had the same issues that I was going through.

    If anyone else is having these withdrawal symptoms, here is my advice… try to keep a positive attitude, listen to music, talk with someone (my girlfriend helped me out a lot), don’t drink alcohol excessively, avoid caffeine for a while, get lots of sleep if you’re able, take deep breaths, balance your diet, and stay hydrated. Lastly, know that what your going through is normal and that you are not going crazy.

    Chew was always my temporary solution to stress. It only makes sense that my body would react to it differently after removing a large amount of nicotine that had been present for 7 plus years.

    My anxiety has improved the last few days. I’m starting to feel normal again. The only thing that still worries me is that those negative feelings will return some day. again, I am so thankful for this site for helping me keep my sanity.

  18. Been free of chew for 2 1/2 weeks after 22 years. Been tough and I’ve experienced almost every symptom thus far. Anyone ever have a rise in blood pressure while quitting? I was on meds before I quit hoping it would lower eventually so I can get off the meds. Thoughts? Thanks!

    1. Josh my blood pressure went up also.It went as high as 176\90.My blood pressure was always below 120/80,well below till I quit.Day 268 went for a physical and it was down to130/74.Hang in there,give yourself some time.

      1. Appreciate the reply SteveB. Mine has been fluctuating between 140-170/75-90 since quitting. I assumed it was another body correction. Staying the course…thanks again.

  19. Anybody else here try Wellbutrin (bupropion) as an aid to stop chewing? I got a script for it, and I think it has made things a bit easier this time. Last time I quit, for 13 years, I did it cold turkey without drugs, was harder, although this time is no fairy tale lol

    1. I take it for Depression and Weight Loss i also take Bloodpressure meds because the welbutrin raises ure BP so quitting Dipping was easy. My body would reject it in the forst place because of the Welbutrin Because i could barely dip for 10 mins before spitting it out… Mostly the reason i quit is I started when i was 17 im 23 now and after braces and dipping Receding Gums started happening and i got scared of what else could happen . Good luck with everyones Sobriety

  20. I’m on day two. I’ve been dipping since I was 13 years old and I’m going on 26 now. I have a baby girl who is due in July and can’t wait to meet her. I want to be able to one day see her graduate high school. I’m scared that if I don’t quit now, I’m gonna have real problems. I wake up with a dry mouth and throat often. I’m using smokey mountain and it is helping me some. I know that it’s not going to be easy but I’m committed to kicking the habit!

  21. Chewed for decades, quit once, then picked it up again as my marriage disintegrated. Am having to quit now again as I have had neck fusion surgery. I’m staying with it, and am gonna quit, but am day 18 and am struggling. Too bad I didn’t get rid of the marriage first.

  22. Just quit today.. Already in the Fogg, had trouble taking my morning number 2, but I’ll do this and make it happen.. here’s to starburst, sunflowers, fake chew, and lots of water and caffeine

  23. 39 days chew free and still feel like I’m in a fog sometimes. Is it possible it’s from the chewing? Seems like it’s been too long to still have withdrawal.

  24. you dont need it on day 80 it sucks i miss it but my mouth feels 10 times better and went to the dentist two weeks ago and everything was good so im lucky that i stopped in time i think of my daughter so i dont wanna let her down and that makes it easy
    Stay strong just quit

  25. I’m on month 8 of my quit and I’m having days that feel like week one (headaches, sore teeth, swollen glands….) Anyone else have this?

    1. Hey Chris. Going through the same things. I quite cold turkey Oct. 1st of 2016. Swollen glands was pretty bad a few weeks ago, but went away. Still find I have fog issues and am dizzy occasionally. Haven’t had the sore teeth, but can now cry over spilt milk. What’s up with that??? Gained a good 10-15 lbs. They don’t make enough gum. Started on Redman in college and am now 45 yrs old. That’s a long time. I figure I’m paying the price for chewing it that long. Daily battle, that’s for sure.

        1. Hi, Chris do you still have swollen glands, I been having swollen gland after I quiet for while. I’m going to see the ENT Monday. I’m hoping its nothing serious.

  26. This is day 1 for me I was able to quit smoking cold turkey after 10 years of the sticks so I feel it that I can do the same with dip just some support is what I need plus I noticed that dip messes with gerd for those of you that have that issues like I do

    1. I’ve been at least a can a day for about 15 years….. my last dip was monday. That night I woke up freezing and have felt like I was on my death bed almost all day everyday since. Last night and today I hot a super sore throat and my teeth hurt so much I feel like tearing them out would be better. Smoking I could always pick up and drop any time I wanted. This, this is hard.

      1. Hang in there brother!!! I’m on day 5 without and having a rough time. The only thing that has been helping are the coffee grond pouches. I have same symptoms first 2-3 days they go away.

      2. Hang in there. I experienced all of the symptoms you described for a good week or more before they subsided. And they did. And the “fog” everyone talks about lasted for about 2 weeks for me. After about 15 days, things got better quickly and I’m 34 days in and feeling the best I’ve felt in 20 years. As we say, embrace the suck.

  27. Haven’t quit yet, can’t decide if I really want too. Been dipping for almost 3 years. Gums don’t look terrible but I have slowly been chewing more and more and lately have noticed myself extremely irritable when I’m a more than a couple hours without it. I think I’m getting to the point where I don’t want the thought of cancer to cross my mind again.

      1. You’re not ready. You need to KNOW you want it. If you go into it without total determination the first time you get tested you’ll be back to the can.

  28. (Questions at end) Hey I used to dip throughout high school cause it stresses me out then going to college I decided to quit before I went and it was very hard. I went through a lot of the symptoms the worst was the headaches and cravings and it was a three day battle that was very tough but rewarding till half way through 1st semester in college and it gets stressful again I turn to chew. I have more down time so I’m doing 2-3 tins a week and it’s been 2 months of it and spring break comes, but I’m staying with a girlfriend so I realized I’m going to have to quit or probably gross her out which I wasn’t about to do so time to quit again. This time maybe I got cravings twice and no noticeable symptoms which confused me. Do you think this is because of environment change? I wasn’t doing it frequently or long enough? Or because I quit once so it wasn’t bad?

  29. Day 3 for me. Been dipping since I was 16 – about a decade. I played college football and that is where i really started dipping consistently. Can a day, Can every 2 days. Dip becomes part of the routine – that’s what I’m finding hard to quit. Drive to work – i would dip. After the gym – i would dip. Drinking some beer – dip.
    I’m doing alright so far. I’ve got the fog, my mouth is very dry despite drinking a ton of water. Food cravings are fine, and sleep is fine. I’m a bit more irritable than I normally am and i find myself wanting to chew on gum, seeds, mints.

    I’ve been slowly prepping for my quit so I think that has helped. Went from long cut Cop/Grizz to pouches to only dipping once a day. I’ve also been drinking green tea which helps me have something to do.

    Fight on.

  30. Hi! A togh timer trying to quit dip from India

    A dipper for last 2 years taking dip every hour (indian chewable tobacco)
    On the battle of quiTting it…

    While browsing landed on this page n im hopeful experience of others will help me

    Today is my first day……second time

    On first time i quitted for 20 days but that bloody head ache n fog won…
    Also i developed severe soars in mouth

    Well wish me luck this time…

    One query any home remedy to avoid mouth soars? Pls help n reply

  31. Fellas, I woke up on 1/15/17 put a nice 2 finger dip of Cope Snuff in my lip, turned on the T.V. and went about my normal Sunday morning. Lying in bed, watching T.V., and sucking on that wonderful dip for the next 3 hours. Well this Sunday was different however. About 30 minutes into being lazy and chewing my morning away I said “Fuck This”. I took out my chew, went to the store, bought 1 box of Nic Gum, and a shit load of regular gum and I QUIT!!! 40 days in now. The Fog has cleared and I’m good. It is hard as hell, but if you want to quit its much easier!!!

  32. Day 2. Started when I was 16. By 24 I was chewing a tin a day and smoking a few cigarettes a day. I was never happy with myself but man I loved that buzz. When I quit the first time it was hard as hell. Nicoret is a great way to curb your cravings even if your a dip addict. I went clean for four months and thought I had it beat but I lost. It’s an evil addiction, all it took was one dip at work from a coworker and I was back on the saddle. Recently my gums have beeen getting so raw I have to take my dip out nearly 10 minutes later cuz it would sting so bad. I felt so pathetic because I just kept putting another one in till eventually I’d find a sweet spot somewhere that didn’t hurt. Just a couple days ago I had enough. Threw nearly a full tin away, but man I’m glad I’m doing this. It’s actually easier for me this time around, probably because I never got back on cigarettes, but also because I just want to kick its ass so bad this time. I’m using nicotine gum but only need a couple pieces a day. Also sucking on jolly ranchers quite a bit. I think what’s most important is how bad you want it, and keeping your mind on the ultimate goal, what you wanted from the beginning. Just try to enjoy the pain, it’s your body letting you know you’re alive which is a beautiful thing.

  33. Hello Everyone, this page has started my journey into quitting my habit of chewing. My roomate just recently stoped chewing cold turkey one day and said he hasn’t felt healthier since he has started dipping. I always new it wasn’t healthy but felt like I wanted to do it cause all my friends did and before I knew it I was chewing a tin a day. I want to prove to myself and my roomate that I CAN quit for myself and for my family and friends. It’s an awful habit that I just want to get rid of the be a better person and athlete as I heard it improves your cardio when stopping. Just started day 2 and I’m nervous all the time and fine I can’t get it off my mind. Just gunna keep battling along the journey and excited to see how good I feel after a few weeks wish you all the best of luck.


  34. Honestly don’t remember when I started dipping, I know I was young, 13 or 14 years old. 45 now, on day 2 with no dip, never tried quitting before. So far only symptom I’ve encountered is sleep deprivation, I wake up every hour, hope that ends relatively soon.

    1. I start and stop every so often. Usually stop after fishing and start up again when it starts. I never have any symptoms. Maybe a little irritable for a few days. Looks like we re lucky ones.

      1. You’re lucky indeed. But I have to ask… with all of this stopping and starting, are you ever really stopping long enough for any sort of withdrawal to set in?

  35. Glad to see so many people quitting! I am on day 14 of being off Copenhagen. I started when I was 8 years old playing little league and after 40 years, I have decided to quit. The first few days were hell but I stayed the course. The fog has lifted but still having issues sleeping. I’ve never been a smoker but decided to try nicorette gum 2mg on a friends advice. So far it has curbed my cravings. I’ve been chewing regular gum and toothpicks. So far l am impressed with my commitment to quitting. I never thought I would make it this far. On the plus side I’m saving a ton of money. I live in Edmonton Canada and one can is thirty bucks! Saving 200 bucks a week will definitely be worth it in the long run. Good luck to everyone. Stay strong and continue to share your stories. Cheers!

    1. I know how how you feel, im from calgary its crazy. Try a vitamin C supplement or include more into your diet. It will help with the fog! Maybe try hitting a steam room or sauna it will help with detoxification.

  36. Im on day 6. I am 21 years old I’ve been chewing since i was about 15 years old. The main symptom I’ve noticed is irritability around pretty much anyone or anything at certain times of the day, but I try to combat that by eating more and drinking lots of water. As well as when i do eventually fall asleep I have been having the most intense dreams ever and waking up in a complete sweat for the past 2 nights. I already feel healthier though I feel like I’m turning a new leaf and want to care for my body like never before. Good luck everyone


  37. Day 4. 32 years of chewing cycle ended. I went with nicorest longenzes and gum. I tried the recommended dose of a piece of gum or longenze every 1-2 hours, I swear after the end of the first day I thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest. Day 4 I am down to 4 pcs. A day. It’s ruff. Hoping it will get easier.

  38. Day 2 for a second time. Started in 1982 quit in 2002 then like an idiot stated back up in 2007 , enough is enough!!!!! But this sucks…… Middle of winter, broke and I decide to kick it when I got nothing to keep me busy……. Going to have a couple good days……

    1. Day 5 for me I chewed for 15 years and decided I had enough and quit drinking and chewing. I am having trouble doing the things I enjoy because they all involve chew and beer. Fishing- chew and beer Hunting- chew beer hell even mowing the lawn. As soon as I think about going fishing I get cravings and don’t want to be tempted, hard to go against the routine. Good luck everyone it’s a struggle but worth it.

  39. I’ve chewed on and off since I was 8. I’m now 25. I’ve “quit” several times. For the past 4 years I’ve chewed at least 1 can of Kodiak, smoked 1 pack of Marlboro’s, and drank 4-8 cans of Mountain Dew (use to be Red Bull) per day. On December 9th, 2016, I quit chewing, smoking and drinking caffeine. I had chew and cigarettes on me, I just didn’t use, three days went by then I realized that I have not had any. At that point I felt so bad, I was afraid of feeling more mess up from nicotine. That day, I had thee worst anxiety attack / vertigo I could ever imagine. I thought for sure I was having a heart attack, the room was spinning and I was shivering uncontrollably, But I fought it. As hard as it was. I had to use a week of vacation from work. I just could not function. Towards the middle of January, the fog lifted. But now it’s back, I’m still having anxiety. But it’s no where near what it was. So for those of you who are thinking of quitting or who have, heed my warning, QUIT. The more you start and stop, everytime it gets 3 times harder. If you can’t handle the fog and / or anxiety. Stay busy(don’t overdue it), chew minty gum, stay hydrated and eat. Also, for a while I was using alcohol at nights to numb the anxiety and help me sleep. Just a few beers and a shot worth of whiskey, just enough to take the edge off. But in all end that makes the fog worst the next day due to dehydration. It’s been Hell, it’s still Hell, but it’s better than what it was.

    Ps. Brush your teeth, in the shower or in the kitchen. If you do it in front of a mirror will cause you to examine your gums and can onset anxiety. Your gums will get worse, then they clear up. Very slow process.
    And DO NOT let anxiety or fog win. Take every chance to get out of the house and do something. If you just lay around because you feel off it WILL get worse, I promise.

    1. Thanks very similar symptoms i hav too…..i quited on 3feb 2017….had no problem for first 7 days i mean everything was bearable…..but then 8 was the hell the most difficult one…..had no idea what was going on……high headache…complete shutdown of thoughts and body….some how passed 10days and eventually made a delibrate slip….for one….then went on another 5 days with no dip…and again those unbearable headches fog dizziness…..on peak…but fighting hard……not gonna make a slip this time

  40. First day quitting. Looked in the mirror last night and could see parts of my teeth that use to be covered by my gums ( gum errosion). I immediatley throw out the rest of my tin and so starts my journey. I get anxious because i knew I had to stop eventually. I could feel my teeth getting weaker when i would bite something hard, it would be a little more tender. I just really love dipping, its going to be hard to let go but here it goes

    1. By the way have been dipping 7 years. Since I was 19. Ive been using a tin a day of Skoal Pouches. I use to do long cut skoal grizzly and kodiack. Switched to pouches after the rawness of the long cut became too much

  41. Can someone tell me. I have a bone dry mouth and my tongue is white, I have stomach pains and my throat hurts also coughing pretty bad. I have been dipping for a year now and I don’t want to put my body through that. I was going through about a role a week and I’m using nothing to help me get through this. Should I be worried and get checked out. What might be a shocker is that I’m 1y. Thought to myself might as well quit while I have a chance and before it’s to late.

    1. Good for you and quitting…. I am on day 2 for the second time in my life, started in 1982 quit in 2002 started again in 2007. Drink as much water and juice as you can, brush your choppers 2,3 or 4 times a day. Your mouth will feel better in no time

    1. I’m 50 hours in and am gaining weight. Always have something in my mouth. Sunflower seeds are my biggest helper so far. I quit once before and was good for 10 years. Now quitting the 2nd time seems much more difficult after chewing Kodiak again for 10 years. Any ideas why?

  42. I’m a week in and I have to say that this is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Was a Copenhagen Long Cut user for 18 years. Had a dip in more hours a day than not. Decided to quit for two reasons: 1. I have a seizure disorder brought on by over stimulus, nicotine doesn’t help. 2. More importantly, I’m going to be 45 and have recently rededicated myself to getting in shape. It’s a real bitch, the fog has been really bad for me. The dizziness, light headedness, and feeling of disatttachment has been hard for me. I know there’s light at the end of the tunnel, I’ve seen glimpses of it. What keeps me on track is while I know one fat dip of Cope would make me feel better right now, I also know it would mean ginger through all this again. No thank you.

    1. Yes. Has only been a week and I’ve already thought I had cancer (sore throat, mouth sores), a brain tumor (headaches), and TMJ (sore jaw). Going a bit crazy, but I had to quit.

    2. All the time. I have been stressing out because my throat is all of a sudden really sore. I’m coughing alot and my mouth is dry as a bone with my tongue being white.

  43. I had jaw and gland pain, never any swelling or sores. It got worse when I quit for the first few days but after about a week or so it all began to go away.
    My mouth and all feel better now than they ever have.
    I hated looking at symptoms on a Webb MD or any site like that. It’s kind of like looking up vehicle issues on the Internet. Everyone always goes to the worst case scenario to start. I had an oral check with dentist and he said all is fine. My last appointment just for peace of mind will be with EN&T Doctor.
    Hang in there. After a week or two you will realize how good you have not been feeling while chewing.

    Still going to want a dip non stop but it gets easier.

    1. So correct….i did the same…looked symptoms on Webb MD and other site….for fow nights drenched in sweat due to fear during sleep….finally went to a doctor he said all okay…..was so in fear that went to consult another dentist….nxt day..even her words didnt calm me down….finally went to the 3rd one and now no drenching sweats during night….

    1. Yep… nearly impossible to quit if you don’t want to. When you say you don’t want to, is that because you don’t want to go through the pain of quitting? If you’re like me, you LOVE dipping. I didn’t “want” to quit because it defined who I was and I didn’t think I could handle what quitting would do to me. But deep down I really did “want” to quit.

      You’ve got to really ask yourself… DO you want to quit? Until you can answer that you’re going to spin your wheels. Gotta make your decision. Quitting will never be “easy” but after you’ve made your decision it is “simple”.

    2. Hang in there man! I’m four days in myself. It DOES suck on so many levels, but it’s so worth it long term. We can do this.

      1. This site has been a great resource for me. Wanted to share a little of my story here too. I’ve been dipping at least a can a day for 18 years. Not only that, but I dip ALL the time, pretty much every hour I’m awake and sometimes would fall asleep with one. I decided to go straight to fake dip with no nicotine patch or gum. Figured I’d better man up and quit before my luck runs out. I’m hurting. Definitely in this fog, teeth and gums are hurting, jaw hurting. I’m considering it a lucky coincidence this quitting is taking place at the same time as a bad cold so I wouldn’t dip as much anyway. Then again all these symptoms could be withdrawal. Who knows. I’m just telling myself I have a bad bad cold and just gonna feel like hell for a while anyway. The end result will for sure be worth it. I’m tired of seeing ppl I know under 50 die with the C word. Good luck all. Stay strong.

  44. I quit for 5 years, but then one bad day at the softball fields and there I was back at the mini-mart buying the green bear every day. I decided that this was the year I quit for good. My son is 3 and and I want to see him grow up. Its now day 27 for me. I still cant sleep for sh!t. I wake up 2-4 times a night but I know it should be over soon. My BP is down as well as my heart rate. I find my self eating all the time, but eating healthy more often than not.
    I can’t think of anything that sucks more than the side effects of quitting chew. But if you stick with it, it will be worth it in the end! Keep it and it does get easier after a few weeks. Think of the money you save, I am already up $150 this month!(its $5+ a can here)

    1. HI Garrett I am with you! It was my daughter that made me think about it and I did not want to make her go through the cancer problems that I could get! Kids are amazing what they can make us adults think about!!

  45. I am a month in on my quit been dipping for 20 years 2 cans a day. Got a scare from the dentist. So it drove me to quit very hard been having a lot of stomach pain. But this is what I want for me and my kids.

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