The Fog of Quitting Dip

The Fog Of Quitting DipYou’re a couple of weeks in… You’re feeling good about your decision to quit… But some thing’s just not quite right… You feel “dizzy”. Maybe not quite dizzy, but like you’ve had a beer or two. You’re “off”. You don’t feel quite right. You can’t concentrate. Reading is difficult and typing is damn near impossible.

Welcome to the fog ladies and gentlemen. I can tell you that it will pass. I can’t tell you when. I can’t tell you how foggy it will be… But i can tell you that you’ll get out of it.

I quit on July 24th, 2006. My birthday was August 2nd. I literally don’t remember what I did that day I was so foggy. I was playing ping pong with a co-worker that week and almost fell over… I was having trouble tracking the ball. I couldn’t concentrate on work. I couldn’t think about family. I was focused on my quit and how bad life SUCKED without my friend the Kodiak bear.

And then something happened ~~ the fog lifted. I saw the light. I didn’t need dip anymore. Sure there were bad days, but I wasn’t feeling like crap anymore.

You too will see the light — You too will get out of the fog. I promise you!!! I know it’s difficult to believe at this point in your quit, but trust me/us — We know what we’re talking about.

Realize this… You NEVER have to go through the fog again once you get through it — unless you cave.

You never have to feel this crappy again — unless you cave.

You’ve taken the first step, you’re quit and you’re on the site. Now take the next step and walk through the fog. You’ll have a new outlook, a bunch of great friends and a dip free life!


NOTE: This piece written by forum member Chewie

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  1. After 37 years I am quitting Copenhagen snuff. It is only 9:43 and already tweaking. It will be a long day. Normally had my first chew when the alarm went off and immediately after meals so I know those will be the toughest times during my journey.

  2. I just started my journey in earnest this past week . . . I have been using tobacco alternatives (BaccOff, Jerky Chew), and have had no nicotine for 48 hours now (after dipping for 44 years) . . . I am feeling pretty good, not really seeing the side effects that people are describing, so I’m hoping that it doesn’t hit me like a ton of bricks a few days or weeks down the line . . .

  3. Day 115 and still dizzy!! The only test I haven’t had yet is a CT scan. If it doesn’t get better soon I’m going in. So frustrating to say the least!!

    • I would sure love for someone to tell me how this fog feels to them. On day 120 and still feel like it’s day 2. I don’t feel dizzy but have this buzzed feeling. Slight pressure between my eyes. It has been with me since the day I quit. It is taking its toll on me!!! Thanks..

      • Please keep us updated with your progress Ryan.
        I’m on day 36 and deal with the fog most of the day.

        Thanks, Paul

      • Ryan, it took about 5-6 months before I started feeling right again. Now I’m 3 1/2 years quit and everything is great. You will get though the fog. It takes longer with some people. Just remember how terrible the first few weeks were and that you don’t want to have to go through that again.

    • Ryan – I am on day 125 and still feel foggy almost everyday. I have to remind myself why I quit and the benefits daily. I also have to remind myself that I dipped for 34 years and it’s going to take awhile for my brain and body adjust/repair from the poison I was putting in every day.

  4. Been off dip for one month after almost 40 years of using. Should I still have a Fog / Dizzying feeling after a month? Went to the Dr yesterday and he is thinking about doing a scan on the head…don’t know if I really need it
    Just looking go feedback

    • Paul i dipped for 34 years and after my quit of now 122 days, i still get the fog. I gutted that shit for years. I have been to multiple Drs and none really know what is happening or why. I get the fog with dizziness, and tingling all over. I think it’s my body ridding of all the toxic crap. But I am getting an MRI soon just for piece of mind. Kinda of like going to the dentist for the first time.

      • Thanks for the feedback Douglas…….. Not that I would wish this feeling on anyone, but kinda good to know I’m not the only one going through it.

      • How long did the fog last and how long until you felt like your old self with mental clarity?

        • Jerry, I’m going to jump in here since this question keeps coming.
          I’d say it’s different for everyone. For me…I walked in a cloud for about the first 50 days. It let up, but returned again in the 70-80 range. It did come back once more probably around the 120 day mark…but it was very short at that 120 mark. Then, it probably was spotty, if at all from there.
          It WILL get better and WILL let up, the longer you refrain from nicotine. I always said “this too….shall pass”. A few others on this site used that to get through the tough time. I will be 5 years clean come 07-15-19.
          I was a dam near 30 year, can, can and a half a day Dipper.
          If I can get through it and remain clean, ANYONE CAN!
          I did (and still occasionally do) use the fake dips. But it’s NOTHING like I did . I now go days, even weeks without anything in my mouth. But seeds, gum, jerky and fake dips got me through those first 100 days and beyond.
          If it becomes too hard to handle, go see a doctor, let him/her know what you’re up to, they can get you something to knock off the edge. I onceo read we abused nicotine to deal with stress. Stress can turn into anxiety (and even depression)..fog is a byproduct of stress/anxiety/depression. The longer you stay away, the better it becomes, promise!
          Take care and STAY QUIT!
          Free since

    • Chewed for around 35 years, just past the 4 week mark yesterday. Fog came back and seems like day one all over again. i cant concentrate on anything right now. overall seems to be getting better although very small increases each day. quit cold turkey this time and seems to be working better than other times i have tried. hang in there quitters, good to know im not alone in this struggle

  5. Does the fog return around day 90. I feel like it’s the first few days again.

  6. well here we go thirty years chewing and im finally done ,ten cope ten kodiak ten pouches ,then i had my first experience downstairs and it almost drove me crazy mentally ,im a super hard worker ,ex halibut fisherman and just a pretty healthy all around guy other than chew coffee and my weed ,but always was active and making sure aside from the junk food that great foods were always going in my body.well i decided to get rid of chew and now i have twice the energy twice the power and size downstairs so im happy as as ive ever been,chew is a killer and is only inhibiting our true selves ,dump it and get ten years younger ! it is pure hell but weed coffee and healthy food got me through the fog from hell im in my second weekbut the weeks before weening of slowly were difficult to say the least,best wishes and prayers for those struggling and that have forgotten what true feeling is as our feelings and nerves have been somewhat numb for years,welcome to life as it was intended,everythings better believe me and yes it does get easier folks

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