The Fog of Quitting Dip

The Fog Of Quitting DipYou’re a couple of weeks in… You’re feeling good about your decision to quit… But some thing’s just not quite right… You feel “dizzy”. Maybe not quite dizzy, but like you’ve had a beer or two. You’re “off”. You don’t feel quite right. You can’t concentrate. Reading is difficult and typing is damn near impossible.

Welcome to the fog ladies and gentlemen. I can tell you that it will pass. I can’t tell you when. I can’t tell you how foggy it will be… But i can tell you that you’ll get out of it.

I quit on July 24th, 2006. My birthday was August 2nd. I literally don’t remember what I did that day I was so foggy. I was playing ping pong with a co-worker that week and almost fell over… I was having trouble tracking the ball. I couldn’t concentrate on work. I couldn’t think about family. I was focused on my quit and how bad life SUCKED without my friend the Kodiak bear.

And then something happened ~~ the fog lifted. I saw the light. I didn’t need dip anymore. Sure there were bad days, but I wasn’t feeling like crap anymore.

You too will see the light — You too will get out of the fog. I promise you!!! I know it’s difficult to believe at this point in your quit, but trust me/us — We know what we’re talking about.

Realize this… You NEVER have to go through the fog again once you get through it — unless you cave.

You never have to feel this crappy again — unless you cave.

You’ve taken the first step, you’re quit and you’re on the site. Now take the next step and walk through the fog. You’ll have a new outlook, a bunch of great friends and a dip free life!


NOTE: This piece written by forum member Chewie

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  1. Jesus, and here I thought I was going crazy. Thank y’all from the bottom of my heart for sharing your experiences. 30 year old vet, been smoking/chewing half a tin of pouches for the last 10 years on and off… more on than off the last 5 years since dealing with civ life and going to college. I quit last year for about 3 months – the first week sucked ass, and then I felt fine until I developed such bad anxiety that I ended up in the hospital because I thought I was having a heart attack or something. I ended up going back to tobacco, but when college is out in a few weeks I’m going to give ‘er another go. Thanks again for sharing, it’s good to know this isn’t uncommon and I’m not alone.

  2. I’m 18 years old and have been dipping for about 3 years. I often feel like I’m too dependant on the damn CAN and feel I will be happier without having this shit as a crutch in my life. I’m a strong kid mentally but I’m kinda scared about quitting at this point and time. I’m afraid with everything going on like spring break, prom, grad parties, baseball games, boys nights and entering college that I don’t want to have to deal with all of the physical and mental withdrawal symptoms. I want to stop but I feel like it will get me so stressed and all that shot during a great time in my life. So my question is will I really feel so much weight that I will be unhappy with the next few months or will I be able to handle it?

    • Hey Chris- I am 3 weeks in and just about to get out of the fog. Now is the perfect time to quit with all the changes. As you said, you are a strong kid mentally… bite your lip and remind yourself that you are worth it!

  3. Just wondering if there’s anyone around day 50-60 of their quit? I’m on day 55 and have awful anxiety and feel like the days are longer and sometimes I think I didn’t feel this way when I chewed and think about going back to it but I refrain because of all the work I put in already and my family. Long story as short as I can make it, in 2006 my special needs son passed away and from then on I developed generalized anxiety disorder and was put on xanax. Well 11 years later I’m still on xanax although a low dose (.25mg 2-3 times a day) and now I’m on this quitting dipping everything that’s tough in life seems amplified a ton. I’m trying to stay positive, I’m doing as much exercise as I can (having cervical spine surgery beginning of may) but find my moods and overall personality is different, don’t feel like myself, tried Wellbutrin but had horrible side effects so cautious about taking anything else. I’ve read about the fog/anxiety lasting for 70+ days and just wondering if that’s it? Anyone know or gone through this?

    • Ryan,
      Absolutely. Your story definitely echoes my experiences in that first 100 days.
      Not the same exact story, but I too had a small encounter with anxiety before I quit dipping. Almost a two year encounter.
      Fast forward to after I got control of the anixety and decided to quit chewing. About the same period (mine, 40-60 days) I “felt” that familiar anxiety feeling returning. Thought for sure I was headed back down Anxiety Avenue again.
      Fortunately, it only lasted for maybe a week or 2, then it was gone..thankfully.
      I viewed this period as, “Round 2: Are you sure you want to quit?”.
      I am not saying this is surely your issue, but I do recall the feelings in the very beginning, then returning in that timeline.
      I do think your future surgery may be weighing in a bit there too, good luck with that and good luck on your continued quit.

      • Ya I want to quit or I wouldn’t have lasted this long but you got a point in maybe my surgery is weighing on me, just the waiting. I find myself short and on edge sometimes and it’s not fair to my son now or my wife but thankfully my wife is understanding and supportive… any other advice would be great thank you JayP

        • I too was short and on the edge…Adjusting to life without the nicotine crutch, that too will get better. Yes, Mood swings are in full force…I remember that 100 days all too well. So we’ll, that I will not ever go through it again, I’m done (almost 1000 days now).
          The best advice I can give you on quitting is to just keep busy and try to get through the first 100 days, one day at a time. I guarantee you, if you get to the 100 day mark, it does get easier. Especially about the 120 day mark and beyond. You’ll still think about it, but it’ll be a faint noise across the valley. And use this website. It really was my “rock” during the quit…Many great people here, dealing with the same misery as you.
          The “oral fixation” part of the habit is what hung around with me for a bit…But even that began to wither away. I used seeds like they were stopping production of them. I used gum and the fake dips (still do a little). But all of this is much, much less these days.
          Excersise (running) was a HUGE tool in the arsenal. Which was good because eating became a big part of my quit too. So, working out helped keep the weight gain at bay (still slapped on 20, but ended up losing it a over year ago).
          Spiritual guidance (if you do that) always helped too. Relaxing… Fortunately there is a hottub near, so that too helped with the stress.
          We chewed to deal with life’s problems….Now we need to learn how to deal with life without the chemical nicotine.. it takes time to learn how to do that.
          Overall, it was the most selfish thing I did in my life, But also the most rewarding.
          No regrets. Now days I just pop in here and there on this website to pay it forward…I was where you are & I know the pain. Just keep at it, what you said “yeah, I want to quit or else I wouldn’t have lasted this long”…that was the exact same attitude that pushed me to the 100 days and beyond…even up to today. Too much invested now, I ain’t ever going back!
          Good luck and keep quit…and remember “This too…Shall pass”. That was my motto during the tough times, still is and it ALWAYS does pass!
          Take Care

          • Thankful for this site already. I’m 20, started a year ago and decided to quit two days ago. I’m on day two and already feeling the need for nicotine. College classes are also part of my stress that I would use dip to relieve but, I trust I am stronger than the urge, and so is everyone else. I tell myself it will get easier and I’m sure it will. Just taking it a day at a time for now! God bless

  4. Quit chewing 17 days ago. I figured it out by trying to quit a few times that the fog was going to be no joke. So I decided to quit half way through work on a Friday. I was going to suffer badly but not at work. Seemingly the fog was bearable by Monday with help from nicotine gum. I always want to buy some, and literally yell random things like I want a chew! I get rid of fog with runners high and straight exhaustion. I needed something in my mouth constantly up until 14 days. I also noticed I was fully addicted to nicotine gum. So, round two, quit that at day fourteen and hoping for less hardship. I have rough patches in my mouth that scare me pretty bad and people are dying from cancer all around. Quitting is going to be worth it I can tell. Hope I didn’t wait too long!

  5. I quit yesterday. I’ve chewed for about a decade. When I started I only did it when I was drinking or perhaps some social events with friends. Then about 6 years ago I went overseas and started going through a tin of skoal long cut every 2 days. I’ve been working on an online degree in addition to my 8 hour work days and it keeps me awake. I used to take Adderall legally and I didn’t have to do that with chew. I once had the most depressing withdrawal when I stopped taking that. This is different but…not better but more confusing. Anyhow, this all started cuz have an office job and I found myself throwing in pouches in the morning in the bathroom scuz I had a craving. Felt pathetic and I hate being beholden to anything like that. It’s only been 45 hours for me and it just feels like there is a massive blockage between my eyes in my head. I have to drive 90 miles very often for work and I always look forward to my chew driving. Can tell during my workouts that chewing is causing my shortness of breath too. I’m sick of it. Also not sure what’s going to happen though. Have chewed since I met my girl. I’m worried I’m gonna change cuz right now I feel miserable and just not like myself. Not quite sure if I’ll be the same person and that’s prob the scariest part. Anyway, Im set on this and I’m going to do it. I also just turned 30 and I always considered chewing something I did as a “kid”. Yeah, if it seems like this post is all over the place that’s how I’m thinking right now.

    • I know what you mean man. Been weening off my chewing (can a day to one chew now) and it makes me have those same thoughts (e.g., what if my personality changes, what if I’m mean, what if I get depressed?). Quit date is next monday and i’m getting pretty anxious. I heard something the other day that stuck with me while i’m preparing for my quit, “you won’t regret quitting.” A little mantra from the future self. Stick it out. Don’t know if this makes any sense, since i’m in a fog also. haha.

    • I quit right around the same time as you- Lent for me but I caved and chewed a bit the following day. I am also about to turn 30. I had no idea that quitting was going to be this psychological roller coaster of anxiety/depression like symptoms. Your post made me feel like how I am feeling is normal. Good to hear I’m not going crazy! best of luck to you

  6. Just wanted to say I have dipped for close to 10yrs atleast a can a day. Always wondered how & when I was ever gonna quit if ever. Then just 2 days ago a friend of mine died of cancer & he was a year younger at age 33. I don’t know why, but something happened & it scared me so bad I haven’t had a dip since. I was gonna give in the first day & just tell myself I’ll cut back, but seriously when I would go to grab the can, I just got so scared & affraid. Something I’d never felt before. Anyways I took that as a sign. Day 3 now. While I dont have any cravings I do have the “fog”. What really sucks too is I just bought 10 cans, because it was on sale. Long story longer if your thinking about quiting what change my mind was I didn’t want to find out I have cancer & wish I would have done something long ago. It’s not worth my life.

    • Day 15 here, miserable, broken, hungry, dizzy, lost…. I can’t seem to focus on anything — I am struggling so bad with this, but I can’t let my wife down any more. How long does the “fog” last???-(13 years of nicotine use, now cold turkey)

      • Hang in there Dustin. 15 days is a great start. I’d say that fog hangs around, on and off for the first 30 days. It will leave and make a return again around the 60-100 day mark…Then after the 100 days, it will be far a few between feeling it.
        Different for everyone, you might be done with it after the 30 day mark and it may not return. I see several variations of it. You WILL get a stretch (and soon) when you’ll be free from that awful fog, just stay free from the junk. Your brain is rewiring itself, thus the fog. Appreciate (easier said than done) the struggle…It’ll be rewarding later.
        I dipped between 25-30 years…the first 30 days was crazy, pure hell! Then the fog was on and off from there to around 70 day mark, then it came back for a very short time just before the 100 day mark, then it never returned. Hang in there, easier days are on the way!

      • Going through the same thing. Restless legs and dizziness. Can’t focus. I’m just not myself. My wife has been taking care of me and I feel pathetic. Day 15 for me, but been feeling this for a week now. Did yours get better?

  7. I quit over vacation in 4 months ago. I definitely feel better overall, but was using dip as a crutch to help me work 12-14 hour days. I used to only do that occasionally, but for the last several years, it has been 4-5 times a week. I’d get tired around 5 or 6, throw in a dip, and go several more hours. At 40 y.o. it just isn’t worth it any more. However, I’m over 100 days into not having had a dip, but finally broke down with some nicotene gum. It’s not much help, but at least I’m not thinking “I need to dip to get this work done tonight.” I’ve also started exercising in hopes to get some energy from that. But still fighting through the damn fog, especially later in the day. It helps to know from this site that it’s pretty typical, and to hear that it may clear. I really hate the gum and realize it’s still nicotene. I don’t think I’ll need it if I can see the fog lift, and making an effort to properly balance my work load while getting older will hopefully help as well.

  8. Last dip today at 8 am….entered the fog…can i get thru it

    • Hour 36 since my last dip I just don’t feel normal right now and my head hurts, my gums are sore and I want to dip again, hanging in there but damn life sucks right now. Had dipped for only 2 hears but I was going through a can a day no problem.

      • I’m there with you right now day 2….dipped for 15 years at 1.5 cans a day….I just wanna dip just once to feel normal but I know I can’t keep strong

        • Stephen McCormick

          Been dipping for over 40 years, tried quitting a few times but always went back. This time, I’m done. Been over a week now, but my gums got numb and I thought this was a warning sign, although regular dentist visits were ok. That nicotine is a powerful slave master.

  9. Day 31 for me and the fog is still thick..pretty much everyday seems like my mind is just in cruise control..almost like a constant light headed feeling and at times randomly losing my balance. I’m glad I came across this though and have discovered that its not just me..hopefully soon it ends!! I just keep telling myself that it’ll be worth it in the end!!

    • Totally normal to feel like that for the first 30-40 days. They say the nicotine is out by day 3, but man…that fog (and anxiety) is no joke in those first 30-40 days. I’d say by 60, I started feeling half-assed normal again…then I had another bout of bullshit around the 80-90 day mark, then after 100 it was spotty. Just hang in there and stay the course. You will not go through this forever (promise) and ever again, so long you stay quit, good luck!

      • Jay P, day 80 here and feel slight fog back. The biggest issue im facing this time is my vision. Seems like a bunch of tiny dots everywhere. Anyone else experience any vision distortions during quit?

        • Hey Logan, congrats on 80 days free!
          I had some “what I call” zaps. That DID seem to mess with my vision. They seemed to start around that time period too…70-100 day period.
          I think the dots you speak of, is the start of a astigmatism. My vision has dramatically went to the shitter since the age of 38 (42 now)…so depending on your age, it may just be your eyes getting old. I’d recommend an eye exam.
          But I do understand how you feel…I just felt “off” that first 100 days.
          Keep the course, 80 days free is awesome!!
          I’m 2 years and around 153 days free…just keep on keeping on!

          • Thanks for the response man! I’m 22, also around day 73 just started noticing a ton of weird spots and sores in the mouth. Did you have these that far into your QUIT? I am getting an oral screen tomorrow

          • Logan,
            Yes, your mouth seems tonget worse, before it gets better. You’d think that quitting would automatically make the lip/cheek normal again. I do recall my mouth being sore and even had some “blood-blisters”. I did have my mouth screened too. It all “thankfully” came back good. My dentist said it may take years for the mouth to become normal again. I dipped for dam near 30 years of my life, hardcore for 25. So, yes, it too is normal. I’m glad to hear you’re getting It looked at. While I am no doctor or dentist, I think all will be ok.
            Stay the course!
            Good Luck!!

          • Well got my oral screen today… And THANK GOD everything looks fine! I hope everyone is doing great today and continuing to stay QUIT for good. It is such a blessing and please if anyone has any worry about or sore or anything in the mouth just get it checked out.; Early detection is the key.God bless

    • Day 3 for me,,,no nic gum or dip,, it’s been a rough day! Been dipping 25 years

  10. Hey I quit a month ago and now I can’t remember anything. How ling does the fog last.

    • How long is different for everyone Leonard. I have been quit for almost 690 days, bit I still am here reading posts and I say the average is 60-70 days. It will return again around 90-100, then it will be spotty (day to day). Then, it will just be an afterthought. Stay quit and you’ll ever feel this way again. Just hang in there man, it’s a 100 day challenge, you’re doing great and what you’re feeling totally normal if you want to be quit. Good luck!
      If it becomes too much, go talk to a doctor, he/she would gladly help you with something to take the edge off….and commend you on efforts.

      • Thanks. I can’t believe what this stuff can do to your brain. Thanks for the reply. I thought I was crazy. I still am having mental voids. Can’t remember what I was doing. Freaky.

        But this is a great site. Who ever started this did a great thing for people who want to quit. Great.

        • I hear ya. Yes, I too was a bit taken by the side effects of the quit. Never in my almost 30 years abusing the shit, did I ever think about or notice, how much it affects the brain, mood, insulin levels, metabolism…there are so many physiological things that nicotine partners with, that go unnoticed until you quit.
          Happy to see you are still at it, keep it up! Promise, you’ll get back to your old self the longer you refrain from does take a while, be patient and strong, the reward of freedom from that shit is immeasurable.
          Good Luck, I’m on your side!
          Day #723 Free

  11. I don’t know why the hell I decided to quit today, but my can ran out and I decided the hell with it. I realize that is not a good place to start, but in the meantime I’ve done what I should have done leading up to today and built out all the reasons I want to quit and a methodology to handle what does come.
    But I will be honest, I’m worried as hell. Last time I didn’t dip for a day or two, the “fog” mentioned here was brutal. I felt like I’d ingested a huge amount of drugs, walking around in what seemed to be a “tension-filled” slumber. I couldn’t concentrate on anything people said and just ended up staring at walls. So here I am, around 4 hours after stopping, and it’s already starting to fog a bit. I also have anxiety slipping in. Combined with other stress in life, I don’t know why I did this today.
    So I am not even through day one yet, wondering how I am going to get to day 2. When people say here that it takes about a week or two…god, that sounds like an eternity.

    • Praying for you brother! You can do it. Make sure you post roll

    • Today is my first day too, and I agree it sucks bad. Glad I found this site though, it gives us a place to vent a bit. The more I know about the symptoms and what to expect, the better I will do. I wish you all the endurance possible to kick it!

    • Ive tried to quit so many times man and never made it past a week. This site has really helped in what to expect and support. I will be going on 3 weeks Sun and I still space out alot. The urges are no where near as bad. I have to play alot of mind games and fight the voices of just one while we play cards is ok. My buddies still all chew and I have the fake stuff for when I’m around them and it has really helped. Other than that gum and seeds ready all the time. Be prepared with those things you need to get through the urges and mentally what you are gonna tell yourself when the urge comes on. I havent fully made it yet but this is the longest I’ve gone ever and I also really hope it gets better. Somedays I say why did I quit no one really had a problem with it and I loved it. Not true I didn’t love it I just did it. Stay strong, focused, prepared and active. Ive been golfing and hitting the gym and punching bags to stay busy. YOY CAN DO IT MAN!


    • Quit on Friday after a panic attack at work and now I feel worse. Please tell me it will pass. Day 4 and I’m numb.

  12. I started dipping when I left the Service due to a medical discharge. Before I had smoked since age 13 and I before I enlisted I had been through meth and pills and coke. After I decided to enlist it was….well compared to quitting dip it was easy. The withdraws were difficult but compared to day 1 of quitting dip it was nothing. This is harder then quitting anything else I’ve ever quit. But I’m going to do it. I don’t have anybody in my life I can use for support but I didn’t last time.
    Idk just needed to share this and say it. Feels good.

    • Chris, glad you’ve shared your story. Reach out to people here at this blog. Join the Forum(s). Everyone here will support your quit. Don’t feel like you’re all alone in this quit. This is what I found fascinating about this blog, everyone here “gets” what you’re going through. From the symptoms above, to the postings below, we’re all here to help each other. I would strongly suggest spending some time here, reach out to new quitter, join a group, you can choose a date to quit and join others on that date here, and run through the quit together. I am so grateful I found this place and the strangers that I made friendships with. I will probably never meet any of the people in person, but they’ve all had a hand in on my quit right here. I am here to say it can be done.
      Good Luck…and if you can beat Meth, Pills and Coke, you surely got the balls to beat this addiction! Take Care
      Day #624 Free

  13. Patrick,
    There really is no easy technique at the beginning….I won’t lie to you, it’s probably one, if not “the”, hardest thing I ever did. Fortunately, you’re an athlete, like I was at your age. You ” know” what the term “gut it out” means…..that is exactly how you need to approach your quit if you want to have success at it. Mentally, there is no easy way to play the game.
    Some things…or “tools” I adopted to help me through were, fake dips, sunflower seeds and lots of cardio and weight lifting. You will have an excess amount of energy (mine was similar to rage) and possibly some anxiety, that needs to be spent. I spent it on running and lifting. I found myself a fake dip that “worked” (there are so many GOOD alternatives today). I acquainted myself with sunflower seeds….i also drank a lot of water to flush that poison (nicotine) out. I dipped a lot longer than you (30 years), but started for the same reasons (athletics). I know you are surrounded by it, like I was….football and wrestling were my things and almost the entire team dipped….it’s what we did…I can relate. Best get away from it now when your young. The next thing you know, you’ll be turning 40 with that can in your pocket still. Get on it now!
    This is a wonderful site to help your quit…use it, reach out to people, they’re all here to help you be successful with your quit. Good luck!
    Day #611 free of that shit

    • Great message JP. In the same boat turning 40 this year and dont remember when I started. My goal is to stop every kid from starting this garbage. I had no idea it was this tough mentally, physically and emotionally. What a joke. Thanks for the post. Im on week 3.


      • I missed your message Joe, I hope you are still plugging away at your quit.
        You hit it head on, this is a horrible habit that is one tough monkey to get off the back. Hope all is well and you’re still marching to the first floor (day 100)

  14. Hey y’all, my names Patrick and I’m 19 years old, have been dippin’ since 13/14 years old. I play college football so it is basically a way of life for a lot of guys, i’m basically surrounded by it and was at 1-2 cans per day a little bit ago. I’m only starting on this journey now, and i’m only on day one, but I can’t even explain how strong the desire is for me to go buy a can right now and throw in, I haven’t felt many pulls this strong ever in my life. Any advice on what worked for people in the early going when you’re fighting a really strong urge?

  15. No problem Robert….you will get past all of the anxiety. I battled that shit about a year before I quit. Never had it, didn’t know what it was, scared me. I thought I was losing my mind. I got it under control, then it returned when I quit tobacco. It was short lived though….and I am happy to say I feel awesome today. Lost my weight from when I quit, continue to exercise and eat well…I “feel” so much healthier. And “I” was in charge of it all. It’s been a rewarding journey, just stay the course, shiny days are on the way!

  16. Thank you for your response…. That really helps. The more I fill my mind with explanations the more the anxiety subsides

  17. Jake,
    You’re dealing with your fears of being free from nicotine. Believe me, I asked myself several times before I quit “how am I going to function without this stuff I’ve had for 30 years?”. I mean, how would I get through my morning? Shower? Drive to the office? At my desk? After lunch? On my way home after work? Mowing my lawn? Doing home projects? Going out and having some drinks without my can? How could I possibly LIVE without my can? I don’t know….I can tell you I am here, 604 days free from it and besides being a little bitchy and amped up for the first 40-60 days, I managed to do it. You can too. You are your biggest motivator, YOU. It’s in all of us to be great, and if it’s quitting the nicotine that makes you great, you can accomplish it.
    I wasn’t any less productive in any of the things I outlined above….in fact, I have much more clarity without the aid of nicotine. It isn’t easy, I won’t lie. But it’s probably the most personal, rewarding thing I’ve done in my life. I beat the nicotine…you can too, dig deep!

  18. Robert, Dry mouth, new tastes, panic, anxiety….welcome to the “Fog”. We all have had similar symptoms. All I can tell you, stay the course and gut it out. IT WILL GET BETTER! This coming from a 30 year addict that is about to finish his 604th day free from nicotine. There is no easy way to go about it. We’ve abused a substance and the brain has accepted it as part of life. Now, you’ve removed that part of life and you’ve shocked your system. It will subside, the further nicotine is in the rearview mirror.
    Keep at it, relief is coming. Mine personally, was strong for about 40 days. It came back around 70-80, then was spotty after the 100 day mark.
    That said, we are all different, but you will get back to normal, promise. In fact, you’ll have a better you, normal is normal, but better is better! Ya dig?
    Keep on keeping on!

    • I’ve had anxiety attacks before chew. A friend of mine quit smokeless tobacco because he was having anxiety attacks. Can chew do this to you? I’m on my 14th day of quit and still feel anxiety. Will it go away?

      • Jim,
        Yes, the anxiety will subside. The longer you refrain from using nicotine, the closer you get to feeling anxiety free. Mine lasted for about 40-60 days, along with many of the symptoms outlined above. Then, one day, I just started feeling better. I still had spotty bouts with it, but they were mild compared to those first 40-60 days.
        I read somewhere that many of us chewed to calm our anxiety, so I think that we used it as a crutch to sooth or cope with our anxiety. I beleive that more so than it actually causing the anxiety. We are retraining our brain to cope with stress or worry (that is the root of anxiety), without the aid of nicotine….this why I think we have it when we stop.
        That’s my 2 cents on it.
        Keep plugging away

        • Thanks Jayp. Still trying to go strong. Now I’m in a major fog! Really dizzy . Can’t think straight and more anxiety and headaches. This is pure hell! Hope it ends soon! Thanks for your reply.

        • Hi, everyone’s words are so encouraging. I’ve tried so many times to quit. I was a workaholic and injured my back and 5 major back surgeries and living with chronic pain. I would get a dip I’ve never kept it in my mouth over 5 minutes if tht but I feel so worthless as I don’t seem to have self control when it comes to this crap. I am so desperate. I turn to God crying out to please take this can, and everything tht goes with it. I can quit for 24 hrs if not less as I live alone and when I head home I get anxious about going into my empty apt. Even though I know I am never alone this stuff has me by the ball and I don’t have any. I desperately need help. I want to quit period. I tried putting in my quit date and how many cans I dipped per day and cost but when I tap on calculate it keeps telling me to fill all out. Well I do. This is scary as why as hard as I’m trying to quit and trying to do and fill out what I need to fill out it kicks it out. I only have the net via my cell. But do not understand why every step I take in order to get the full benefits of KTC it doesn’t work. I have NO. Support from anyone. Of course I do from God but I even let him down. I am doing a 40 day fast from wrong thinking and praying tht between tht and having such a strong support group as here I can persevere. But g it’s so hard then I beat myself up as I feel like everyone can do it but me. I’ve been dipping everyday since recovering from back surgeries and lost and feeling so alone in this battle tht I don’t think I can do it. But I know I can as I desperately want to. I put in my start date as may nut it only lets me put in Ma. Ughh then I put in the rest of the info required and kicks back to u have to fill it all in. To calculate. I do put in the day I start my quit correct? Please, I am so desperate for helpn

  19. This is exactly what has been keeping me from quitting. I work in politics which means nonstop stress filled days and no time off. Everytime I try to stop it gets to the point where I know that I’m not working as well as I normally would. Not sure what to do about that yet.

  20. How about this… Quit for 3 weeks now…. Constant anxiety… But now noticing a lot of dry mouth and nasty, almost bitter taste in my mouth that almost makes you react like something sour.. Anyone else??

  21. Yes brother, omg I’m going through what you are. Been quit for 3 weeks now’s.. Terrible

  22. I’m not craving… Just the crazy foggy days and panic attacks

  23. 3 weeks…18 of my 24 hour days are panic attacks

  24. Day 37…. the FOG remains thick!

  25. Don’t be a slave to that freaking can. Be free!

  26. Hey brother you’re stronger than that dad gum can. You can do this…just fight it. Nothing is more powerful than you! Take the thought captive and don’t believe the lie that you can’t be okay without it….you will be better without it!

  27. Potts…I was the same way when I quit. Needed something for security…my security for 30 years, was my can. The best suggestion I can give, get yourself some fake dip. They will not taste, smell or feel the exact same, but they will help you with that “emptiness” you feel without a dip. The day I quit, I bought a can of Smokey Mountain Wintergreen. I have to admit, it was NOT the same as my Skoal Wintergreen Longcut, but it did give me something to pack in my cheek and the spit was brown, lol.
    Get yourself some fake stuff to help you through the early part of your quit. There is a tobacco alternative page out here on this blog….that has links to many of the companies offering Herbal Chew. They were a God send to me….and I am 590 days free from tobacco today. You will eventually taper your use on the fake ones as time passes. Anything, but nicotine!! That’s my advice for you…good luck!

  28. I am 24 and I’ve been chewing since I was 15 I chew a lot about 2 cans a day Grizzly long cut, I have cut down over the past couple days but I really don’t know how to stop completely it breaks me down I get in arguments with my girl friend if I go a Lil while with out it I have to have a can on me or I won’t feel safe or in a good place Any help or advice This chew has literally taken over my life

  29. Hey Jack!! How you feeling?? Today is day 100 for me. I experienced some minor panic attacks as well. Those have seemed to lessen as the time has went on. I wouldn’t say I’m 100% yet but I’m definitely better than where I was at. The 40s were pretty tough for me. Hang in there partner… This is for the better!

  30. I’m on day 42 and have been dipping for 30 years.I actually experienced some minor panic attacks, but I just convinced myself it was the nicotine trying to work it’s way back into my life. But my life is SO much better without nicotine.

    I just wished I quit sooner…..

    • i have been chewing and dipping since last 12 years, meanwhile i have tried to quit for about 20-22 times, my longest was about 2-2.5 months and my boss made me realize my performance is at bottom, so i had started necotine again and frankly saying it was doubled, however after that lot of things has changed and i am jobless nicotine consumer, today i have decided to quit found your conversation which made me think that if 30 years oldy can try then why i shouldn’t….. hope i will Handel everything that come across the way… i was sharing all these just to make myself more confident…..

  31. LipLeach,
    I like your motto…”stop being a baby”….never thought about that way…true story.

  32. Vito, I feel I’ve quit for good, but I’ve felt the same way every time I’ve “quit”. I get a strange clarity & energy and feel like I could run through a brick wall. I also sleep well and wake up bouncing in the first days of a quit. You would think these would all be great reasons to stick with it, but somehow in my crazy mind, these things are as unsettling as the habit itself. Anyway, your side effects might not be typical, but I know what you’re feeling.

    My final conclusion after 20+ years of dipping…and this was/is directed only at me because I’m not in anyone else’s shoes and I don’t know everything they’re going through: stop being a baby. It was that simple for me. I have a great career, a wonderful wife & family (first baby on the way!) and a lot of people know they can count on me for anything. Embracing that responsibility, of being a husband, father, a freaking ADULT!!! completely contrasts with letting dip run your daily life. And that’s what it did. I’ve been like a baby looking for his bottle. And that’s completely ridiculous, no matter how many reasons I’ve given myself to get “just one more can”. So, after quitting because of health reasons, financial reasons, family reasons and blah, blah, blah…I had to look in the mirror and tell that dude to stop being such a baby. Good luck to everyone, it’s completely worth the effort.

  33. On day 16 and the side effects i’m feeling are completely opposite of what seems normal. I am wide awake, hyper aware all the time, but i sleep soundly. I used to lay down and not fall asleep for an hour or two but now am passing out. Even if i sleep for 5 hours i wake up feeling refreshed and wired. I have this constant pressure in my head, like fluid in my brain or chemical reactions going on, i also have occasional popping in my ears (blood pressure?). I do have the craves though, right now my teeth feel like they are salivating for a dip, like their on fire like a dog salivating over a raw steak hanging in front of them. I have gained some weight but am not concerned about that. My fog seems like all this extra oxygen has me more sociable and able to communicate, put thoughts together better than in years, also like my shitty memory has slightly improved. What is concerning at this point is my unnatural fog, why is mine different, i see on here similarities but not the improvements like mine. Also the possible blood pressure adjustments, muscle twitches, mood swings like i want to cry because i want a dip. Moist, brown, love the smell and the taste. It’s like the dopamine has increased with it gone and not the other way around, i cant understand it, cuz i still crave it…

  34. Alan here 5 days into my quit been using copenhagen for 42 years the fog is a bitch but the emotional shit is hard the wife is helping so long as she dont try to talk to much need help not a long talk about it

  35. I meant my fog lasted 30-40 days….the nicotine is said to be out of your body after 3 though!

  36. Chris,

    The “Fog” will last different for each individual. For me, it took a good 3-40 days before I was feeling 1/2 ass normal again. I seen longer (60 days plus) for others. So long you stay free from Nicotine (this is why you feel this way, the chemical is being depleted from you body), you will just notice after a while, you start feeling better.
    All part of the being on the road of freedom. If the panicky feelings become too much to handle, go see a doctor, let them know what you’re doing, they can prescribe something short-term to get you by. I too dealt with some anxiety at the beginning as well. Stay on the path!
    Day#548 Free of that Shit!

  37. New quitter. On day 12. I’ve chewed off and on for about 18 years. Last time I quit was 3 years ago for 9 month. It wasn’t too bad rough but not doable. On day 12 now, last 4 days I’ve been in a fog like I’ve never had before. I feel absolutely crazy desperate panicking I can barely work can barely accomplish anything. This is nuts. Anything I can do to calm down? How long can this last? I’ve quit for years at a time in the past and I’ve never ever experienced the fog

  38. Hey guys, just joining in… 5 days into my quit. I dipped for 6 years straight, got off of it and got addicted to the patches for 3 years after, for a total of 9 years addiction. I always bought the 21mg box which is the highest, and would put 2 of them on which was 42 mg of nicotine hitting my bloodstream pretty quick everyday. It was definitely way to much for anybody to be doing, and I just constantly felt sick because of it. But like I said earlier, I’m 5 days off now and it has been a crazy ride nonetheless. I feel like I’ve already started entering a wicked fog, making me feel like I’m on drugs, and a nasty headache in the mornings like I didn’t sleep. I’ve been coming on this site since day 1 and has helped reading y’all’s comments. Feel like we are a family lol We will get through this together boys… Let’s keep talking

  39. Joe,

    I am glad to hear you are still committed to your quit and haven’t went back to the habit. 50 days…that is awesome! Half way to the 100 day mark, keep it up!

  40. Nick- it’s very comforting hearing that you and many others are feeling very similar conditions. Like you mentioned, we can and WILL get through this! Hang in there and stay strong partner! Things will get better!

  41. JP- thanks a bunch for the encouraging words. Day 50 for me today and there is no turning back. I actually have turned to working out much like you have said and the gym seems to clear my mind like nothing else. I’m taking this thing one step at a time knowing I will get through it. Happy Holidays!

  42. Don’t worry man i am having the same thing I have always been an up beat person and usually don’t let things get me down. I also feel that after quitting I have crazy anxiety/depression I’m on day 34 after chewing for about 7 years. We can do this just hang in there and remember it’s still the withdrawal from nicotine and your not the only person going through this it is normal.

  43. Joe,
    What you’re going through, totally normal. Those feelings hung around me for 30-40 days. I have read they hang around others for at least 60 days. We are all different, so what was 30-40 for me, might be 50-60 for you.Then, they don’t seem to vanish completely, but sure lets up after that period. Then you’ll notice them popping up here and there, not every day. I highly, HIGHLY, recommend exercising early in your quit. Especially cardio. I ran and still run…500+ days now in my quit. Cardio is the most natural way to combat anxiety. And I had a bout with Anxiety about 18 months before I decided to returned when I quit. I battled it with prescriptions first, then I started exercising frequently, to the point I no longer needed (or felt I needed) the meds. I nonlonger take meds but have adopted a much more healthy lifestyle..exercise, eating right (minus these holiday slippery slopes) and no more nicotine. Life is much better when you choose to optimize your health. It takes commitment, but it is a much better life.
    Hang in there…I’d say if the anxiety becomes too much or doesn’t clear up some by 50-60/days, DO NOT return to the dip…47/days free is an great accomplishment. Go see a doctor and keep an open mind about meds. Just to get you through this transition. Maybe you adopt cardio/weight lifting and healthy eating and can go on them short term. I don’t feel awful about taking the meds for the short time I did, it helped “ground” all that wackiness and intrusive thoughts that anxiety is.
    Hang out around this site, there are plenty of people willing to help out if they can.
    I am not a doctor, but think if that stuff hangs around too long, you should go see a doc, let him/her know what you’re up to, they’ll be VERY supportive of your decision to get off the nicotine.
    Good luck and happty holidays!
    Day 500/ and something free from that shit

  44. Hey Guys! This is my first post as I just joined a few minutes ago. I started dipping about 3 years ago and within the past year and a half made it a much more regular occurrence. About 10 weeks ago I decided this was it and I was going to quit. Well unfortunately on 11/6/15 after a dozen or so beers I bummed a chew from one of my buddies. The next day, as I was sitting in my tree stand my mind started racing. The only way I can describe it is basically what I would picture a panic attack to be like. From then on as the days past, I worried about why that happened. My best guess is that by not having any chew for a good 3 weeks and then taking one, mixed with beer from the night before and coffee in the morning, my brain didn’t know how to react. With that being said, that was the final straw for me. Knowing that I never wanted to feel that way again, I promised myself that I would be done for good. So now I am into my 7th week without a chew… 46 days to be exact and I am feeling like shit. My emotions seem to go from one extreme to another. One day I wake up feeling great and the next I wake up nervous… It seems to me that the root of all this is anxiety but I am not sure why… All I keep thinking is that I have something wrong with me. I am usually an up beat positive person so its uncommon for me to be down in the dumps for such an extended period of time. Occasionally bad thoughts enter my head and it is tough to get them out. I have always been a mind over matter type of person but I just cant seem to shake this… I guess the mind is the matter in this case. The good news is that I have been sleeping great and no longer experience any heart burn. Sleep is the only time when my mind seems to be able to relax. I feel best each day after I work out but I still have the thought of something being wrong with me in the back of my head. It worries me to go to a doctor because I don’t want to be diagnosed with depression or some anxiety disorder. I also don’t want to become dependent on some drug that could have negative side effects. I have thought I would go back to chewing if it would calm my mind and prove to me that this is what has me feeling down, but I am not somebody to give in so I am going to keep powering through. Monday I bought a vitamin called “St. Johns Wort” in the hopes of helping me feel better- I guess its supposed to help boost your mood. Any advice and or encouragement would be great as I have noticed I usually feel better after talking to somebody about what’s going on. Thanks a bunch and Happy Holidays!


    • Hi Joe. Your story has really hit home with me. I hope everything is going well for you and you are still quit free. I was curious to know if the anxiety has gone away because I’m going through the same problems.

  45. hi friends try this- carry some crushed black pepper corns with you when you start your quieting process.For me it as worked.i have started chewing crushed black pepper alternatively with chew.say (round1:chew) (Round2:crushed black peppers)Do it alternatively you can see wonders.
    (Black pepper contains anti depressant properties just google it and see)
    Start now.Best of luck.

  46. Day 9 of quitting. Made it through successfully. Major cravings and irritability, today was a rough one. Constantly on edge, cant concentrate. Leukplakia is going away, Right side of the jaw really hurts, dont know if thats just healing or whatever it is, but its a bitch and it comes and goes. I need encouragement guys

    • Congrats on 9/days free Dan. Soreness in the jaw “can” be a quit symptom, if it persists, maybe you need to check in with the doctor. I recall mine hurtin hlg early on too…should pass. Nice not having that Lukeoplkia, sheet of dead skin in your cheeks too. That was the first thing I enjoyed most.
      Keep up your fight, you’re doing it right Dan,

    • Dan,
      The early days in your quit are brutal. My jaw was killing me at times and the cravings seemed almost impossible to handle. But you’re 9 days in so there is no reason to go back now. Nicotine is out of your body and now is the time the dig deep and take it one day at a time. I chewed for 25 years and sticking with my quit during those early days was the best thing I’ve ever done. Keep it up! Better days ahead.

  47. Alright guys so my we found out we’re having a kid a few weeks ago and my wife sat the cancer sticks aside the day we found out, o want to quit but even cutting back seems impossible. I go thru 2 cans a day and have knocked myself down to 1. Just that has me on edge and very rude. Any advice for someone trying his best to make it to his quit date?

    • “Any advice for someone trying his best to make it to his quit date?”

      Yep… make your quit date today. Boom… you made it. Quit today. Repeat tomorrow.

      It’s not easy, but it IS “simple”. We quit one day at a time. Anything more is overkill and too much to bother tackling.

    • Sound advice there from Chewie, “quit one day at a time” and start that today!

      You’re going to be on edge and rude, and it’s going to go overload when you cut that nicotine from some to none. It’s all good, these are all temporary setbacks to gain freedom from that drug.
      You can do it!

  48. Hey guys, I’m on day three right now and this site was just what I needed. Very informative, very straight forward. Terrible headaches and nausea today. Went for my usual morning run and it intensified these symptoms severely. Going to kick this though. Thanks for the support on the journy, God Speed everyone.

    • B-rad,

      Hang in there. I’m on day 90 and still feel a little out of it and my anxiety is definitely still here. You will go through a lot of ups and downs but know it will pass. I think my anxiety and depression problems that are still here are due to the at least 1 can a dip a day habit I was on AND the fact I used dip to increase my mood and never learned how to deal with my underlying issues. The more you used then the longer your symptoms will last. Let people around you know you’re quitting and check in here whenever you need it.

      • Day 3….I’ve quit like 85 times….😂. I’m 41 and have dipped on and off since I was 18. Hope my fog doesn’t last for the next 10 years…

    • i am also on day 3. Eating everything in site the last 3 days. I am an avid runner and that has really helped. My stomach and digestive system is finally regular again. Getting my energy back. My eyes feel like they see clearer now. So proud of myself so far. Was very tired for the first 48 hours. Actually sleep better than ever because I mostly dipped at night which raised my heart rate and made sleeping difficult. No headaches or dizziness. Just was constipated and tired at first.

  49. Day 39. Still having terrible anxiety. Mind is constantly racing. Help!

    • Anyone having a sore throat for longer than 2 months during there quit? Doctors don’t seem to be worried about. It’s been almost 90 days for me and this throat problem raise my anxiety level every time I look at it…. Could this sore throat be from acid reflux? Anyone experience this or am I over thinking it too much?

    • Go see your doctor and get some help for the anxiety. It will eat you up if you don’t. No shame in this as I am sure that many guys including me have had to get some help for the anxiety during our quit. Anxiety has been the most difficult part for me and I am over 60 days quit. They will prescribe you something that helps.

  50. Day 21. I’m starting to have days where I feel great but then the next day comes and kicks my butt. I was on a run last night and experienced another spell of sever dizziness and a bit of an anxiety attack followed. I am so ready to be done with these weird chemical changes. I go in and out of “the fog” and currently feel as if I’m going to be stuck here forever! Sometimes my brain feels like it is swelling or something… maybe like I’ve had too much to drink… Very annoying/concerning. I thought after week 2 I would be fine but it is obviously going to take me longer to heal. I dipped 1 can a day for 7 years. Guess this is my body paying me back?

    • Hey John,
      Yes sir, it IS the fog…for sure. Same shit I dealt with on my runs during the first 30-40 days (you’re over half-way through this stage). Just hang in there and FIGHT through it. I know, I felt like I was drinking, when I wasn’t. I felt light-headed, faint, then amped up, then guilty…it was nutts! Just roll with it, I promise you’ll get through it!! At least you are now getting a few good days, then you get some bad ones…ALL NORMAL!
      Keep up the fight!!
      1 year, 50 days quit….rolling!

  51. First, I’ve been posting as “Mike” but I finally signed in to the forum as Mike23mx, so that’s how I’ll post here as well. Second, I’m on Day 20 and week 3 has been a battle. Yes, the fog started lifting this week, so that was positive. But, as the fog lifted, I wanted to get back to being productive at work and at home. So, I try to focus on work and I can’t focus at all. I’m so damn frustrated I get mad as hell and I just want to scream and rip shit apart. Now I’m depressed because I can sort of think straight, but I can’t get moving. That went on for a few days. It’s starting to lift on Day 20.

    Of course, like everyone here, I did everything with a dip in. It was my goto when I needed to get shit done. So, that made week 3 especially challenging. It’s been a mental battle. Not so much a craving for the dip, but a desire to get back to being myself and doing the things I feel that I’m supposed to do. My mind wanders to the dark side and I think about getting a pinch just to help me focus. I think everything sucks so what difference does it make? Maybe it doesn’t make a difference, maybe it does–but, I signed in here to roll call and I’m going to make it through THIS day without a dip.

    • Anyone experienced muscle twitching after quitting? It started in one spot on my arm when I cut back and I have small twitches all over all day long since I quit.

      • I’m on day 103 & still twitching. I thought it had something to do with depression & anxiety, but maybe it’s got to do with the “quit” ?

        • I think so and the inability to deal with anxiety and stress! It’s not fun but I look forward to the twitching going away soon. I am on day 41 and it is still hard!!!

    • Mike, thank u for the honesty of your post, because I can totally relate to everything that u said! It really encourages me to know that there are others who have experienced the exact same things as me. Thanks again.

  52. Today is 5 A.D (After Dip), but before i stopped a did a ton of research. I decided last week to not have my first dip until 11:00 and even that short of a time i had major fog. But then i read that it was due to low blood sugar. turns out that the dip creates a chemical reaction that increases blood sugar in your brain so your body stops producing it. one article said increase your blood sugar with fast carbs like OJ, skim milk, life savers of jelly beans. i dipped 5+ cans a week for 35 years so when i stopped saturday, i have been drinking 4 ounces of OJ every hour and it has REALLY helped me out.

    I hope this helps and DON’T LET A STUPID CAN BEAT YOU!!!


  53. Hey Jay i quit dipping 45 days ago and I’m dealing with really bad anxiety. I’ll take any help I can get. What was the name of the book?

    • Same here. Im on day 46 and still having anxiety and light headedness.

      • I am even taking Dr. prescribed medication to help.

        • Day 30 for me. Did the fog/anxiety lift for you guys yet?

          I’m having terrible anxiety. Woke up this morning feeling dizzy with a dry mouth. This sucks. Seeing the doctor Wednesday. Feels like I’m going crazy.

          • Hang in there Tim….you should be feeling relief very soon. It was about the 30-40/day mark for me. I still felt like shit here and there….just not every single day like those first 30-40. Keep fighting, you’re doing awesome!

    • Think my post got lost, but the book I referred to is”At Last A Life” by Paul David.
      I think you two are both right on track. I still felt “cloudy” in that t40-60 day mark too. It will lift guys, promise. Just hang in there.
      The book will help you understand why you feel the way you do and how to cope with it…here’s some advice “you won’t feel better until you stop trying to feel better”.
      It doesn’t really make sense unless you read the book, but it’s got a lot of truth to it.
      I think you feel anxiety because your brain is learning to re-wire without the aid of nicotine…not to mention, you’re thinking “I’m done with tobacco, how will I get by now?”. It starts to consume your thoughts and life, thus the anxiety.
      Luckily, I dealt with it, before I quit, so I knew what it was when I felt it. The good news…it all passes..PROMISE!
      And Robb, ain’t a DAM thing wrong wit taking something to knock off the edge, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! I just wish I had found that book when I was feeling bad…I may of been able to side step a year on meds! But I was a mental mess for a bit and the book turned on the light, hope it does for you guys!
      Good luck and Keep Quit!
      1 year, 27 days free

    • I had anxiety until about day 90-100. Then one day it was gone. Took Xanax for a few weeks which helped a lot. I didn’t think the anxiety would ever go away but it did. Hang in there.
      I was clenching my jaw so much I gave myself bad TMJ and now going to physical therapy and TMJ dentist.
      Even with all this it was all worth it to get free from nicotine.

      Day 110

  54. Yes, I was over 28 days in fog

    Stick with it I’m on day 301

  55. My fellow quitters that are stuck in The Fog, & I ain’t talking about the John Carpenter horror classic either, listen to these successful quitters. Stick with it, I promise you it will get better. Take it one day at a time, think of everyday as a victory. Get something to substitute, candy, fake dip, seeds, something to help the cravings. Good luck quitters.

    • I was in the fog for weeks. Personally I didn’t mind the fog all that much. Seemed more like a reminder that I was cleansing my body. Either way stick with it. It def will pass. Better days ahead for sure.

  56. Quit last night and this morning is my first day of cold turkey. Im glad to have found this site…I have entered the fog. I will see you on the other side of it!


      I quit 12 days ago. At first i used the patch but I’m on day 3 without that. Using smokey mountain currently but feel like that is potentially unsafe. My biggest problem is that I’m so damn depressed without my dip and nicotine. Will this ever end? I just want to feel normal again.

      • Hi Shane – when you say you think it’s potentially unsafe what are you referring to?

        To answer your question… yes, it will end and you’ll get back to normal. May take a couple of weeks but you’ll get there.


          That it erodes you lip and gums like normal chew.

          • Hi Shane,

            Just adding my 2 cents…ANYTHING, you put between you cheek/lip and gums will cause it to wrinkle and not look/feel normal. Even sunflower seeds, which is one of my main oral fixes even a year after I quit, does this. BUT, it will not cause that pre-cancerous Leukoplakia (dead skin Film) in your mouth like tobacco does.
            I use Triumph Herbal Chew when I want a fake one. I started with Smokey Mountain (and still use it when I do not have any Triumph). I do not get that erosion from it.
            But I only take maybe 1-2 dips a day now of the fake stuff.
            If you do decide to try the Triumph, just be sure you get the Zero Strength variety. They do offer it with Nicotine (Full and Half strength)…I no longer am a slave to nicotine. But their Zero Strength (no nicotine) variety is wonderful.


          On my 3rd week and still feel tired and lethargic. Is that somewhat normal?

          • Definitely normal Shane. Late on answering this as I assume you are 3 weeks past this now. If you are still quit, I bet you feel “some” relief now?

    • Ex-chewer-snuser.

      Quit 4 days ago. My brain feels like it’s numb and I’m annoyed by everything. I’m a dick dad and can’t focus and have zero patience. At least I feel better today than yesterday.

      • Hang in there man. Believe it or not you’re on the right track and everything is progressing normally. Stick with it!

        • Snuser, you should feel like shit. You have lost your best bud.. I have 4 months clean of all nicotine and when I had just a few days, I also wanted to shoot the birds that were singing too loud. I am a cold turkey guy and that’s just the way I am. 28 years without a drop of alcohol and 4 months without a dip, cigar, cigarette or any of that easier softer way bullshit. Just get it done!

  57. Day 3…in the Fog. It sucks all the dicks. Can’t concentrate at all. I feel like I’m going to fall over and all I keep thinking is man I really want a dip right now. I want this personal hell to end.

  58. Welcome Nick. Definitely get the fake stuff, helps no doubt. Check out the fake stuff reviews, plenty to choose from. Check in here when you can, you got this.

  59. Day 3 for me , been dipping cope since i was 16 . 27 years old now and i just want to kill the habbit before i run into serious health problems. The longest i ever quit was 5 months. I have an addictive personality so it seems like i just replace it with somthing else like alcohol or bum friends cigarettes whenever i try quitting. Ive ordered some fake chew just ripping my hair out in the meantime

  60. Day 2 for me…in the fog.

  61. I am making an appt today to see if I can get some “clarity” on this anxiety crap. Its powerful and I commend everyone that’s quit and went thru this. Will keep yall posted and have a positive outlook going into this appt. thanks jayp for effort to help out.

    • Hi again James,

      Yes, it may be beneficial to get some “professional” help. We can all “guess” what you’re going through out here, but we can only help so far.
      It does “sound” like anxiety to me, but you should seek a better answer outside this forum. I know once you get a correct answer, you’ll be feeling a lot better, take care!
      Day #317

  62. Hey James…sorry I missed your reply, syncing issues with email notifications have been a big issue…and I cannot seem to get it fixed.
    I know what you mean, its tough when you don’t have answers to what you’re going through. I would definitely look into anxiety if you haven’t already. I heard from one of the owners of this forum that doctors say “we chewed to cure our anxiety”…that sort of rang loud for me….especially since I was in the fog at the time I read it. But I sure felt like it was anxiety returning when I quit dipping…the similarities were odd. I still get those on and off feelings…even 301 days into this quit. Again…jeust think its how we are supposed to feel when you don’t use a chemical daily.
    But do look into anxiety…it mimics a bunch of health problems. I know it take some balls to “sack-up” and go see a “counselor”… at least it was very hard for me, felt like I was “weak”. No one wants to think they have some sort of mental health issue. As im sure you know, you cannot be physically healthy if the mental side isn’t there…this was something my doctor told me that had a lot of truth to it. As said, once I was able to get an understanding of things, I came out stronger. Hell, I even quit this 25 year chewing habit and I don’t ever plan on returning to. You gotta crawl before you can walk as they say!
    Let us know how you’re doing James and keep turning those stones.
    Day #301

  63. James washburn

    I quit in feb 2014, I dipped for 24 yrs. the fog was intense for me in the beginning and I assumed it would go away. I can say that it got better, but there is a lot of experience in theses posts, so with that said… I still have the fog. It’s not as intense as in the beginning but still here. I have never actually returned to being me. I honestly feel a couple of drinks into it all day, everyday. I can’t stand it anymore so please if anyone has any perspective please share.


    James W.

    • You’ve got a few months on me James, I think it might be time o go talk to your Doc if you don’t feel right and have resulted to “self-medicating” with some booze. Got to be careful with that too!
      I will say though, how can you truly know what “yourself” feels like? I mean, I dipped for 25 years and I can say, that I truly feel different than I did when I dipped. Not sure if it’s “better”…I just think it’s how I am “supposed” to feel. I don’t have that crutch anymore to run to when I am stressed or feel like relaxing. You have to deal wit things differently than the way you did before.
      But it wouldn’t hurt to hook up with a doc and make sure there isn’t something underlying. I am not trying to worry you, I honestly think you are just adjusting to life with out tobacco in my opinion. But I am no doctor and can’t give you health advice.
      I hope you start feeling better soon!

      • Thanks that is reassuring. I am an orthopedic surgeon myself and have sought out extensive medical testing over the last year. There is nothing, all testing is normal… Which pisses me off. I really wanted something to be wrong that would explain what was happening so I could treat it. I didn’t mean to mislead anyone by my earlier post. I do not drink and never have. Thank you for your interest in my post. I will keep you guys updated as it continues to develop.

        • Hi James,
          Well, I re-read your post above and I see what you really meant, you “feel” like you’ve had a couple drinks, NOT you HAD a couple drinks. I’m going to share a little about myself with you, since I think I had some similar stuff happen to me.
          I went through a whole slew of testing myself about 2 years ago because I had a bout with anxiety, didn’t know what the hell it was and was certain I was dying. Everyday, for almost a year I had this “guilty/cloudy/amped-up” feeling, mixed with strange thoughts. I never had experienced any of this in my 38 years of life, so I was certain something was wrong inside. After MRI’s, CT Scans, X-rays, blood test after blood test, Thyroid/Adrenal testing, Brain scans, even Neurology testing, nothing came back that showed anything wrong(I KNOW what you are going through, its frustrating). Eventually, I went and spoke to a “counselor” on my Docs recommendation and this guy said it was Anxiety. After talking to him about all the “stuff” going on in my life at that time, he said it was that. And I agreed to taking something to deal with it for about a year before I quit tobacco. Well, I finally started feeling better with meds, exercise and cutting garbage out of my food, then I decided it was time to get off the meds. Just felt like I was “tied” to them and didn’t like it. I battled it a bit, but I was successful at getting rid of the meds and don’t take them anymore. THEN, I decided to quit Dipping in July of 2014. Well, all those “feelings” I had returned when I quit the tobacco and I “thought” it was my anxiety returning and maybe it was, but it was short lived…about 30-40 days. This was the “fog” I think everyone talks about here. Even so, I don’t feel “normal” today (297 days into my quit)…at least the way I did when I dipped, or at least I don’t think I do. I have just chalked it up as this is how people that don’t abuse nicotine feel. And as I said, having dealt with Anxiety before, I don’t overthink things anymore….that just turns into “what ifs” then that turns into Anxiety…and this guy doesn’t play those games anymore.
          Again, I am not saying you have Anxiety, you being a health professional knows it can certainly mimic an array of sicknesses, but I certainly know what that hopeless feeling “feels” like when you got no answers. I agree, eventually, you “want” something to be wrong, so you can find it and fix it. The only thing you can do is not to give up and continue your quest for answers. If you do find out it is Anxiety, let me know. I found a wonderful book, that I think is better than any pill on the shelf at the Pharmacy. It should be on the shelf of every Therapists office for sure. Poorly written, but it is a great “help” book. I wish I had found it 2 years ago!!
          Good Luck!

          • Jp, Reading that is like ready my own story. I have not given into dipping, but have contemplated it may times, not bc I wanted the snuff but bc I needed to feel like me again. I am not really sure at this point if it would even make me feel normal again. I will not start dipping again so I must find an outlet for happily going forward. I will look into the anxiety possibility. I would love to talk to you if you wouldn’t mind and would be happy to give you my email and any others out there that might be experiencing similar situation. It’s very tough to maintain a healthy outlook when you think you might be dying every 5 mins.

          • scott wintergross

            you saved me so much anguish when you shared your experiences. Let me explain.
            I had anxiety when I was 21-22ish. It got easier to deal with and I learned to shut it down before it had me climbing the walls or convincing myself I was dying of cancer or some strange disease I saw on “house m.d.”
            Now, however, I am 31 and am 13 days quit. I smoked from age 16-25, quit, then started when I was 27, switched to dip, and dipped for 3 years. I was not a fan of dipping at first. Then, it grew on me. I loved it. I loved the smell. I loved packing the can and felt a brotherhood with other dippers.
            I am in a country now where it is hard to get Dip unless you have it sent from the states. I told my wife to send me some Dip and she did. I felt like a dirt-bag. I pictured her with our three boys out shopping and her buying the dip and the boys seeing it and knowing “that’s Daddy’s ‘Mint’ .” I also started to worry about my health. My anxiety kicked in and I made up my mind to quit. I told my wife not to send me anymore and told my friends not to share theirs no matter what I say. I dumped out my last two cans.
            The first three days were terrible but exciting because I knew that there was nothing that could make me crack. I had done it! After the 2nd day I told my oldest boy that I had quit and that I would stay that way. I was all in now.
            I found this site and started reading about it on about day 3. I chewed some sunflower seeds and tried to get a lot of sleep. I had quit smoking before, this can’t be that different, right? On the site one day, maybe around day 4, I saw something about the “Fog”. I read through it briefly and thought to myself “this won’t happen to me, I already quit smoking once and it was nothing like that.” Boy was I wrong.
            It started on day 6 with some feverish type dreams. Just nonsense running through your head when you are on the edge of sleep. I thought maybe I had a fever or was starting to come down with something. I took some Tylenol and shook it off.
            Day 7 was the day of guilt. Weirdest thing, not having done anything wrong and feeling dreadful, thick, suffocating, GUILT. Crushed me… I slipped into depression type feelings on day 7. I had no time to think about wanting Dip. I was totally consumed by this new affliction. I took some solace in the fact that I was nicotine free.
            Around day 7 or 8 I also felt a weird pressure headache and was finding it harder and harder to sleep which seemed weird because I had depression symptoms and thought that would make me sleep more. WTF?
            I started to try to find reasons for my symptoms. I heavily consulted WEB MD, House MD, and ME MD. None of us came up with a comforting diagnosis. (I am not a doctor by any stretch of the imagination)
            when I could not find reasons for my illness I remembered my bout with anxiety almost 10 years ago as well as some small skirmishes. It was worse this time than I had ever had. I KNEW I was going insane. I was more scared than I had ever been. Out of desperation I came back to the site and read an outline of the symptoms of quitting. I stumbled upon “the fog of quitting dip” again and read it. I read peoples comments. A lot of people had the exact things that I did. Light headed, trouble sleeping, fatigue, dizziness, weird pressure headaches, feeling like I had just had a couple of beers, GUILT, depression, ANXIETY!
            Just reading those words made me feel 10 times better. I had called my wife an hour before and cried for no fucking reason. I had been way on tilt and hearing that it was normal to feel like that saved my life. I went to my doctor and he prescribed me some Wellbutrin. I tried it but it was ultimately not for me.
            I still have trouble sleeping, but I now know I am not alone. I am not going crazy. I am not dying from some disease only found on HOUSE M.D. I am simply learning to deal with life without a nicotine filter. I am simply seeing the limp caused by the crutch.
            I toyed with the idea of dipping just to feel the way I did before I quit. That thought was replaced by the thought of needing to go through all of this again when I was to quit the next time.
            There won’t be a next time. I am done. NEVER AGAIN. I Won’t look into my boy’s eyes and tell them that I lied when I said I was done, or that I failed.
            Day 13…
            Thank you all for helping me through this. Just remember that there is at least one goofy dude on the other side of the world going through the same crap you are. We are all in this together and everyone of you, who I hope are still nic-free, have helped me so much, especially you, JAYP

          • You’re Welcome Scott.
            That counselor told me “once you feel anxiety, you’ll always know it”. I haven’t dealt with it in a while *knock on wood*..but I certainly did feel it when I quit. I wrote “I don’t feel the same as I once did”…I can honesty say, I do feel “normal” today. I just crossed the 2 year anniversary of my quit 7/15/14. And where I once thought “how will I function without the dip” now I feel “why did I spend almost 30 years doing that?”. I feel good these days…i will never go back.
            Funny you mention that quitting smoking didnt have the same side effects of quitting dip. I think it’s because the nicotine in a dip is much more than a cigarette. Interesting though.
            I hope you remain quit, this is a WONDERFUL place to learn how to be a quitter…if you want help, it’s here.
            I’m glad I could help you and wish you much success on your journey.
            2 years and 3 days free

  64. 4/27/15…. Made the decision to quit my long time friend Mr. Cope. See we have been the best of buds since 1984. Damn, that is 30+years. I mean we never were apart. I travel and would but 10 – 15, 20 cans at a time because it is not available in Australia. Okay, anyway I quit at 9 PM on 4/25/15. I felt great about it yesterday, feel crap about it today, feel light headed. It is actually the strangest feeling I can remember. I’ll make it I think.

    • Great Job Mark!
      Yes sir, those crappy, fog-filled “feelings” None of them are good, I actually had some of what I can only describe as “brain-zaps”. Little jolts that seem to zap your field of vision…strange. I went through some bullshit them first 30 days, but it did taper off. There were many veterans and quitters ahead of me that swore they would end…and they did! After that came the craves….and I used the fake stuff during those times (still do sometimes). You will feel strange, I remember talking to my Dad, he quit smoking after 30 years, cold turkey. And I asked him about those “zaps”, the fog…he said “Son, I went thru A LOT of weird SHIT when I quit”…that made me feel better knowing we all go through it. 30+ years is a while, I had 25 years of it….takes some time to adjust to life without nicotine, you’ll get through it. Come here and vent and join conversations, we all want to help each other. Work out and drink a lot of water, this also helps!! Keep up the Fight!
      Day #288

  65. I guess the fog just hit me today. I quit dipping 10 days ago. Well actually I was using snus most recently. I thought I had really did it and only had a few bad nights. Then today I can’t concentrate. I have anxiety so it’s compounding the problem I think. I just feel like I can’t think straight, or even remember stuff. I just want to stay in bed. I’m worried about how long this will last cause I have to be working and other obligations.

    • Hey Mark – congrats on double digit quit! For me my fog kicked in big time at around the 9 day mark and was REALLY bad for a few days. It started to get better at the 2-3 week mark. I can’t say it was fully “gone” for a good couple of months but after the 3 week mark it began to subside.

  66. Today is day 42 without nicotine of any kind. The cigarettes began around age 17 along with alcohol. Around age 27 I was playing a lot of tournament softball and smoking was not cool so the Red Man leaf tobacco took it’s place and the pancake size spits were incredible. Red Man changed to skoal mint long cut and stuck with the skoal for 35 years. 28 years ago I quit drinking alcohol with the help of AA and 42 days ago I quit chewing dip. Many times during my chewing career, the desire of quitting dip crossed my mind but the thought of life without chew seemed impossible. This is what happened:
    After my morning shower and fine cup of coffee with breakfast, I opened the fridge to get my fresh new can of skoal thinking only of the appealing aroma of a moist, fresh can. I stood in front of my bathroom mirror preparing to shave and decided that it was time to stop chewing. Now, not understanding where this hidden strength emerged, I calmly opened the last can of chew, looked at the neatly packed tobacco and slowly dumped it in the toilet. The first couple of weeks were a bitch but now it has become a lot more tolerable even though discomfort looms with the fog and irritability. I have made the decision not to cave no matter what. Chewing is a fucked up thing to do!

    • Great job! Keep it up. I found the nicotine gum works well because you keep it in your lip like a dip. I’m still having a hard time quitting. I smoke for about 10 years and have been dipping for about 10 years. How much were you dipping? I increased to about a can a day or day and a half the last year or so. Feel like shit. Before it was a can every 2 to 4 days

  67. I am currently in Day 8. Not sure what to think as I dipped for 40 years from sun up to sun down. In the Fog, constantly thinking of chewing, reaching for the tin. I will say this is way easier than having to stop drinking alcohol.
    I know it is simple….cut the physical addiction of nicotine and then deal with the mental obsession of chewing. Exercise religiously, go on walks, eat properly, and talk to people about what you are going through.
    Everyone says I will feel way better…I hope so as I feel like crap right now. I will not be deterred. I will stay dip free and will never go back.

  68. How many times did it take you to quit? Wow 34 years. You must feel great!! I’m having a rough time. I’ll go a few days and then buy some because I can’t concentrate on my school work. I’ve quit smoking after 13 or so years and it was nothing compared to quitting dip. Congrats btw

  69. Day 170 of my quit after 34 Years and a can a day,

    The fog Was Intense for 23 days and tapers off to gone by 40 days Some folks go almost 100 Days – Stick with it your doing fine

  70. ugghh! Ive dipped since 2005 but quit for a year and a half in between then. I dip a can every 1 to 2 days. Hasn’t always been like this though. I used to dip far less. Quitting has always been on my mind especially the last year or so. Now qutting is what I want more than anything. 3 days ago I stopped completely. No gum, patch, nothing. Today I bought a can and I’m so pissed about it. The issue I’m having is I have a lot of school work and tests coming up and I can’t focus whatsover. I in the engineering program so I have a ton of homework. It’s almost like diminishing results. My mind telling me yes you feel great but you can’t focus on your school work so just dip until spring break, then your out of school and have a week or so to not focus on school. Guess thats where I’m at now. I can do this. I’ve done it before. Just seems like this time around is more difficult. Can’t even imagine what it’s like for those that have dipped 20+ years. Helppppppp lol

  71. After the 27th day the fog was intermittent and faded away by 40 after going through that staying nic free was easy. I never wanted that again, stay away from alcohol I have no tolerance for it after the fog, like you i quit nic free no assistance from gum or patch

    If the dr offers chantix be carefull. It Has bad side effects. Knew some folks had bad time with that stuff

    You will make it. Only time makes it easier

  72. I’m so glad this article was written. I quit 11 days ago. I quit for many reasons. One reason was that I don’t want to see my spit cans anymore. Another other reason is that I would like to see my kids grow up when I decide to have them without that nasty stuff being around. Now – I walked around all weekend and through Monday with a depression, and a major FOG. I have felt hungover, I have bad thoughts in my head, I can’t make good decisions, I fill dizzy, tired, fatigued, and yet can’t sleep. Wow – I never thought it would be like this as I was not “addicted.” I just casually dipped for 13 years (makes me very sad to say that). I was going to quit after high school, quit after college, quit after I passed my CPA exam, quit before I got married, quit before I moved. I was, I was, I was and I “could quit at anytime.” Yet I was sitting here 11 days ago, and I had a dip in my mouth for a good 4-5 hours. Then all of a sudden I took a look in the mirror. I didn’t want it anymore. I could be better than this I said. I could be better for my wife. I could be better for myself. I have a lot to live for and a lot to do without this piece of candy I like when I’m bored. Now, I just need to get through this fog. Thanks for writing.

  73. I had Fog for almost 40 Days, I dipped 34 Years Everyday all the time, I am at Day 84 of my quit, Hang in there, it gets better.

    • How did you make it through, I have had a dip in all day everyday or whenever I could for 25 years. I am on day 19 of my quit, and I can assure you my quit is 100 percent nicotine free, no patch not gum, nothing. This fog is making it almost impossible to sit at my desk and work. On top of the fog is the anxiety that causes the chest tightness and insomnia. I have been able over the last 2 days to sleep better which is great. I just can’t wait to come out of this fog. When it hits which is all the time unless I am outside walking around I can’t concentrate or focus at all. This alone will keep me from ever putting that crap in my mouth again. I will say I going to my Doctor tomorrow to see if she can do anything to take the edge off and help me function like I need to at work

  74. So, I’m in day 3. It’s 12:25am. I’m experiencing a lot of the stuff you guys listed above. I’ve dipped for 25 years. I’m using Niccorette and it seems to help. Any of you use it? Am I replacing one vice for another? The loss of voice was a surprise. Any advice or support would be greatly appreciated.

  75. Fog Lifted after day 23, That sucked, Glad its over

  76. August 4th, 2014. I am done with the chew. I have been chewing since about 1993. One trip to the oral surgeon and “bam” I am done. The “FOG” is the worst. for about the first 5 days, I felt sick like a heroin addict. I turned to the nicorette gum. This helps a lot. As of today, Oct 1, 2014 I consider myself dip free. Now on with my life. More exercise, better eating habits, better sleep and overall feeling like a new person. It is unbelievable how chewing tobacco can control your brain.

  77. Quit day aug 11 2014. Today 9/8/14 I am finally coming out of the fog! I was addicted to Copenhagen for the last 10 years. It is worth going thru hell to see the light, today is the first day since I quit, that I feel good! No looking back

  78. Air Force ADDICT

    Great words of advice bro. Been in the FOG for the last week & it’s brutal. I’ve been hydrating, exercising, eating plenty of fruit/veggies, getting 7-8 hours of sleep & yet I feel as if I have a mild hangover. Headaches, body aches, cloudy vision & a hard time staying focused at work. I’m only on day #5 but I cannot wait for this storm to lift.

    • I’m in the fog also. I quit 4 days ago as can/day for the last 25 years. I don’t have headaches or sleepless nights, but I feel like I’m sleep deprived despite getting 8hrs sleep/night. I actually go to bed earlier now just to not deal with the craving I have. It’s a bad feeling and I’m looking forward to it ending.

      • Yes, the Fog! You have been abusing tobacco for about as long as I was before quitting last year. Just hang in there Allen, it will lift. You will feel terrible for a bit, that’s just that poison Nicotine leaving your body, but giving you hell on the way out. I too started to go to bed earlier than normal at the start of the quit, to get past the cravings (good strategy). I agree, you do feel bad, but if you hang in there and don’t cave, you will make it out the other end. All of us that quit and remained quit, know where you’re at, you’re doing awesome!
        Hang in there!!

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